Pati AF Talks 'Ka'a: The Concert Experience'

Samoan recording artist Pati AF sits down with us to talk about her upcoming work 'Ka'a: The Concert Experience' happening this weekend, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May 2024🎤🔥

She gives us the run down on the inspiration behind the concert and how it came to be about, don't miss out! Grab your tickets here 🔗


Filmed and Edited by Destiny Momoiseā


The O.G's - A Historic Celebration of Pasifika Opera Stars at 2024 Auckland Arts Festival

Original Pasifika Opera Stars Return to Aotearoa for One-Night-Only Celebration at 2024 Auckland Arts Festival

The 2024 Auckland Arts Festival is poised to host an extraordinary and historic event, "The O. G’s," a celebration of the original Pasifika opera stars who blazed trails for a new generation of talented artists.

On March 24th, 2024, this one-of-a-kind celebration will grace the stage, offering a unique journey through the rich history and enduring legacy of Pasifika opera.

Pasifika immigrants arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s harbored dreams and aspirations for their families, with opera singing not typically on their radar.

However, today, Pasifika opera singers have left an indelible mark on global stages, though their journey was far from easy. "The O.G’s" is an event designed to revisit the roots of Pasifika opera, honoring the pioneers who dismantled barriers and forged paths for future generations.

"The O.G’s" concept is a tribute to the Original Pasifika Opera Stars.…more


O Le Pepelo, le Gaoi, ma le Pala'ai | The Liar, The Thief & The Coward

In Sāmoa’s not-so-distant past, Pili Sā Tauilevā is a proud Ali’i (chief) in the village of Moa. He has devoted his life to the sacred fa’a sāmoa tradition of service. When he suddenly falls gravely ill and refuses to name a successor, his daughter and son become rivals for the title. But nothing plays out as expected when others come out to join the race.

O lana fanau ua ala ai ona ola umi. Auā e talepe e tamaiti mea uma, pe a to lana mānava.The only thing keeping him alive is his children. Because when he dies, they’ll ruin everything.

Power, politics and tradition collide in this darkly comic piece by Natano Keni (Sāmoa/Aotearoa) and Sarita So (Khmer/Aotearoa). It is a commentary on the growing divide between those who have chosen to stay and those who have chosen to leave.…more


Cheehoo! Jandals to Jazzhands: A Pasifika Extravaganza at the 2024 Hamilton Arts Festival

The vibrant city of Hamilton is set to come alive with a unique cultural fusion as some of Waikato's top Pasifika performers take center stage at the 2024 Hamilton Arts Festival Toi Ora Ki Kirikiriroa. The spotlight will shine brightly on the all-new show, "Cheehoo! Jandals to Jazzhands," a groundbreaking performance that promises to blend Pasifika cultural traditions with the magic of musical theatre.

Created by internationally touring artists Jessica Ruck-Nu’u and Iosia Tofilau, alongside award-winning creative Benny Marama, "Cheehoo! Jandals to Jazzhands" is not your typical musical theatre showcase. The trio, deeply involved in Waikato's musical theatre scene, sought a fresh perspective on the genre. Co-producer Benny Marama explains, "By viewing the music through a Pasifika lens, we're ensuring this concert isn't just your bog-standard musical theatre showcase."

Fresh from touring the Middle East with the acclaimed "Shrek the Musical," Jessica Ruck-Nu’u and Iosia Tofilau conceived "Cheehoo!" as a way to engage with the diverse Pasifika community in Waikato. Jessica reflects on her journey, stating, "As a Pasifika woman, I felt like I was on the outside.…more


Manu World Champs Qualifier Mangere

As expected, hundreds turned out today for the Qualification rounds for the Manu World Champs at the Moana Nui-a-Kiwa Pools in Māngere today.

The Z Manu World Champs is a “grand celebration of a beloved kiwi pastime – the Manu or (dive) bomb, perfected by enthusiasts at wharves, pools and secret spots throughout the country.”

Plenty of youth signed up for today’s event in hopes of qualifying for the Manu World Champs Finals that will take place in Tamaki Makaurau on Saturday 9 March.

Event organiser Toko Manuel was hopeful that the even would not only keep youth out of trouble this long weekend but also provide them opportunity to take their hobb further.…more


INKY PINKY PONKY - Cast and Crew screening

"This marks an important moment in time for our generation because now we're starting to bring our stories to the forefront and be a bit more brave with our story telling - it's awesome and it's current and all the issues in the screenplay are happening today" - Leki Jackson-Bourke, co-writer of 'Inky Pinky Ponky'

The stars of 'Inky Pinky Ponky' were out at the movies for the cast and crew screening in Newmarket last week.

Know Your Roots champion Joe Fa'agase caught up with some of the crew and cast members of the movie - check out what they had to say in the video above.

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Director - Shimpal Lelisi 

Editor & Sound Operator - Sefa  Taouma 

Camera Operator - Christo Montes 

Host - Joe Fa'agase 


Fautasi 2023 Race | LIVE from Samoa

Watch the live coverage of the 2023 Fautasi Races from Apia, Samoa.

In the end, Tolotolo o le Tamauli from Savaii became the winners of this year's  fautasi regatta to celebrate Samoa's year-long 60th Independence anniversary. 

Don Bosco Segavao came in second place, Telefoni o le Vainuu in third, Little Rina was fourth and Marist in fifth place.


Pasifika Entertaiment Advancement Komiti's first in-person talanoa

By Honestine Pa'ala-Fraser 

The Pasifika Entertainment Advancement Komiti (PEAK) held their very first in-person talanoa in downtown Los Angeles on May 4. The talanoa, which was sponsored by Amazon Studios, featured panelists across the entertainment industry: actor Uli Latukefu, writer and PEAK co-founder Dana Ledoux Miller, filmmaker Kerry Warkia, and writer Freddie Gutierrez, moderated by PEAK co-founder Kristian Fanene Schmidt as they reflected on the future of Pasifika storytelling in Hollywood. 

PEAK is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California whose mission is to uplift and support the Pasifika community within the entertainment industry and 'expand Pasifika entertainment so that our creatives can thrive, evolve, and drive innovative storytelling that honors the richness and diversity across Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.'

“All Pasifika cultures come from oral tradition. Before we had a written language it was storytelling, and it was dance,” PEAK board member Averie Joy Maikalima O Makua Huffine shared with the CoconetTV.

“And the version of keeping that alive today is putting it on television and film. And that's how we're going to preserve these things.…more


Hamilton 7s | Keepin It Fresh

Our Fresh host Shimpal Lelisi takes us around Hamilton 7s to check out the crowds, costumes and chat to some of the players.

Its a bitter sweet goodbye as this tournament in Hamilton is the final World Series event held in Aotearoa. Fans show up not only for their teams but to say ka kite to the beloved event!


Keepin It Fresh brings you all the freshness happening in our Moana communities, from Cultural Festivals to Pacific Concerts.


Toa Samoa & Manu Samoa 7s Parade through Apia, Samoa

The Toa Samoa, Manu Samoa 7s boys & the Commonwealth Games medallist’s were officially welcomed home and celebrated in Apia, Samoa on the 29th December 22 with a parade down the main street of Apia ending at the government building. People of all ages from all corners of the island covered the front of the Government Building and roads in the town center to show their love. Chants starting in the largest crowds shouting “685 to the world”.