Coco Talanoa: Pasifika cast from Hamilton the Musical - Elandrah Eramiha, Iosefa Laga'aia & Kirrah Amosa

'HAMILTON: The Musical' begins its first ever international tour in Aotearoa, direct from a stellar run across Australia on Friday 26th May and runs through until the 11th of June at Spark Arena.

We sat down for a chat with three of the Pasifika cast members - Elandrah Eramiha, Iosefa Laga'aia and Kirrah Amosa who share what their characters are like as well as what it's like having to play multiple characters, what it means for them to be able to represent our people on such a big stage, their favourite track to perform and more.

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Iam Tongi on Live Kelly and Mark + Good Morning America

American Idol winner has been doing the talk show rounds appearing on Live Kelly and Mark as well as on Good Morning America hosted by Michael Strahan with fellow finalist Megan Danielle.

Meanwhile his new single 'I'll be seeing you' hit number 1 after the finale on the iTunes charts.

He released the track on the 19th of May and on Sunday prior to the finale, James Blunts 'Monsters' held the top spot but moved to number 2 when 'I'll be seeing you' reached the number 1 spot overnight after Iam won.

Watch him sing the track in the American Idol finale here - 


Tautua: Inked in Service | Trailer | RNZ

In Tautua: Inked in Service, RNZ Social Media Journalist Faivaeselopepe Anric Sitanilei undergoes the transformative process of receiving the traditional Samoan malofie, also known as the tatau.

Through vivid storytelling and intimate interviews, the documentary unveils the evolving role of the tatau in a changing world, showcasing its enduring power as a testament to Samoan heart and spirit.

Sitanilei says the tatau has long been a shielded part of Samoan culture.

“I wanted to share my story to showcase the tatau, and to show our audience that they’re not just tattoos, that receiving the tatau is a privilege, an honour and can be a spiritual experience.”

Tautua: Inked in Service is a celebration of heritage, tradition, and dedication to family and community and will be released on Sunday 28th May to coincide with the start of Samoan Language Week.


Musicians & supporters in Hawai'i rally community to 'Vote for Iam'

Haku Creative rallies the community in Hawai'i to show their support for Kahuku's hometown boy Iam Tongi!

Singers (including past Hawaiian American Idol contestants), artists, actors, community leaders, and Iam's family put together this video to campaign for America's vote for their guy Iam. 


Eliana Su'a set to star in new Disney series 'Pretty Freakin Scary'

Young Samoan actress Eliana Su'a is set to star in new Disney series 'Pretty Freakin Scary' which premieres on 15th of June on the Disney Channel and then the next day on Disney+

The series centres around 14yr old Frankie Ripp (played by Eliana) who had the perfect life - a great family, annoying little brother, a popular boyfriend and a BFF she could always count on. However, her life takes a surprising turn after an unfortunate incident.  After some heated debate in the Underworld with the Grim Reaper herself, Frankie is forced to navigate life with her new Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary...in the most challenging setting of all…Middle School. Pretty freekin scary, huh?

14yr old Eliana is half Samoan, half Latina and originally got her start in theatre before progressing into TV and film.  Her first role was in 'Simmer' but it was her major breakout role as Dwayne Johnson's on-screen daughter in the blockbuster feature film "FAST & FURIOUS: PRESENTS HOBBS & SHAW" that catapulted her into the spotlight.…more


'Talk to Me' horror trailer starring Samoan actor Chris Alosio

Brace yourself, the trailer for horror film TALK TO ME has launched ahead of its nationwide cinema release on July 27.

The film follows a group of friends who discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and opens the door to the spirit world, forcing them to choose who to trust: the dead or the living. 

After an international premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2023, the cinematic and authentic horror that fully delivers on genre and scares, sparked a bidding war and was picked up by 2023 Oscar winning studio A24.

Samoan actor Chris Alosio stars in it alongside the likes of Miranda Otto (Lord of the RIngs) and Otis Dhanji (Aquaman) 

The soundtrack also featurs Onehunga hip hop collective SWIDT alongside tracks from ONEFOUR, Sia, The Kid Laroi and more.

Peep the trailer for the movie above ...


Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a Season 2 Trailer

After breaking the curse of his ancestors, and saving his daughter Lupe from the clutches of an ancient spirit, Soane now faces another battle.  The spirit world has come calling again for revenge on the Valu family for what happened 500 years ago.  

When an earthquake hits, Soane mysteriously disappears from his home and ends up in the underworld, Pulotu’aka’aka; where restless spirits go. This is the Tokotaha Tala Fekau’s world. But Soane is not alone, his youngest son, Tomasi is also pulled into the dark abyss with him. They become separated and are left helpless and alone.

Ben and Lupe have no idea what has taken place and are left to pick up the pieces and support their Aunty ‘Ofa. When they realise Soane and Tomasi are not at home, they are desperate to find them. A surprise visitor distracts their efforts but it’s when the Tokotaha Faito’o (Healer) turns up at their house asking what they have done that they realise something sinister has happened.…more


Red, White & Brass Premiere | Keepin It Fresh

We keep it Mafana with the minds and faces that brought you "Red, White & Brass".

The movie is about when Wellington Tongan superfan Maka (John Paul Foliaki) fails to secure tickets to a hometown Rugby World Cup match between France and Tonga, he reaches for...the nearest trumpet. Maka rallies his mates into a last minute marching brass band to represent Tonga at the big game. All inspired by a real-life story!

On this red carpet we speak to the actors, creators and audience on just how special this movie is!



Director: Shimpal Lelisi 

Camera: Mary Raela

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Editor: Laura McBeath
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Taika Waititi 'Next Goal Wins' movie - first promo poster & new release date

Taika Waititi released a first glimpse of his 'Next Goal Wins' movie with the first promo poster and a new release date on his social media yesterday.

The movie follows the "world's worst soccer team" and its history making transgender player ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers in 2001. The team went on to lose their qualifying game against Australia by 31-0. 

The film is based on the 2014 documentary of the same name by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison about Dutch-American coach Thomas Rongen's efforts to lead the American Samoa national football team.

Michael Fassbender will star as Rongen, alongside Oscar Kightley, David Fane, Beulah Koale, Uli Latukefu, Rachel House, Kaimana, Rhys Darby, Will Arnett, and Elisabeth Moss. Filming began in Honolulu in November 2019.…more


Coco Talanoa: Luciane Buchanan - The Night Agent

Tongan actress Luciane Buchanan stars in Netflix thriller 'The Night Agent' which is currently #1 in both the USA and here in New Zealand.

Coco correspondent Kristian Fanene-Schmidt catches up with Luciane at a press junket in Los Angeles and they chat about what she loves about her character, being in Jason Momoa's 'Chief of War', Pacific films that inspire her and more


Interviewer - Kristian Fanene-Schmidt

Editor - Sefa Taouma 

Thank you Netflix and Luciane 

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