Humans of the Islands

Humans of the Islands - Anne Christine Dunne

Anne Christine Dunne

Paralegal preparing to pass the bar & reigning Miss Hibiscus, Miss Fiji & Miss Pacific Islands 



Tell us a bit about yourself and your Pacific Island heritage.

I’m full Fijian. My Dad is from Namosi, and my mum is from Nadroga. So usually when I introduce myself, I say I’m from Namosi, vasu i Nadroga. I come from a family of two – there’s just my brother (Amos) and I, who’s 12 years older, and he has three beautiful children.

After living in the United States for so long, what brought you back to Fiji?

After elementary and high school in California, I graduated then moved to Fiji to be with my Dad. The most defining experience for me was definitely moving to Fiji. I don’t think people realise how different life is to what people perceive it to be in America. People think you have “the life” when you’re brought up overseas, but in reality, I didn’t have that, and I was raised by a single mother.more

Guest Writer

Return Taonga to Sender

By Timena Apa 

The corridors stretched on and on, eerily vacant and immaculate, like walking quietly through a dream. Our small group of nine, mostly women, said a prayer before pushing through large white doors. I had no idea what we were here to do.

As we entered the next room, I expected a crowd to be waiting for us; I was under the impression my Pasifika sisters would be performing to the public. There was only silence and another empty hallway. Rosanna Raymond led us down the polished floor, her waiata awakening the dormant space. I walked with my sister Jahra, tears rising as the energy shifted.

It wasn’t until I noticed the steel units, each with spinning vault handles that I realized where we were…inside the storage section of the American Museum of Natural History. We were there to open up the Pacific repository, a place where our taonga had been sleeping for decades, waiting patiently for a chance to breathe.…more

Humans of the Islands

Humans of the Islands - Ben Ioasa Tuimaseve


Freight Forwarding 

Niuean/Cook Island/Samoan 


Tell us a bit about yourself - What you do / Where you're from / Your Pacific heritage.

Depending on the day i'll either say I work in Freight Forwarding or that I am a Rug Cutter…yeah can you put Rug Cutter/Singer if you need a title lol

Born and bred in South Auckland. My mum is Niuean/Cook Island and Dad is full Samoan. My parents split when I was young and I was brought up with mums side mostly but I have been lucky enough to still have a healthy relationship with my Dad and know the family from both sides pretty well which is awesome. 

What has been the biggest struggle growing up with a disability?

My disability is Hemiplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy and affects one side of my brain (mostly physical but also mental) so I pretty much use only one side of my entire body.…more

Guest Writer


By Floris Niu

Leaving the corporate world of NZ for my village Cacao farm in Samoa is a journey into nature, customary land, village life, organic Cacao growing plus re-discovering & re-inventing my island diet…

I had been stuck in a corporate job in NZ, making good money, for almost 2 decades yet my life was going nowhere. I worked so hard and for long hours that my body broke. Yes, your body can break and it warns you about this break-down through sudden and unexplained illness.

Sometimes life tricks you into thinking that everything is going so well…you’re becoming a success and achieving all the goals you thought were important in your life.

Then BOOM! In a split second, you end up in emergency surgery fighting for your life. You end up having serious conversations with God about giving you another chance because you had so many plans…and much more to live for.

I’m almost certain that I am not the first person to bargain with God during a “near-death-experience” episode.…more


Ultimate Waterman 2016

The Ultimate Waterman is a New Zealand based global surfing event to find the world’s best all-round waterman across multiple surfing disciplines.

The world’s finest watermen will come together in New Zealand in 2016 to compete in eight different surfing disciplines over nine days. 

The eight disciplines will include:
• Shortboard surfing
• Longboard surfing
• Stand Up Paddle (SUP) surfing
• Stand Up Paddle (SUP) endurance (16km race)
• Big Wave Paddle in surfing
• Waka-Ama endurance (16km race)
• Prone Paddleboard race (technical short course through waves)
• Underwater strength run and swim race (25m underwater run and 25m swim)


Director: Olly Coddington



The NRL run a Pacific Leadership camp and bring in 2 or 3 players from each club who've been identified by their clubs as guys with leadership potential.  

The aim is to challenge and upskill them to enable them to help our Pacific communities a bit more.



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Thank you 

Nigel Vagana, NRL Australia, NRL Welfare & Education, Pasifika Film Fest & University of New South Wales 



Highlights from One Love Festival 2017 in Tauranga ...



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Keepin it Fresh at Villa Maria

Daz finds out what everyones festival essentials are & helps them with a bit of Jandal DIY



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Fight night for a great cause! 



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South Pacific Volleyball Challenge

The South Pacific Volleyball challenge went down at the Otara Rec - see who was holding it down at the games.