PEYTON SIVA - Samoan former NBA player has reportedly signed with the New Zealand Breakers

Samoan former NBA player Peyton Siva has reportedly signed with the New Zealand Breakers for the 2021/2022 season.

He played in the NBA for the Detroit Pistons in the 2013/2014 season and then moved to the Euroleague where he played for Alba Berlin the last 5 seasons.  He was the starting Point Guard and has guided the team to two BBL championships.

In college he opened up about the time he saved his fathers life when he was only 13 years old.

Watch the video below - 



By Va'ai Nah Folasa 


I must state at the outset that I wear two hats when discussing this issue.

Firstly and above all I am an advocate for womens rights. I support and promote gender equality. As founder and President of the Logo Puialii Samoa Youth Group (LYG) I am mandated to press for women's freedoms and rights and to prevent harassment, abuse and violence in all its forms at all times.

Secondly I am a reporter/ journalist and am bound to report the facts truthfully, ethically and in a timely manner. I see no conflict with my dual role.

Having recently witnessed my female cousin be a victim of harrassment to the point where she resorted to suicide you will forgive me for being both passionate about this issue and sceptical about funded support.


A march was called for this afternoon to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment and freedom from abuse.  

A truly noble cause for which I personally support 100%.…more


Record number of finalists announced for the 2021 Pacific Music Awards

Last night, the finalists for the 2021 Pacific Music Awards were announced at an event in Otara, with a record number of finalists this year - 27 artists nominated across 13 categories!

Leading the charge is soul sensation Tree who is up for four awards at the Pacific Music Awards this September – including Best Pacific Female Artist, Best Pacific Language, Best Pacific Music Video and Best Pacific Album for her debut EP Mrs Tree.…more


The inspirational story of Mose Masoe and Try July

31-year-old Samoa international Mose Masoe suffered a career-ending and life-changing spinal injury at the beginning of 2020 while playing for Rovers in a preseason friendly.

A former Hull KR, Sydney Roosters and Penrith prop, Masoe damaged two vertebrae in an innocuous tackle but within months took a few unaided steps, astounding doctors who had warned he may never walk again.  Mose Masoe's incredible recovery story (above) will leave you in tears.

The Mose Masoe Foundation is being launched to raise funds to help relieve the financial and mental hardship of players who suffer spinal injuries, and Masoe will be the first beneficiary.

Hull KR coach Tony Smith, who is a trustee of the foundation, says it is hoped the initial campaign will raise enough money to help the player and his family while they are living in the UK and when they return home to Australia at the end of the year, when his contract with Rovers runs out.…more


ORDINARY TONGAN LIVES - Fungamisi, Vava'u, Tonga

Story collated and written by Haitelenisia Afemui ‘Uhila Angilau for her 'Ordinary Tongan Lives' facebook page

“I’m number 6 of 9 children; 5 girls and 4 boys. All the girls are older so when we came along, we all became girls.

I love working at home. Once I’m up in the morning, I make homemade ice-blocks to sell. That gets me about $30 daily. After that, I clean our house, then I’ll cook for the family. In the evening, I feed the pigs then I weave at night.

On Fridays, I make curry and canteen food to sell at Vava’u High. That’s about $400 weekly. I can also choose to go to the bush, fāngota at sea, or fulfill my duties to our Catholic youth as a spiritual leader. Not that I look spiritual or anything but I have that responsibility. I’m also like a town officer because I know everything in the community and I’m involved in all of them.

Working is something I’m used to in the family. I grew up working alongside my grandfather Pafilio.…more


‘Window’ on Pacific peoples’ health calls for urgent system change

Source: Health Quality and Safety Commission

A new report paints a stark picture of the health care challenges faced by Pasifika in New Zealand and calls for ambitious changes to the system to be made urgently.

Bula Sautu: A window on quality 2021: Pacific health in the year of COVID-19 was launched in Parliament by Minister for Pacific Peoples Hon Aupito William Sio and is the latest in a series of ‘window’ publications from the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission). It considers the health of Pacific peoples and provides a snapshot view of how the health system is working (or not working) for them.

Associate Professor of Public Health Collin Tukuitonga, Associate Dean Pacific at the University of Auckland and a Commission board member, says Pacific peoples who call Aotearoa New Zealand home have been denied their right to health and wellbeing for decades despite clear evidence that inequities exist in almost all health conditions reported.

‘Pacific peoples are expected to navigate through a health system that has not been designed with or for them.…more


Mexico’s Ocean Fire, Climate Change and Disney’s Moana – What connects the three?

By Brianna Fruean

A fire on the ocean surface west of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula was captured on video and went viral on social media. The roaring ocean blaze dubbed as “the eye of fire” was said to be started by a gas leak from an underwater pipeline.


As I watched the videos of the ocean fire in Mexico I couldnt help but draw the resemblance to Te Kā from Moana. The imagery and the story of mistreating Te Fiti (nature) to a state of roaring fire are eerily similar. We’re once again reminded of how destructive it is to touch things from the ocean that shouldn’t be touched.

In Moana, Maui took the heart of Te Fiti which led her to turn in Te Ka. Now humans are taking resources from nature that is causing destructive events like Friday’s ocean fire. The parallels between climate change and Disney’s Moana get visibly more clear each year, with the most recent event looking like a character straight from the movie.…more



"I was coming with jokes about doing onions for rent when white people in Ponsonby have never done onions ... then I started trying to figure out why the audience wasn't coming, and I realised it was money, and also not being welcome, and not being invited."

Sieni Leo'o Olo, AKA Bubbah, is a 24-year-old Samoan comedian and actress from Māngere. In this episode of Generation Next, she talks about falling in love with theatre, making comedy accessible to her community, and tackling life with humour.


Radio New Zealand's Generation Next S2 | Southside is a series of videos profiling four talented young people who call South Auckland home. This episode is a special collaboration between Radio New Zealand and Niu FM.


Samoan Cultural Guide Kap takes Bretman Rock through the Jungle

PCC's Samoan cultural guide Kap helps Filipino beauty influencer and social media personality, Bretman Rock survive out in the wilderness in a new Youtube series [Kap enters at 9:15]. 

If youve ever been to the Samoan village at the Polynesian Cultural Center(PCC) in Laie, Hawaii you'll probably recognize Kaps face. He is no stranger to the public eye, appearing in multiple movies/tv shows and being in various Magazines for his cultural awareness work. "30 Days with Bretman Rock" is just another addition to Kaps repertoire of work.

Kap, born and raised in Samoa holds B.A. in Art 3D from BYU-Hawaii and is the Senior Ambassador for the Polynesian Cultural Center. He is a world class edutainer, who has educated, and entertained, Church and Government Leaders, Celebrities, and millions of people annually, in the last 20 years.

Now Kap moves on to guiding Beauty Guru and Social Media Influencer Bretman Rock in his new Youtube show about surviving in the wilderness.…more


The Strongest weightlifters in Samoa Take On Terron Beckham | Olympic Outposts

See what it takes for Samoans to chase their weightlifting dreams and lift the small Pacific island to be among the best in the world, with Terron Beckham.

We share this video after news that Samoa has withdrawn their three weightlifters from the Tokyo Olympics because of concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (SASNOC) has confirmed the Government order has led to their withdrawal.

Vaipava Nevo Ioane and Don Opeloge were due to compete in the men’s 67 kilogram and 96kg events at the Games, while Iuniarra Sipaia was Samoa’s representative in the over 87kg women’s event.

All three weightlifters are based in Samoa.  Ioane had been due to compete at a second Olympic Games after representing the nation at Rio 2016.

Check out Terron's personal video of his trip to samoa below -