"The Island in Me" trailer

The Island in Me is an award-winning feature by Spanish/American filmmaker Gemma Cubero del Barrio that takes the viewer to the remote atoll of Pukapuka in the Cook Islands, a unique place never before captured in film – Pukapuka is only four hundred inhabitants and ten metres above sea level.

The film follows two women who grew up on Pukapuka and return home after decades away - Amelia Hokulea Borofsky, the daughter of anthropologist Robert Borofsky who lived in Pukapuka in the mid-1970 and Johnny Frisbie, a Cook Island legend in her own right (her book Miss Ulysses of Puka-Puka, written at age fifteen, was the first published literary work by a Pacific Island author).

Both lived on Pukapuka as children and left at different times, but they both return to reconnect – with emotion, celebration, and a sense of belonging. Director del Barrio also weaves in her own intimate story.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 19th Festival International du Film Documentaire Oceanien FIFO in Tahiti.…more


Black Adam - Official Trailer

The world needed a hero, it got Black Adam.  Coming to theatres around the world in October 2022.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stars in the action adventure “Black Adam.”

It's the first-ever feature film to explore the story of the DC Super Hero comes to the big screen.  Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the ancient gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam (Johnson) is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.


Beulah Koale on his latest role in 'DUAL'

Samoan actor Beulah Koale's latest movie "DUAL" hit the big screens in the US last weekend starring Karen Gillam (Jumanji) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

He talks here about his role and you can check out the trailer below - 


Rose Matafeo on Kelly Clarkson

Samoan actor and comedian Rose Matafeo was recently on the Kelly Clarkson show to talk about Season two of her HBO Max series 'Starstruck'.

She dishes on filming the show during lockdown, living alone in her London bachelorette pad and starting stand-up comedy when she was 15.

Get familiar with Rose here where she shares with us her journey to comedic stardom, her love for cats and her vehement distaste for her Rastafarian parents choice in music.


Samoan comedian Rose Matafeo on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

Samoan comedian Rose Matafeo makes her first ever appearance on late night US television with an interview on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'.

She talks with Stephen about the second season of the show she created and also stars in - 'Starstruck' which airs on HBO Max in the States and finds common ground with him as the two discuss their love for "The Lord of the Rings" and the actors from Peter Jackson's films.

Threads?  Rose is wearing a pink trouser suit made by luxury London design brand ME+EM.

Check out the trailer for the second season of 'Starstruck' below - 


Young Rock - Season 2 Trailer

Watch Dwayne Johnson return in the hilarious sitcom about his extraordinary life starring Pasifika stars from down under Stacey Leilua, Uli Latukefu, Ana Tuisila and Fasitua Amosa.  Check out the trailer above.

If you're in the US tune in to NBC where the new series will premiere in NBC's Tuesday comedy block at 8pm.

While we wait to see if TVNZ picks up the series for audiences here, you'll also be able to watch it on PeacockTV but you'll need a VPN.


Dwayne also recaps Season 1 and shares what you can look forward to coming up in Season 2 in this sneak peak video below - 


Fijian-Australians Play "Never Have I Ever"

Selai, Bayvick, Thelma, Ilisavani, Voli K and Maika play Buzzfeed's version of "Never Have I Ever" Fijian edition.

The group of proud Fijians talk about Fijian accents, being asked about playing 7s and questions about Kava. Buzzfeed even puts them in the hot seat asking about the birds and the bees conversation in a Fijian household. This lot give hilarious commentary on the Fijian-Australian experience. 


Video from Buzzfeed Oz 


'I GOT YOU' vertical comedy series

If you have a spare 4 lots of minute to spare, then satisfy your romantic fix with 'I GOT YOU', a brand new snackable Vertical Comedy series which has been released on Instagram Reels, TIKTOK and Youtube from the team who brought you 'Three Wise Cousins', 'Hibiscus & Ruthless', 'Take Home Pay' & 'Mama's Music Box'.

Click through to watch on your preferred platform below - 

Mac, played by rising star comedian Sieni Leo'o Olo aka Bubbah aka King Ulavale has a side hustle dishing out relationship advice; despite never being in a relationship herself.  Mac's advice is a blend of 'run it straight' and 'cheesy romantic'.  

We caught up with the shows producer Abba-Rose Vaiaoga-Ioasa to find out a bit more about the show and how they found filming in a vertical format.

What gave you the idea for the concept or premise of the series? 

"The idea grew from thinking about side hustles - what type of side hustle could someone come up with, when they have no start-up capital.…more


AKANUANUA (Sneak Peek) - Celebrating Indigenous Pasifika Queer Visibility

A sneak peek into the Coconet Original series Akanuanua!

First episode dropping Friday 11th of February 2022 at 8pm NZT.

Akanuanua is a series exploring the lived realities of our MVPFAFF Queer Pasifika community. We take an up-close and personal look into the lives of 5 extraordinary Queer Pasifika people. Experiencing the ofa (love) they create, the mafana (warmth) they exude, the malie (humor) they share, and the faka'apa'apa they deserve. All of these elements are woven together to create moving 21st-century stories jumping out to be told, Akanuanua does just that!

Episode 1 (OUT FRIDAY) takes a walk in to the life of Asi Taouma Levy. A young Samoan living in West Auckland who has claimed their gender identity space in order to celebrate who they are. Asi shows us their world, their village and their alofa. 

"I didn't act like a stereotypical girl and I used to think maybe I was a boy, then I realised that...hmmm not really.…more


10 Things Jason Momoa Can't Live Without | GQ

There are a few things Jason Momoa can't live without when he travels.

From his chain wallet and guitar collection to his vinyl records and a Harley Davidson motorcycle, these are Jason's travel essentials.