Pacific Islanders Answer Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask

Warning:  Explicit Language

As part of Buzzfeed Australia's Pacific Islander week, Lakz (Tongan Content Creator), Kween Kong (Samoan Drag Queen), Bigs685 (Samoan rapper & actor), Sela Vai (Tongan choreographer), Voli K (Fijian Singer/Song writer) and A.Girl (Maori Singer/Song writer) team up to answer a few questions.


Red, White & Brass Trailer

From the producers of 'The Breaker Upperers', 'Cousins' and 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', 'Red, White & Brass' is the debut feature film for director Damon Fepulea’i who co-wrote with co-producer Halaifonua (Nua) Finau.

The film stars John-Paul Foliaki (Popstars), Dimitrius Schuster-Koloamatangi (The Panthers), Ilaisaane Green (Brutal Lives), Onetoto Ikavuka, Mikey Falesiu (Toke), Lupeti Finau, Lotima Pome (Under the Vines), and Haanz Fa'avae-Jackson (Savage).

Tongans are renowned for their enthusiastic support of their sporting teams; decorating their cars, houses and faces with the Tongan flag.  Inspired by a true story, Red, White & Brass showcases this māfana energy. 

The underdog story follows a community of Tongans who form a brass band as the pre-game entertainment in a desperate attempt to get tickets to the 2011 Rugby World Cup Tonga vs France game.

“The māfana energy in the film is infectious,” says Fepulea’i. “I can’t wait for Kiwis to see this film on 23rd March, and what's possible when you band together for a common goal.”

Finau was in the original band that performed at the Rugby World Cup in 2011.…more


Jason Momoa Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Polynesian actor Jason Momoa answers the web's most searched questions about himself.

What do Jason Momoa's tattoos mean? How much does Jason lift? How did he get his scar? When did he start acting? Will he be in Fast & The Furious 10?

Jason answers all these questions and much more!

Video Credit:  WIRED


Jason Momoa Strips Down to Traditional Hawaiian Malo, Talks About New Tattoo & Working with LeBron

Jason talks about getting his newest tattoo, doing a commercial with LeBron James after Eddie Murphy said he couldn’t do it, deep sea fishing in traditional Hawaiian fishing gear, he strips down to show us his Hawaiian Malo, tells us about his new movie Slumberland, and his friend with Leukemia who inspired him to work with a charity called “Be the Match” that connects people with patients that need a bone marrow transplant.


Dwayne Johnson Surprises Samoan Fireknife Dancing TikTok Star

TikTok star Mikaele, aka the real-life Maui from "Moana," is a 5-time world fireknife dance champion teaching kids back home in Hawaii and his 1.6 million followers the beauty of Samoan culture.

Mikaele teaches Kelly the basics of fireknife dancing, and performs an incredible fireknife dance on stage! Dwayne Johnson surprises Mikaele after his performance, and praises him for the work he's doing celebrating their culture.

While he was there, Dwayne Johnson performed a duet with Kelly Clarkson - 'Don't Come Home a Drinkin' By Loretta Lynn


SEE — The Final Chapter: An Unforgettable Journey | BTS

Join Jason Momoa, along with the cast and crew of SEE, as they look back at the making of the show and how it continued to champion inclusivity throughout every aspect.

Watch all three seasons of SEE on Apple TV+


Celebrating the First Pacific Islands Showrunner in Hollywood - Dana Ledoux Miller

Netflix has dropped their limited series 'Thai Cave Rescue' which has premiered to their online audience around the globe. 

The series re-tells the story of the local junior Thai soccer team who became trapped inside Thailand’s Tham Luang Nang Non — the “Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady” - for over two weeks and had people around the world on the edge of their seats waiting for updates on how the 12 boys and their coach were doing.

The series premiere also marks the first time a Pacific Islander has had the top level position of Showrunner on a Hollywood project.  Dana Ledoux Miller shares both the Showrunner and Writer credits on the series with Michael Russell Gunn.  

Ledoux Miller who is of Samoan heritage and spent many of her formative years in Hawai'i has been in the industry for over a decade writing on critically acclaimed shows like 'Newsroom', 'Narcos' and 'Designated Survivor'.

Watch the trailer for 'Thai Cave Rescue' below 

"I can’t believe it hasn’t really happened before me.…more


Holy Boy Dom & Gaby Solomona | Know Your Roots 2022

If you watched last season of Know Your Roots these two need no introduction...

They're back for redemption after being disqualified last season of Know Your Roots. In the thick of an ocean relay Dom and Gaby who were teamed together forgot to go around one of the race markers and were later disqualified from the competition for not following the rules of the race. Their journey was cut short but this season they're making a comeback.

Gaby Solomona is a Samoan actress who you might recognise from series like Comedy Central's 'SIS' or more recently as the lead actress in theatre show 'Dawnraids'. Holy Boy Dom is a Tongan online comdian and actor who you might recognize from his viral videos and his role in tv feature series 'Jonah'. Together the pair also star in their very own Fresh Tv segment called "Ask Dom & Gaby".

The dynamic duo has definately had their ups and downs, but they're willing to be reunited once again so they can have another shot at the "Know Your Roots" Champion title.…more


Charlie Pome'e | Know Your Roots 2022

We know he can sing and make people laugh on social media but does he know his roots?

From the popular band Three Houses Down, Charlie Pome'e is a musician and somewhat of an online comedic influencer pulling is thousands of views in to his daily antics.  A proud son of the Kingdom of Tonga the artist joins us this season hoping to make the 676 proud! Especially his roots of Vaini and Ofa Tongatapu.

He's not only a competitor this season but also wears the hat as uncle. Fellow competitor General Fiyah is Charlie's brothers son. When asked about how the two got to be on the same show he jokingly said "Well I heard this show needed other people and he was at home so I told him to get in the car". 

Just because he's an uncle on this show he is not letting that take away from his competitive nature. When talking about his star sign Charlie mentioned,  "My star sign is Leo. We're quite ferocious.…more


Katelyn Vaha'akolo| Know Your Roots 2022

You may recognise her from athletic career and large following on social media.

Meet our proud Tongan Maori competitor joing us this season. Katelyn Vaha'akolo is a New Zealand professional rugby league player. She previously played for the Newcastle Knights in the NRL Women's Premiership and is bring all the heat she brings on the field to tv!

Katelyn's roots are grounded in Ngāti Whātua, Ngā Puhi and Tonga! She wears her two cultures proudly and hopes to represent them both well on Know Your Roots season 4. 

Coming in to the competition Katelyn is confident in getting any language challenges and being put in situations where she has to work with others. Further reiterating this when telling us that her strengths are that, "I can speak my native tongue and I'm a team player".  

"I love to be surrounded by culture and I know theres a diverse bunch of us here that are all from different places.…more