2021 Mega Vax Pacific Event Mobilising Pacific to be Safer Together

Cover image above photo credit - Counties Manukau Health

A COVID-19 survivor is urging Pasifika to come forward and get vaccinated at a Mega Vax Pacific event at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland November 12th to 14th.

Tuala Tagaloa Tusani was hospitalised in September with the virus, and wants to prevent others from experiencing the same pain. "It felt like I was burning from the inside. Getting the vaccine will help keep our community out of hospital and prevent us from dying. Please bring your family and friends to this event to help protect us all against this disease.”

The Mega Vax Pacific event is being organised by the Pacific Leadership Forum (PLF) to help protect the Pasifika community that was hit hard by the Delta community outbreak that began in Auckland in August. PLF Chairman Pakilau Manase Lua is calling for all in the Auckland Pacific community to unite with one heart and one purpose, to get Pasifika vaccinated.

"We are facing a challenging task to engage and mobilise this last group of vaccine hesitant and vaccine resistant.…more


Community Immunity Gig ft Chong Nee, Che Fu, King Kapisi, Charlie Pomee & more

This Labour Day, Aucklanders had the opportunity to enjoy music and entertainment from some of New Zealand's legendary musical talent at a FREE event in South Auckland.

Dr Rawiri Jansen from WERO Hauora Immunisation Alliance partnered with Samoan hip hop artist King Kapisi to bring summer festival vibes to one South Auckland Drive Thru vaccination station at Rongomai Park in Flat Bush.

The community could drive through, get vaccinated & listen to the music from their cars or take their picnic down to the park and watch the concert.  Featured artists and DJ's included Charlie Pomee, DJ Al Goodie, Che Fu, King Kapisi, DJ Styla, DJ Mateo, Chong Nee, TJ Taotua and more.

Shot by Penina Momoiseā

Edited by Adrian Mcbirney 


Q Legal & Rugby League Samoa Queensland (RLSQ) Carnival

Rugby League Samoa Queensland’s Inaugural ‘QLegal Carnival’ was the largest Samoan Rugby League Carnival in Australia.

Samoan u8’s to open grade players and their families converged on Brisbane last Saturday for the carnival.  Peep the highlights from the event in the video above.

Rugby League Samoa Queensland (RLSQ) was founded in 2011 with the purpose of giving young Samoan Queenslanders an opportunity to play Rugby League at their highest level.  

​They focus on providing quality systems to support players with the opportunity to engage in a culturally-driven sports environment with the fundamentals based on professional Rugby League.

Video Credit:  PARKER FILMS


New Zealand Government's formal Dawn Raids Apology

Today the New Zealand Government will make a formal apology for the wrongs committed during the Dawn Raids of the 1970’s.

You can watch the live stream of the apology in the video below - 

Between 1974 and 1976, a series of rigorous immigration enforcement policies were carried out that resulted in targeted raids on the homes of Pacific families.  The raids to find, convict and deport overstayers often took place very early in the morning or late at night and were routinely severe with demeaning, verbal and physical treatment.

Learn more about this period of time in New Zealand's history here:


Growing with Mother Nature | Samoan Women Reclaiming Ancestral Farming Practices

The women behind the "Growing with Mother Nature" calendar explain why they are so passionate about traditional farming and getting back to the roots of sustainable Earth nurturing. 

The Samoan women’s farming calendar is an opportunity to assist 12 farmers to improve the livelihoods of female farmers by raising the level of activity and creative entrepreneurship on their farms. This initiative has been co-funded by Ms Sunshine Farms, SPS Biosecurity, the NZ Aid Programme through the project; “improved livelihoods through improved protection of the premium cocoa value chain 2020-2023.” Samoa Stationery and Books are also a major sponsor and distributor for the Calendar in Samoa.

The calendar is titled: “Growing with Mother Nature 2022.” and aims to empower more women to find their way back to farming sustainably as their ancestors once did.


Video provided by: Denisa Manaskova & Floris Niu


Tokelauan Fishing Quest feeds the Village

By RNZ Pacific Correspondent in Tokelau, Elena Pasilio

In the remote Tokelau atolls, where the culture is family oriented, everyone plays a role in looking after the community through traditions like Faiva Fakamua.

Faiva Fakamua is a Tokelauan fishing quest. Village fishermen set out together in search of a catch for their whole community to share. Any fish caught are distributed, via the unique inati system, amongst all the villagers. The Faiva Fakamua tradition sees the men and boys of the island, the lima malohi o te fenua (strength of the land), combine their efforts to feed the village from their catch. This longstanding tradition has been preserved through generations by the elders, and is considered an important part of Tokelauan culture.

Lui Tumua, 31, who was raised in Nukunonu, will bring up his son with these traditions the same way he was. "Each family has their own fishing methods and traditional knowledge, passed down from their forefathers.…more


An evening of Pacific Islander Poetry in honour of Samoan poet Albert Wendt

The faculty and students from UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University, invites you and your family to an evening of Pacific Islander poetry, storytelling and song to honour the important work of the renowned Samoan poet, novelist, and playwright, Albert Wendt

The program, "Our Moana Nui; We are Pacific Islander Studies" is sponsored by the San Francisco Public Library and organized by Bay Area Pacific Islander leaders and activists who were supported by Kim Shuck, the San Francisco Poet laureate (the first Native American poet to receive this honour).

This program, Our Moana Nui: We are Pacific Islander Studies is part of a series of programs advocating for Pacific Islander communities through petitioning the California Department of Education to reinstate Pacific Islander Studies and Arab American Studies in the Ethnic Studies curriculum so that Pacific Islander histories and important contributions are represented in the curriculum that is taught in the US public schools.  These systemic changes can create hope and empower the minds and spirits of Pasifika youth.…more



Pasifika Film Festival is hosting a FREE pop up short film screening at Event Cinemas Queen Street this Sunday 6th of December

7 short films have been selected for your viewing!  So get down to see and hear some great Pasifika storytelling.

Films that are screening in the pop up screening include:
• Meet Munch Jnr
• Chicken
• The Messiah
• Liliu
• Misadventures of a Pacific Professional
• Tep Tok
• Felehuhuni

Join the movement and be inspired by our talented artists, creatives, story tellers & filmmakers who are taking on the world through a Pasifika lens!

in Sydney there are also a number of screen projects coming out of Western Sydney - two of which are premiering online in 2 weeks.  There will be a launch of these happening on December 12th and the online drop will be happening on December 14th
These projects are called: Breaking Bread by Gabriel Satiu, and Deity and Parramatta by Taofia Pelesasa.…more



While most countries around the world have had to cancel major sporting events, concerts and gatherings due to the spread of Coronavirus, the Cook Islands have pulled off an event that no other country in the world has been able to do, at this scale and at this time.

Earlier today the tiny nation kicked off the first events of the 2020 Cook Islands Games - handball, tennis and lawnbowls with the official opening scheduled for tomorrow night, 6pm local time at the national stadium in Nikao.

The Games have been three months in the making and organised by the Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee (CISNOC).

"The idea (for the games) was a collective idea through the CISNOC Executive which came by default from the Manea Games which are held every 4 years amongst the Southern Group Islands of Mangaia, Mitiaro, Mauke, Atiu and Aitutaki" said CISNOC Senior Vice President Romani Katoa.…more


Keepin It Fresh at the Poly X Night Markets

We keeping it Fresh at the Poly X Night Markets in Mangere!!

Meet the store holders, performers & Fresh faces out at one of the best night markets around!




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