WANTOK Exhibition

WANTOK -'One Talk' is a gathering of Melanesian artists, who explore the spiritual and symbolic nature of hair

"We are taking ownership over ourselves, our bodies, our stories, and telling them ourselves." – Reina Sutton. 

Curated by Luisa Tora, the show acts as a voice to empower and amplify the artists’ stories. “This conversation about hair is one we've all had at some point, with family, with friends, with complete strangers. I think people with curly hair stand on the front line in the battle against othering and attempts to control brown bodies.” – Luisa Tora.

Nine Melanesian female artists based in Australia and Aotearoa, contributed the high impact works, commenting on the power and the colonisation of Pacifica women's hair in different ways.

‘Black Birds’ members Emele Ugavule and Ayeesha Ash opened the morning with a performance in the gallery space. “It was important for us to be a voice for those who’ve lived outside of Fiji because that’s our lived experience and it’s a valid one, just as valid as those who do live back in Fiji.…more


One Love Festival 2018

We're keepin it Fresh at One Love Festival with Charlie Pome'e from Three Houses Down! 


Keepin it Fresh at the NZ BOMB COMP 2018!

We're keepin it fresh at the NZ  Bomb Comp 2018 at Lake Tikitapu in Rotorua!


Keepin it Fresh at East Coast Vibes

Keepin it Fresh down in Gisborne at East Coast Vibes! 


Keepin it Fresh at the RLWC MMT vs Toa Samoa Game

Tofiga and Nua got amongst it with the supporters at the Mate Ma'a Tonga vs Toa Samoa game at the Rugby League World Cup last year.




Director - Shimpal Lelisi 

Camera Operator - Darry Laumua 

Sound Operator - Marcus Lawson 

Talent - Tofiga Fepulea'i & Nua Finau 



There’s parades, performances, films and fashion but some of the specific Pacific  flavors of this years Pride Fest include: 
The legendary Cindy of Samoa headlines ‘Queens of Skycity’ - a FREE event with Kita Mean & Victoria Secretzz on:
Saturday 3rd Feb, 8pm
Saturday 10th Feb, 12am (Midnight)
Saturday 17th Feb, 8pm
She'll also be seen rocking the stage at the Big Gay Out along with super diva Lavina Williams - free event at Coyle Park Sunday Feb 11th from midday.

FAF SWAG host a Vogue Ball to kick off a new online Interactive Documentary that features stories of the collective, at the Auckland Art Gallery on Weds Feb 7th. 
FREE event!

Divas of stage and screen ‘Fine Fatale’ premiere their show ‘Geish/Tuiga’ on Feb 9th and 10th at the Q Theatre, promising a mix of unique dance, theatre, vocals and visuals in this expression of the young fa’afafine experience.
'Pasifika Superstars of Tomorow’ features writers Gina Cole, Courtney Sina Meredith and Tulia Thompson who jam on their work and ideas on Feb 10th at AUT.…more



New York, London, Paris, Ōtara, Milan - High fashion lives here.

The Otara Town Centre was transformed to fashion central for the Pacific Fusion Fashion Showcase and created the perfect stage in the heart of South Auckland for emerging Pacific and Maori designers to showcase their fabulous designs.

Event Director Nora Swann said of the event "Some people found it hard to picture a sold-out high-end fashion event in Ōtara, let alone it being a runway down the middle of the Town Centre. We were always confident that we could do it and that we would find designers and an audience who would want to attend. We know the talent is out there and we hoped our community would support it. This just goes to show that yes, high fashion lives here".

Hosted by former Miss Samoa Latafale Auva'a, the showcase included entertainment from Ura Tabu/PIPA and Otara's own Giant Killa with other Groovehouse artists, Exit Four 44, Pascal Roggen and Aleisha Wallabh Smith.…more


Barbercraft 2017

Keepin it Fresh at Barbercraft 2017! 

Barbers from around New Zealand were out in force to showcase their skills in demonstrations & battles.

The 2 day event also included an industry preview for barbers & others in the hair & beauty industry.




Director & Editor:  Aaron Taouma

Camera Operators:  Fa'anati Mamea 

Sound Operator:  David Green 



Highlights from One Love Festival 2017 in Tauranga ...



Director/Editor:  Mario Faumui 

Camera Operators:  Darryl Laumua, Jared Leith & Lizie Koroivulaono 

Sound:  Nate Leith & Marcus Lawson 

Researcher:  Olly Coddington 

Production Manager:  Natasha Panui-Morris 

Producer:  Lisa Taouma 

Thank You:

Pato Alvarez 

Bernadette Talanoa 

Shantelle Mahia 


Keepin it Fresh at Villa Maria

Daz finds out what everyones festival essentials are & helps them with a bit of Jandal DIY



Director:  Shimpal Lelisi 

Editor:  Jared Leith 

Camera Operators:  Adrian McBirney 

Sound:  David Green 

Sound Assistant:  Sefa Taouma 

Talent:  Darryl Laumua 

Researcher:  Olly Coddington