Meet Visesia Fakatoufifita who plays 'ANNIE'

Meet 11 year old Tongan actress/singer Visesia Fakatoufifita who plays the lead role of Annie in the 5th Avenue Theatre production (Seattle, USA) of "ANNIE" 

Her parents let her try out for Annie because they thought it would be good for her to be told "No" early in her acting career. Boy, did that plan backfire!



Jason goes home to Hawai'i and he takes us behind the scenes with him on the last stop of his Aquaman World Tour where he gives back to the Boys & Girls club in Nanakuli and has a special screening for his friends & family.

Health & Well Being

Safe travel tips - Pacific Islands edition

Visiting friends or family in the Pacific Islands this holidays?  Don't ruin the reunion by getting sick! 

Your body's resistance changes when you move or leave your country of origin.

This means travellers visiting friends and relatives in the Pacific Islands should be extra careful when heading back.  When you return home to the islands for a holiday, you may be more at risk of certain illnesses than you were in the past. 

Prevention is best when it comes to infectious diseases.


Here are some safe travel tips:

Mosquitos that commonly spread dengue fever bite in the day.  Make sure you use insect repellant containing DEET* 

Water should be bottled or boiled even for brushing teeth.

Wash fruit in safe water and remember peeled fruit is best.

Freshly cooked hot food is best.  Be aware of raw seafood as this can be unsafe to eat.

Get vaccinated.  Find out from your doctor what you might need before your trip.


Information above from the Auckland Public Health Service 

For more information search www.safetravel.govt.nz/health-and-travel



It's been another huge year for Samoan NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster.  At the end of last month, he was voted by his Pittsburgh Steelers team-mates as their 2018 MVP and today he was announced as the Polynesian Pro Football Player of the Year by the Polynesian Pro Football Hall of Fame for the 2nd consecutive year.

Check out his year in review in the video above.

The Polynesian Pro Football Player of the Year Award recognizes the most outstanding professional football player of Polynesian Ancestry.  Arizona Cardinals Offensive Guard Mike Iupati was selected as the inaugural recipient in 2015, Tennessee Titans Quarterback Marcus Mariota was selected as the recipient in 2016 and Smith-Schuster also received the award in 2017.…more



Our very own Tofiga Fepulea'i meets Jason Momoa in Sydney for the premiere of Jason's latest movie AQUAMAN.
Check out how Jason feels being the very first Polynesian Super Hero in this exclusive interview & Tofiga also gives us his Aquaman review.

Follow Jason BTS on his Aquaman world tour here. 

Full interview coming up on FreshTVs new season!


Thank you Warner Bros for Aquaman interview & movie footage 

Thank you Undertow Media 


Tofigas review Camera Operators - Danny Aumua & Junior Meredith 

Edited by Danny Aumua 



Jason Momoa is back in Hawai'i this weekend & hosted a private screening of 'Aquaman' for his family and friends & as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Hawai'i (Check out his visit with them in his instagram post below - those Ula Loles tho!).

Hundreds of fans gathered outside the theatre to catch a glimpse of him.

He addressed the crowd saying "I'm so honoured to play this role because it represents all of us, all of Polynesia.  A wise man once told me, we as Polynesians - we're not separated by land but we're connected by water - Fijians, NZ the maoris, Tahitian, Kanaka Maoli, it's all one tribe, all one nation ...." 

Watch the rest of his speech in the vid above.



Keys Down, Real Talk – True Story #3

“You know your parents shouldn’t be drinking and driving but you don’t say anything because you think it’s going to be alright…they’ve been doing it for years”

Here is the 2nd #KeysDownRealTalk story featuring Swiss.  The campaign message is simple: there’s no safe level of alcohol when you’re driving.

#KeysDownRealTalk is a new campaign aimed at reducing drink driving. The community-led initiative features three video stories created in collaboration between, South Auckland award winning sound/music & video producer Anonymouz, and three popular South Auckland urban music artists - Tha Movement, Mareko, Swiss and Ōtāhuhu-based DB Breweries.




Go behind the scenes with Jason Momoa in the lead up to performing the haka at the Los Angeles premiere of Aquaman.

Maori Television spoke to Tuhoe kaihaka Shannon Borell who was instrumental in helping put together the haka "Tangaroa Ararau" for Jason Momoa Aquaman's premiere in L.A.   He also collaborated with Momoa and other Māori martial art fighters during the filming of Aquaman in Australia over a six month period to integrate mau rākau into the fight scenes. 

The former Te Matatini leader said the Hollywood actor only had 30 minutes to learn the haka with members of the Manawa Ora group, who train in Māori weaponry on the Gold Coast including TV star, Cole Smith. 

"We wanted Jason Momoa to be likened to Tangaroa, god of the sea.…more


Rugby: Our Samoan International Women Captains around the world

Manu Sina shared this tweet last night and we had to take a closer look at these amazing women representing around the globe "An outstanding statistic in @WorldRugby where 5 captains in recent times are Samoans. Tama'ita'i leading from the front. #uso

Amazing because Samoa is a small island nation in the middle of the Pacific with a total population of just over 197,000 and to have FIVE Samoan women captaining international teams is an exceptional achievement!  

and amazing because 4 of these women captain Tier 1 nations teams.

We take a closer look at these captains and their achievements starting with the Manu Sina (Samoa's Womens Rugby) captain.


Captain:  Manu Sina (Samoa)

Sui has been described by the Star Kiwi in Canterbury as the definition of a real-life Wonder Woman.…more



'AQUAMAN' has finally hit NZ theatres and gone straight to #1 at the New Zealand box office with the highest Boxing Day opening of all time AND the biggest opening for a Warner Bros film this year.

There's loads of action, the visuals & under water scenes are amazing, the cast is very cool - shouts to New Zealands own Temuera Morrison & did we mention more Jason Momoa?  Here's our Coco crew review ...

"Great story of the families. Good mix of land and sea. Awesome to watch the underworld in this way. Heaps of action scenes, family story and deep meanings. Good references of our poly/maori heritage.  Colourful and fast paced in some places and then slows down to five the audience time to breathe and digest what just happened"  - Elizabeth Koroivulaono 

"Heaps of fun! Full of action, amazing visuals and colour - the underwater world is awesome. Lots of Polynesian and Māori easter eggs in there for the peoples! Jason Momoa is a likeable renegade antihero.…more