Andrew Fifita leads the Tongan Sipi Tau against Australia

For the first time in history, Australia faced off against the Mate Ma'a Tonga & their Sipi Tau.

Andrew Fifita led the Tongan Sipi Tau for the first time.  Captain Sika Manu said in the post match interview that off the back of Jason Taumalolo leading it against the Kiwis in the World Cup last year, that Andrew would be the right person to lead it against his old team.


Tonga vs Australia national anthems

Tears flowed freely down the faces of the Mate Ma'a Tonga team in an emotional moment as young Lotima Nicholas Pome'e aka General Fiyah performed the Tongan national anthem with 26,000+ Tongan fans.

The Australian side had braced themselves for a sea of red & passionate Tongan supporters but they weren't expecting the level of respect shown them by the crowd when the full stadium launched into the Australian national anthem and sang along with Graham Isa'ako.

Dane Gagai summed up the moment in his post match interview with Fox News “The most amazing moment for me was when the crowd started singing the Australian national anthem”

Man of the match James Tedesco said "It was unbelievable at the start of the game they were all singing the Australian national anthem as well - they just love rugby league and to come out here and support their Tongan nation ....…more


Mate Ma'a Tonga - The Revolution

Professor Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa on Mate Ma'a Tonga and the politics of Pacific rugby and league!  

Health & Well Being

Weight Loss Warriors - Ben Tangatakino & Nancy Kora

Cook Islanders Ben Tangatakino & Nancy Kora share their weight loss journeys with us and the turning points for them in terms of realising they were overweight and needing to do something about it.

Humans of the Islands



Office Supervisor at Jewellery Co. & Co-Owner Zealous CrossFit 

NRL Player (Womens Warriors)

Samoan / European  


I was born in Waikato and spent most of my school years in Newcastle, Australia.  I move back to NZ and lived with my Nana in Avondale and various places in Auckland and I now live in Te Atatu.

You recently made history becoming the first Mum & son duo with your son Isaiah representing in the NRL at the same club - can you tell us a bit about that journey?

It was a dream goal.  It was a hard path to get conditioned and league fit.  Life has been challenging, fitting it all in and bringing the energy each day.  That's when I reflect on how grateful I am for the opportunity.  I think of my son and husband and making them proud.  I'm embracing the journey.  Doing whatever it takes to be the best I can and represent well.more


WORLD HOMELESS DAY - Locals act locally on a Global day

World Homeless Day is on the 10th of October every year and was born out of discussions between aid workers around the world, all of whom were helping the homeless in their own countries.

The aim and slogan of the Day is ‘locals act locally on a global day’. The emphasis is on giving hands-on aid that is sensitive to local needs in your community, while being aware of the global problem of homelessness and feeling solidarity with other charity workers around the world.

On this day, you can celebrate by helping to raise awareness for the homeless in your own community. Grassroots campaigns and fundraisers work at the local level, while taking advantage of the increased publicity and solidarity a global platform provides.

We had a look at one of the grassroots campaigns that has been happening in South Auckland as a solution to immediate and local needs in the area - PATAKAKAI or Open Street Pantries.

Whether there's a need for food or a need to give, the Open Street Pantries Movement facilitates neighbors helping neighbors, building community.…more


JASON MOMOA - AQUAMAN extended trailer

We're here for all things Jason Momoa and Roadshow Films have just released the extended trailer for 'AQUAMAN' which also stars another Poly in Hollywood - Temuera Morrison.

The film reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

AQUAMAN will be released to NZ cinemas on the 26th December.

Health & Well Being


Coconut oil is, as everyone surely knows by now, an extremely healthy oil to add to your diet, but did you know that this inexpensive oil can also do wonders for your skin – whatever your skin type?

Pacific Islanders have used coconut oil for years, but now the mainstream is catching on.  

Check out our Top 5 skin care benefits picks of using Coconut oil from our friends at 'Balance Me Beautiful' and you can check out their full list here


Coconut Oil Softens & Moisturizes Dry Skin

Finding an effective moisturizer when you have dry skin can be difficult. Many products hydrate the skin upon application, but after a few hours, skin reverts back to its dry and uncomfortable state once more.

The saturated fats in coconut oil are able to penetrate skin on a much deeper level than other moisturizers you may be using, and because of this ability, they provide lasting hydration beyond the surface layer.

With regular use, coconut oil will banish dry, flakey skin, and leave your skin healthy and smooth.



Get to know the Tongan designers competing in Project Runway NZ

The much anticipated first season of Project Runway NZ hits our TV screens tonight at 7.30pm and there are 3 Tongan designers representing & competing for the opportunity of a lifetime - one designer will come out on top and walk away with their very own Holden Astra, a cash prize of $50,000, and receive a photoshoot and six page spread in Fashion Quarterly Magazine.

Before the show kicks off, get to know our Tongan designers here:


Humans of the Islands





I am a full time artist who's favourite canvas to paint on is Tongan tapa cloth. I am a mother of three little humans aged 4, 9 and 10, and a mother to my two dogs and six cats. I grew up in the family home in Manurewa, South Auckland with my only brother. We were raised there by my loving tongan mother and complexed but loving palangi father who built the white picket fence and gate. The home still stands and I always call it home. Nine months ago my husband and I bought a beautiful big home in Kawakawa, Northland moving away from Manurewa and I became a Northlander.…more