Pulotu Underworld is London's first club night that celebrates Pacific Island culture, music and artists.  Named after Polynesia's underworld 'Pulotu' the event is about paying homage to Pacific Islands ancestors and ultimately decolonising the space by re-writing the western historical narrative and image of the exotic savage in a grass skirt.

The event began as an idea to create events for and by the UK's Pacific Island community as a way of connecting Pacific people with the intention of also creating safe spaces for queer, trans and intersex people of colour.

Shakaiah Perez aka DJ Lady Shaka who is the director and curator of Pulotu Underworld, said she thinks events like these are very important for the Pacific community.  "Being that we are a minority in the UK, our community in London need to have spaces where we are able to connect with each other and learn and grow together" she said.…more



In the shadow of a state emergency, the streets of Apia have become a ghost town. The people of Samoa are on curfew as the government hustles to administer measles vaccinations to its vulnerable citizens, only mobile vaccination units, authorised government vehicles and media can roam the roads of what can only be described as something that resembles a post apocalyptic paradise.

Streets that usually bustle with life are empty and in the centre of a city that normally sings with the sounds of Samoans going about their daily life, only a handful of people can be seen. They’re manning the control centre, where all of the information is being fed back from the teams that are out administering the vaccinations.

In a country that bleeds blue, today they are seeing red. Told to mark their homes with anything red they can find, because that’s the signal to the authorities that someone in that household requires the measles vaccinations.…more



Our CoconetTV journalist Tuki Laumea is on the ground in Samoa providing live updates as the governments State-Of-Emergency orders come into force in Samoa.



An eerie calm has descended over Samoa this morning as families all over the island fly their red flags for mobile vaccination units to visit them for the measles vaccine.  The streets of Samoa are empty as people obey the 2 day curfew at home, praying that this state of vaccine emergency will have a good impact on this devastating time for Samoa. 🇼🇸


This is the coordination centre monitoring the mobile vax unit and the numbers of people being vaccinated and where mobile units have devices and feed the info back as they go.


Helping hands. People dropping off donations and the schedule for food. They've just set off to deliver meals. 400 meals out a day.


Team coco in the empty streets of Apia




Tourists are on lock down over the 2 day curfew as well, staying inside their resorts & hotels.…more


NZ - Know Your History! Opinion piece: A Samoan Journalist reacts to racist cartoon.

Tuki laumea is an international award winning filmmaker and journalist and director of the award winning documentary, 1918: Talune - Samoa and the ship of death.

This is a place I’ve spent a lot of time in. So today when I touched down in Samoa, there was something to me that was noticeably different about it. There’s a sorrow that sits in the air, a sadness in the faces of usually jovial people and a silence in the streets which typically burst with life.
So, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know the reason for this is that the measles has taken a stranglehold here and is rapidly ripping the life out of its beautiful population.

I’m here for what in western culture would be considered ‘sad reasons’, a funeral (non-measles related) but for my family at least, it’s a celebration of life. We laugh, we eat and we make fun of each other.…more


KIRIBATI 'ARMOUR' - The Wearable Arts of the Kiribati

Artist Numa Mackenzie wears this stunning #Kiribati traditional suit of armour made with revived traditional knowledge by Pacific artist Chris Charteris, master artist Kaetaeta Watson, Lizzy Leckie and the Tungaru: The Kiribati Project team, proudly funded by CNZ to support heritage arts. Numa modelled this at the Pacific Heritage Arts Fono 2019 in Wellington. The armour and the spiky helmet - made from a dried puffer fish - took a lot of research by the team to recreate and is a fantastic project that has exhibited nationally and internationally. #PacificArts

"The armour came about because we heard the stories about the Kiribati armour but none of us had ever seen one. They were never seen on the island, they had one but it was so dated and broken up so much, that people weren’t allowed near it. But we heard these stories of them being museums all over the world.…more


'A BOY CALLED PIANO' - The true story of Fa'amoana 'John' Luafutu

From the creators of The White Guitar comes a new play, A Boy Called Piano, the true story of Fa’amoana ‘John’ Luafutu and the experience of thousands of Māori and Pasifika children placed in state care in the 1960s.

Auckland 1963, three 11-year-old boys meet in a cell in the family court. Two Māori and one Samoan – Wheels, Piwi and a boy called Piano - made wards of state and taken to Owairaka Boys Home. So begins a story into the heart of darkness, abuse and pain and a journey of survival, friendship and the light of the human spirit.

“At a time when the Government is drawing up the terms for a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the terrible abuse of children in state care, Fa’amoana has chosen to speak out through this new play,” says producer Tom McCrory.…more




Anapela Polataivao + Goretti Chadwick + Mario Faumui = a hell of a good time in the F.C.C production of Uma Lava by Victor John Rodger at Circa Theatre from November 23-December 7. Don't miss out...

We sat down with Anapela & Goretti aka Pani & Pani to have a chat with them about the show: 



Tavita Nielsen-Mamea named as 2020 Emerging Pasifika Writer in Residence

Victoria University of Wellington’s International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML) has announced the appointment of Tavita Nielsen-Mamea as the Emerging Pasifika Writer in Residence for 2020.
Tavita, a Dunedin-raised writer of Samoan and Tuvaluan descent, hailing from the villages of Safotu, Safune, Apia, and Nukufetau, will use the residency to work on a new theatre project.
Tavita’s first play Au Ko Tuvalu played at the 2019 Wellington Fringe Festival, where it was awarded Outstanding Ensemble and Tavita the Most Promising Emerging Artist. It has subsequently had successful runs at the Court Theatre and Kia Mau Festival, and also had an Auckland season at TAPAC from 23–26 October.

Au Ko Tuvalu takes the audience to Tuvalu, the homeland of the world's first climate change refugees, on its final day of evacuations. It follows a family watching their history, culture, and beloved homeland swept away in front of their eyes. The play has been critically acclaimed for its political relevance, fresh and compelling voice, and ‘heartwarming, heartwrenching’ emotional eloquence.…more



Celebrating our CoconetTV Birthday!  Here's how we been #KeepingItCoco for the last 6 years! 


How TONGAN is my SAMOAN husband?

Married couple Ben and Yvonne are Samoan & Tongan respectively & vlog about life together as well as cultural differences from Ben being American raised and Yvonne being New Zealand raised.

In this Vlog, Yvonne tests her husband to see how much of the Tongan language and culture he's picked up on so far.