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COCO KIDS - Mangere/Otahuhu Holiday Programme & Athletics Club

If you live in South Auckland and you're running out of ideas on what to do with the kids - we may have a solution! 

The Mangere/Otahuhu Athletics Club is holding a FREE Athletics based holiday programme for children aged 11-17 yrs this school holidays PLUS after school athletics programme once school is back on and it's not too late to join in on all the fun!  

Last Friday the highlight of the week was a trip to Funfest run by the Trillian Trust and then the kids got to experience the new WERO Whitewater Park in Manukau 

All you need to do is get down to Centre Park Clubrooms on Robertson Road in Mangere and you can register on the day... more


KJ Apa - Black Beatles Cover

Check out KJ and Asha's cover of Black Beatles, originally by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane. You might recognize this song from the Mannequin Challenge. 


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The wider issues around the brutal reality of children living in the SVSG shelter

The dirty underbelly of Samoa sees our children being abused in the worst possible ways from people who often times themselves are products of generations of abuse.  A long term volunteer worker at SVSG tells her first hand story of why this shelter is crucial to helping Samoa's most vulnerable kids.

Sene with one of the children at SVSG

Sene Lima originally went over with a missions team from HillSong Sydney a year after the devastating tsunami in Samoa to see what they could do to help.  They were referred to SVSG.  

As a result of this mission trip Sene went back & forth at least twice a year for 2 years on more short term mission trips and established SVSG in Sydney with other women.  She then moved back to live in Samoa and was onsite with the children as a longterm volunteer and worker for 3 years full time.  

This interview has been updated by Sene following the initial story 2 years ago... more


Samoa Victim Support Group - A Ray of Hope to many

The Samoa Victim’s Support Group (SVSG) is an organization dear to my heart & it always will be.

Last April was the opening of the Ray of Hope House, a home built in honour of my late father and all that he stood for: love, kindness, and a special generosity for those in need.  

The home was built to be a place of comfort and peace for young mothers that experienced traumatic journeys of sexual violence - 6 bedrooms, 18 beds, and a nursing room that I will always be proud of.

SVSG takes in everyone that comes to their door in search of a life free from violence.  However, they do not always have the resource to accommodate their ever-expanding shelter.  The majority of their staff mostly consists of temporary volunteers so it is also difficult to keep consistency of operations.

In whatever way they fall short as an organization, it is but a molehill in comparison to the mountain of incredible work they do, the lives they save, and the contribution they make to the welfare of our country... more



Take a look behind the scenes at the research that went into making Moana. 

Disney recognised the value of working with communities & people in the various islands to help craft the story.  The directors went to Tahiti, Moorea, Samoa & Fiji to get a deepers sense of the traditions that built the islands & themselves and the songwriters drew upon the islands rich musical cultures & the diversity of music in this part of the world!


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Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt has confirmed that he is suing the UFC for Brock Lesnar's 2.5 million purse & the pay-per-view figure earned from the event.
He has agreed to face Alistair Overeem at UFC209 in March but still wants a clause in his contract relating to penalties for future opponents being caught cheating.
He's already turned down 2 fights but has agreed to take this one as he is in danger of breaching his contract with the UFC.
While the UFC have seemed committed to tackling Performance Enhancing Drugs in sport, they still seem way more lenient in terms of punishments handed out to fighters who fail.
As Mark has pointed out previously, if a fighter is fined 20% of his pay cheque (which goes straight to his opponent) if he doesn't make weight then surely there should be harsher compensation for fighters who fail drug tests... more

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TIGER & RA - Angry Customer Tough Eye

The adventures of Tiger & Ra ...

An angry customer finds out what happens when Tiger doesn't like his attitude.


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The 2nd annual 'Oka Festival' took place in early December last year in Beautiful Samoa. 

It was a great day out to see local aspiring chefs compete together - Horace Evans owner of Home Cafe & Joe Lam owner of Scalini's Restaurant (& organisers of the Oka Fest) break down the criteria for judging and why you should put it in your calendar this year! 

The competition requires participating restaurants to submit a team of 3 that will compete in 3 separate categories, coconut husking and milking, tuna filleting and Oka making, using local ingredients to create one unique Oka dish.



Director/Editor: Mario Faumui
Cam Op: Dazzlombard
Sound Op: Wilhelm Voigt
Researcher: Lizie Koroivulaono


Thank You:

Samoa Tourism Association

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Samoa Culinary Association

Joe Lam

Horace Evans

Home Café


Global Shortage on Coconuts!

Across the globe coconuts are running out, due to storms, droughts and Lethal Yellowing disease, which is spread by plant-hopping insects.

Experts say we’re also to blame, because we’ve bled the coconut dry.

Lauren Rosewarne, from Melbourne University’s School of Social and Political Sciences, said coconuts had been packaged as a superfood and the demand had exceeded.

“We’ve learnt to harness every potential benefit,” she said.  “We’re eating the flesh, drinking it and rubbing it on our skin. We’ve drained that coconut.”

The rarest Coconut water extracted from the aromatic varieties of the nut, is the “it” drink and even a source of income.  Coconut water is being sold by luxury brands, at up to US$7 for 33 cl, about the same price as basic champagne.

Coconut water currently represents an annual turnover of US$2 billion. It is expected to reach US$4 billion in the next five years.  In 2007, a 25% stake in Vitacoco, the largest brand for coconut water, was sold for US$7million to Verlinvest company... more

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The Rock Responds

Every month Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson responds to his The Rock YouTube comments & questions.

He started off 2017 with his January Q&A here - enjoy! 


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