Humans of the Islands - Are Raimbault

Are Raimbault 

Young Tahitian Filmmaker 

Tahitian / European

My name is Are Raimbault, I'm 26 years old and my ethnicity is half Tahitian half European but I was born and raised in Tahiti. I grew up between the districts of Punaauia, Mataiea and Teahupoo, in the middle of Polynesian culture.

What is your biggest driving passion?

I would say that my biggest driving passions are the ability and the beauty to create absolutely anything I want (including myself). I'm also driven by the desire to make people escape their daily lives with art, share messages with them and If I can inspire them it's even better. In terms of possibilities, I believe that the sky is the limit if you're willing to work for it.

What do you do?

I'm a director and artist. My main medias are film, photography, writing and sometimes illustration.

What excites you about Pūtahi and what does it offer the Pacific audience that they may not have seen before? 

I think that Pūtahi Kotahitanga is an exciting documentary for many reasons... more


One Thousand Ropes

Written and directed by Tusi Tamasese, ‘One Thousand Ropes’ had its world premiere last week at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The second much awaited feature from the director of 'The Orator', 'One Thousand Ropes' is a haunting and emotional Samoan film about navigating relationships and redemption. Tamasese tells the story of a Samoan father attempting to redeem his violent past and rebuild a relationship with his daughter. The film stars Uelese Petaia as the main character and Frankie Adams as his daughter. 


In the same way that ‘The Orator’ (also written and directed by Tamasese) was specific in its cinematic aesthetic and pace, One Thousand Ropes is also extremely visually unique. It's difficult to assign one particular genre to this film, as it feels like a mixture of drama, horror and thriller. Tamasese's approach to storytelling tends not to conform to typical styles of filmmaking. The predominant use of Samoan language makes One Thousand Ropes an especially unique film... more

What's Niu


Last night the Pasifika Film Fest opened in Auckland and our Pacific community came out to support the inaugral event which was held at the Queen Street Event Cinemas.

They were treated to performances by the Groovehouse Family & Fine Fatale and were welcomed Hawai'ian style into the theatre by Hawai'an dance group 'Aruna' before watching the opening night feature - "Kumu Hina", a film about a transgender Hawaiian teacher who inspires a girl to lead the school's male hula troupe. 

Pasifika Film Fest Founder and Director Kalo Fainu notes, “The festival exists as a platform for storytellers of Pacific & Maori heritage to share their films on the big screen and to have the opportunity to have their art seen by large audiences. The PFF initiative is a place for the community to celebrate & take part in the diverse cultures of Oceania”.

Passionate about the Pacific community, NRL Wellbeing and Education Manager and Festival Co-Director Nigel Vagana adds, “It has been an awesome journey the last few years. I am really excited to bring it to NZ especially my hometown, Auckland... more

What's Niu

Sione Lauaki Tribute by Nick Afoa

"Tofa My Feleni" tribute to Sione Lauaki by Nick Afoa & Lasalo Elia

Sione Lauaki passed away on February the 12th, 2017 in Auckland at the age of 35.

He had played 17 tests for the All Blacks and over 70 caps for the Waikato Chiefs over 7 seasons before moving to France to play for Clermont and Bayonne before his kidney problems were picked up.  Earlier in his career he had also played for the Pacific Islands test team & NPC for Auckland.

He had lived in Rarotonga with his wife Stephanie & their children for the last few years.

Enjoy this beautiful tribute by Nick & Lasalo and a highlights video below of his rugby career



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In celebration of Auckland Pride Month, we're sharing Pasifika Pride stories. 

Amy Kainuku

Cook Islands

I first realised I had feelings for females when I was approx 23 years old.  One of my best friends (who happened to be a woman) hit on me.  I initially said no because I was scared (being gay/homosexual just wasn’t what you did…it was kind of taboo or “forbidden”).  Things did eventually progress to a romantic/sexual relationship.  I believe our relationship developed and evolved that way because she had been my friend for a number of years, and I felt safe/comfortable with her since we did have that previously established “ friendship trust/bond”.  I was terrified to tell anyone that I was romantically/sexually involved with a woman, and it became our little secret for about 2 years.  I was still dating men and attending church on a regular basis during this time in my life.  

While living in England, I continued to attend church and attempted to push away any feelings/attraction I had towards women... more



In celebration of Auckland Pride Month, we're sharing Pasifika Pride stories. 

Sammy Salsa


Fashion & Celebrity Stylist 

I’ve always hated the term “Coming out” and I still do – when people would ask me “How long have you been gay?” I would respond with “How long have you been straight?” The “coming out” scenarios made the whole process feel like I was carrying a dirty little secret that needed to be exposed. And it was anything but, this was my lively hood, the actual person I was to be – so one day I brought my partner home to meet my family as any poly boy would bring home their girlfriend to meet the aiga, except, I was bringing home a man, a palagi man at that. It took some time for my family to adjust, which at that point I realized they weren’t upset at the whole “Gay” thing, they were more afraid of the unknown, it was almost like the old “straight” Sammy they once knew no longer existed in their lives... more


PRIDE - PASIFIKA STORIES - Lizie Koroivulaono

In celebration of Auckland Pride Month, we're sharing Pasifika Pride stories. 

Lizie Koroivulaono


Television Production

Bula, my name is Elizabeth Koroivulaono, I am 29 years old and hail from the beautiful islands of Matuku, Lau in Fiji. I come from a large beautiful Fijian family and have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I now live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been for the past 8 years. I first moved to New Zealand in 2008, to study Bachelors in Communication, majoring in Film and Television. Since graduating in 2010, I now work in the industry and call New Zealand my second home.


Honestly, it took me 6 months back in 2008; of internal battles to decide to finally accept my attraction to women. I had many discussions with a really good friend about it, where we talked about the implications this would cause on my family members... more


Pisupo Choir (Old School Samoan Medley)

What's Niu

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wins Entertainer of the Year at the NAACP Awards

Last night Dwayne Johnson won big at the NAACP awards taking home 'Entertainer of the year'.  The People’s Champ topped fellow 'Entertainer of the Year' nominees Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, Viola Davis and Regina King.

He had been nominated for 'Entertainer of the Year', 'Outstanding actor in a Comedy Series' for "Ballers" and 'Outstanding Character Voice Over Performance' for Maui in Disney's MOANA.

In his acceptance speech he dedicated his award to his late Grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia and his Father Rocky Johnson.  You can watch his acceptance speech here  

Presented annually, the NAACP Image Awards is recognized as America's preeminent multi-cultural awards show from an African American point of view.  The event celebrates the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts, as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice through their creative endeavors... more


BEN MIKHA & The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Ben Mikha has been selected out of 50,000 applicants to proceed to a 3 round process based off a public voting system in order to make his dreams a reality.  If successful he will be the FIRST Pacific Islander to land an internship with Discovery Channel.

He is currently pursuing a dream through Discovery Channel to travel to over 5 new countries and film/photograph and blog his experiences - something that he is naturally passionate about.  He hopes to have this opportunity to use his gifts further to inspire and encourage others to view the world through their own eyes.

The video above of Samoa is his entry to the final public round of Discovery Channel.   

We asked him to share a bit about himself and also share some of his favourite photographs he has taken so you can get to know him and ultimately help him reach his goal by VOTING for him!  

Eiffel Tower 

I grew up in the streets of South Auckland... more