Tyson & Tai chop it up with the boys in their Thailand camp leading up to their UFC Adelaide fights.

In between a lot of roasting and jokes they talk to the fighters Junior Tafa, Caleb Hunt & Salani Mila as well as Tyson & Tai themselves.

They introduce their trainers and team, discuss who would win in a Robert Whittaker & Israel Adesanya fight + Selby Devereux drops some history on why the CKB NZ team are so strong.

* PG Recommended - Coarse Language 



Polynesians are making their mark on Hollywood this year with at least 2 major blockbusters starring Polynesians in main roles.  
'Aquaman' which is still out in theatres, stars Jason Momoa - the 1st Polynesian to play a Superhero character ever and Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson - credited for bringing the 'Fast & Furious' franchise back to life now stars in his own spinoff 'Hobbs & Shaw' which is set for release later this year.
We take a look at other projects you can catch them in this year AND other Polynesians you can look out for in Hollywood movies or TV series that are either out now or being released this year.
Have we missed anyone?  Let us know! 



Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

The Rock reprises his role of Luke Hobbs in this 'Fast & Furious' spin off.  "Hobbs & Shaw" blasts open a new door in the Fast universe as it hurtles action across the globe, from Los Angeles to London and from the toxic wasteland of Chernobyl to the lush beauty of Samoa.…more

Health & Well Being


Bongos, shasta, instant noodles and tinned food are fast becoming the staple diets of the Pacific.

On the small Island of Niue non communicable diseases like diabetes are the number one killer of this small population. But hope is at hand with some awesum locals who are pushing people to return to the delicious local diets and organic Island produce.




Directed & Edited by Shimpal Lelisi

Camera Operators - Jack Tarrant, Glen Jackson & Shimpal Lelisi 

Sound Operators - Glen Jackson & Shimpal Lelisi 



2019 is the year of the Brown Female Story in Aotearoa!  So many great stories from the sistas of the Moana Nui A Kiwa are exploding on the big screen this year with an unprecedented number of films made by and about Polynesian women. 

The critically acclaimed story of the legendary Merata Mita just got picked up by Ava DuVernay's "Array" distribution company.  The film made by Maori producer Chelsea Winstanley and Merata's son Heperi Mita opened to rave reviews in Aotearoa before its Sundance premiere in February. Celebrating the life of the first Polynesian woman to direct a film, 'Merata' is an ode to the singular vision of this filmaker, a solo mother of 6 who pursued her dream of filmmaking until the end. 

Also on NZ screens this year is the multi director feature film 'Vai' made by Papuan producer Kerry Warkia and featuring the stories of 9 different Pacific directors.…more

Health & Well Being


Singer Logovi'i Tupa'i aka Viiz from Adeaze shares his extraordinary story on his early musician tour life of fast food, partying and addiction at almost 160kg.

A life changing turnaround has seen him drop 60kgs and find happiness in himself. Find out about the new eating patterns and road to fitness that’s made him a new man, along with many other Pacific friends!

For more of our Weight loss Warrior stories click here:




Director & Editor - Sapati Apa 

Camera Operators - Fa'anati Mamea & Penina Momoisea

Sound Operator - David Green 

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Pacific filmmaker has two films at the Berlinale NATIVE film festival

Tongan female director Vea Mafile'o has the amazing feat of having two of her films premiere at the Berlinale Native festival this year.

Alongside a host of other largely female driven films like the multi Pacific director film 'Vai', Mafile'os documentary 'For My Fathers Kingdom' and her short film 'Toa'ipuapuagā Strength in Suffering' about Toa the young girl who hit headlines with her 'stigmata' bleeding, are both in the line up.

For Vea making the first fully funded Pacific documentary film in Aotearoa was an epic feat that is now beginning to pay off as this unique story is launched to the world:  

"It's been a long hard emotional journey, over the 3 years of making the film we have faced many challenges, its pushed us to our limits there has been no separation from work and life, literally babies on the edit room floor!  But our familys & our people have helped carry the load, this was a true collaboration of family, for trusting us with their truths and the willingness to share with others.…more


Unsung Heroes: Football and the Polynesian Athlete

“When you look at the special players who’ve come from Polynesia and Polynesian backgrounds, they’ve really impacted the game and made it a better game.”

Polynesian athletes are 28 times more likely to play in the NFL. Their culture has had a tremendous impact on the game of football.  This documentary looks at the unsung heroes of the game.



If you're not familiar with the name Konecs we're sure you'll be familiar with his music.  He's the voice behind Tongan jam 'Ofa Mai' & features on the pop/reggae hit  'Chill' by DJ Noiz (see vid below)

The 24 year old Tongan grew up in Mangere, South Auckland and started making music at the age of 16.  He was discovered by Biordi Group Music late last year in October, signed to their label and now resides in Sydney to focus on his music & future.

The mini doco above shows a bit of his journey with the move over to Sydney & how he overcame addiction & dealt with cyber bullying after a negative Facebook post went viral.
Since moving he's been focused on not only his music but his mental & physical health.

His new single STRONGER talks about what he went through and how he came out of his dark place & drops this Friday the 18th. 

Follow Konecs on -
Instagram: @konecsmusic
Facebook: @konecs
Soundcloud: @konecs

Humans of the Islands



Miss Nevada USA 2019 

Samoan / Tongan / African-American / Japanese / Irish


I grew up a Military brat where both of my parents were in the United States Army. I was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, moved around to about 4 states from the South to the West Coast and finally my parents retired to Las Vegas, Nevada where we have lived for the last 14 years. Though my 3 brothers and I grew up in the mainland, we were always reminded of where we truly come from. My parents Simi, Jr and Salamasina Nomura McMoore Timu Tuamoheloa hail from Illilli, Utulei and Lealoaloa, American Samoa. My father is Samoan/Tongan/African-American and my mother is Samoan/Japanese/Irish. 

How has your upbringing & culture shaped you into the woman you are today?
Being Samoan has taught me the most important value, and that’s respect.…more

Guest Writer


Guest writer:  TVNZ's Te Karere Reporter, Te Rina Kowhai 

DC's latest superhero movie 'Aquaman' has smashed NZ's box office record with the highest Boxing Day opening movie of all time. And it’s with no surprise here, with Aotearoa being the Polynesian hub in the world. However the film is not only making waves in Aotearoa but the world is also embracing the first-ever Polynesian superhero.

Forbes listing that the movie has topped US $1 billion worldwide, becoming Warner Bros. biggest global grosser to date.

And we can thank leading man, Hawai’i born actor Jason Momoa, for taking up the role and embodying the DC character, Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman whose original adaptation is a blonde haired, fair, white-skinned Caucasian man. Now portrayed as a brown skinned 6 ft 4, the half breed, part Atlantean and part human is now also of Polynesian descent.…more