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Adele invites Kapa Haka group on stage at Auckland show


PASIFIKA 2017 - Unique Food Options

Now that Pasifika goes for 2 days we thought we'd try out the food on Saturday and give you our recommendations on what to try today if you're going down for the first time or maybe you're just ready for Round 2.

We went around to each of the villages and checked out some of the unique dishes to their island or in this case Pasifika Village 



Tiare Events - Rukau Pie & Cook Islands Poke 

"In the Cook Islands our parents feed us with the Rukau (taro leaves) - the rukau is boiled in the water and we put the coconut cream in it.  When we come to New Zealand we learn from other Master Chefs and put our own twist on it.  So we put the rukau into a pie.  

Then poke is the over ripe banana which is boiled and then add arrowroot starch to it with Coconut Cream and bake it but not in the oven, in our underground oven - they wrap it and bake it in the umu... more

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Health Benefits of Taro Leaves

We all know Pacific Islanders love cooking & eating both taro and taro leaves but are you aware of all the amazing health benefits for the body?  Both taro's root and leaves have many health benefits because it is rich in nutrients.

You can check out all the health benefits of the root here and we've listed the health benefits of the taro leaf for you below ...

From its nutrient contents, the Top 10 taro leaves benefits are as follows:

  1. Acts as an antioxidant to prevent cancer.

Taro leaves are rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. This helps prevent many diseases and fight against free radicals that cause cancer.

  1. Boosts your immune system.

Vitamin C in 1 cup of taro leaves gives you at least 86% of the daily value that your body needs. You can boost your immune system effectively with eating taro leaves.

  1. Keeps your eyes healthy.

Besides Vitamin C, taro leaves are rich in vitamin A. It reaches an amazing daily value of 123%... more



One Thousand Ropes brings a beautiful Samoan sensibility to the big screen for the second time.

In the same way that the Orator delved into the interior of Samoa - rainforests, taro leaves and torments, One Thousand ropes looks to the interior minds of its characters - again focusing on the most vulnerable in Samoan societies - the young women.
It's a quiet meditative film that has some deep issues at its heart which are bought out in unexpected ways - the dynamic of four bakery workers, the truly terrifying aiku spirit, and the intimate skill and trust in a fofo.

There are so many nuances that speak to a Pasifika audience through the skill of the language and the symbolism of the design. But mostly because it's funny, in that way that only Samoan language and behaviors can sometimes be.
It's a movie that will give you the feels the funnies and the frights all in one... more


A Tribute to Teresia Teaiwa

A Pasifika warrior who fought many battles for the region with the strength of her words and her infinite wisdoms has walked ahead of us.

They say that some people are larger then life, and for Teresia Teaiwa, teacher and warrior woman, the largess of her legacy will transcend her life for generations to come.

You can't paint the Pacific with one brush stroke” 

Teresia saw an interconnected Oceania and spoke much of our diversity yet the oneness of our essential vision as Pasifika people.

Described as one of Kiribati’s ‘living national icons’ Teresia was a truly cosmopolitan citizen of Oceania.  Her mixed cultural roots and with her many lived experiences in the region, contributed to a wide vision of the issues, the identities and the taonga of Pasifika peoples.  Of Banaban, Kiribati and African American heritage, Tere was born in Honolulu, Hawai'i and raised in Fiji... more



"Brutal Street fight filmed outside Polyfest"
"Video emerges of teenage girls fighting at Polyfest"
"Girl dragged by hair in shocking Polyfest Brawl"
The coverage of Polyfest by mainstream media has always been minimal. Despite the fact that this is one of the most populated events on the annual Auckland events landscape, Polyfest the biggest festival of its kind in the WORLD is rarely mentioned in the news, in any print or online coverage. 
But this year Polyfest did feature - it featured through the lens of violence and Pacific stereotyping that has always managed to characterise stories set in South Auckland.
While 100,000 Pacificans were celebrating the passion and fervour of the unique flavours of Polynesians, the media stories were fixated on 2 skirmishes outside the gates of Polyfest. 
Without going into the event itself, without mention of the purpose and context of the event, but instead mention of a bunch of kids throwing punches at the traffic lights.  Pacific 'thuggery' spilling out of the brown confines into suburbia. 

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Parris Goebel choreographs new Jason Derulo video

The new Jason Derulo vid is fiiiiirrrrrrre and it must be cause of that Aotearoa touch. Choreographed by dancing queen Parris Gobel and starring RQ girls Kaea Pearce and Kirsten Dodgen

Suggested Links

Go behind the scenes with Parris Goebel

Interview with Dance Queen Parris Goebel

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Polyfest 2017 wrapped on Saturday afternoon and we've got more behind the scenes, performances & action from the Cook Islands & Niue Stages PLUS the results for each Pacific Island stage at Polyfest.


OVERALL WINNERS:  Mangere College 

2nd - Aorere College

3rd - Sir Edmund Hillary College 

... more



Behind the scenes, some performance highlights & action from the Samoan & Tongan stages at Polyfest 2017



Ei katu's or Head Lei's/Garlands seemed to be the popular head adornment of the day.

Check out some of the different designs on display down at Polyfest today ...