Karaoke, Tequila & Hanging w/ Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson joins James Corden on the 'Late, Late show' for a bit of Golf Cart Karaoke around Television City, with a little bit of conversation and a round of cocktails to cap it off.   


Amitai & Moses from Sol3 Mio with Mariner Fagaiava-Muller | Coco Talanoa

With the release of Sole3 Mio's 3rd studio album "Coming Home", journalist Mariner Fagaiava-Muller catches up with Moses and Amitai. (Pene is currently in Amsterdam)

The beloved trio's new album features a mix of contemporary hits and well-known classics and was recorded here in Auckland at Auckland's legendary Roundhead Studios.  

With the pandemic shutting down theatres and opera houses around the world - there was only one place for them to retreat to and that was home.  The album marks the first lot of new music since their multi-platinum certified 'A Very Merry Christmas' album.

The award winning Samoan opera group are known for their aiga oriented Pacific feel good vibes and the 12 track album features beautiful renditions of fan favourite tracks such as "Hallelujah", "Hold me while you wait" and more.

Enjoy the chat with the guys above and listen to/purchase the album here 

Pacific Blog

Lips syncs and facts: Pacific doctors fight misinformation on TikTok

via Radio New Zealand 

By Justin Latif, Local Democracy Reporter, 

Cover image by Tina Tiller - A group of young Pacific doctors have been utilising their social media savvy to promote the vaccine and debunk myths. 


In an effort to get more Pacific people vaccinated, a group of doctors have taken to TikTok and Instagram to get the message out there.

Singing "vax-a-nation time come on" to the tune of 'Celebration' with a broom handle mic and her kitchen as a backdrop might not make Dr Vanisi Prescott TikTok-famous. But the way the Tongan doctor from Mt Roskill sees it, rejigging Kool and the Gang's classic 80s hit could just be what a vaccine hesitant person needs to see. And Prescott is not the only Auckland medical professional employing these tactics. Prescott is part of a small group of young Pacific doctors utilising their social media savvy and meagre spare time to promote the Covid vaccine and debunk myths.…more

Humans of the Islands





On Monday the 8th of November, the New Zealand Public Service Medals were awarded to ten people in a special presentation at the Governor General of New Zealands house.  The New Zealand Public Service Medal is awarded to public servants who have given meritorious service.  The medal recipients are people who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to New Zealand and New Zealanders, are exemplary, or a model for other public service employees, bring significant benefit to New Zealand or the public service and are exceptional and otherwise worthy of recognition.more


2021 Mega Vax Pacific Event Mobilising Pacific to be Safer Together

Cover image above photo credit - Counties Manukau Health

A COVID-19 survivor is urging Pasifika to come forward and get vaccinated at a Mega Vax Pacific event at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland November 12th to 14th.

Tuala Tagaloa Tusani was hospitalised in September with the virus, and wants to prevent others from experiencing the same pain. "It felt like I was burning from the inside. Getting the vaccine will help keep our community out of hospital and prevent us from dying. Please bring your family and friends to this event to help protect us all against this disease.”

The Mega Vax Pacific event is being organised by the Pacific Leadership Forum (PLF) to help protect the Pasifika community that was hit hard by the Delta community outbreak that began in Auckland in August. PLF Chairman Pakilau Manase Lua is calling for all in the Auckland Pacific community to unite with one heart and one purpose, to get Pasifika vaccinated.

"We are facing a challenging task to engage and mobilise this last group of vaccine hesitant and vaccine resistant.…more


Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower | Joe Daymond Full interview

“I remember I would sign surveys and when it would ask what nationality I was, I would put NZ/European. Because I didn’t have any association with my Māori or Fijian side.” - Comedian and social media star Joe Daymond on the identity struggles he faced moving back to New Zealand after living in Malaysia and India as a boy.

In this episode of Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower, Joe joins comedian James Nokise, to talk about never fitting in anywhere, his career in comedy and being true to himself.

Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower is a podcast series where depressed alcoholic comedian James Nokise invites famous people into his mental health safe space, for a finger-licking chat about headspace and happiness.

Whats New?

Cook Islands open to New Zealand in January!

The Cook Islands government officially announced it will open its borders to New Zealand from 14 January 2022 with no quarantine in either country!  

We know there are many that missed out on a Pacific Islands holiday the first time the Cooks opened their borders briefly earlier in the year.  The announcement means that the Cook Islands will be the only country people in New Zealand can travel to and from for a holiday in January.


Here's what you need to know:


You will not be required to quarantine or self-isolate in the Cook Islands OR on your return to New Zealand.


All visitors must be aged 12 years and over and must be fully vaccinated or provide a certified medical exemption. Children under 12 years of age will be permitted to enter the Cook Islands once children between 5-11 years of age in New Zealand have begun being vaccinated.…more


Andrew Fifita X The Ice Project - NRL Near Death Experience

* PG recommended - coarse language 

On this Ice Project with (Isaac Johns) episode with Andrew Fifita, he opens up about his near death experience, continued struggles with mental health, Mate Ma’a Tonga and how he was robbed of a Clive Churchill 👀😂

Whats New?

Pasifika Vaccination Drive Thru Events this weekend

Cover image photo credit:  Dean Purcell via NZ Herald 

This weekend marks three weeks since the national Super Saturday Vaxathon on the 16th of October, which means everybody who received their first jab then, will now be eligible to receive their 2nd jab now.

As the government look to allow Auckland to move to Level 3, Step 2 from this Tuesday Pasifika Health care providers and Community organisations have rallied once again to encourage those who have not yet been vaccinated or those who are due for their 2nd shot to come through.…more

Pacific Blog

Samoa Observer - Dealing with the issues raised

On Sunday 19th June the Samoa Observer published an explicit photo of the deceased body of Jeanine Tuivaiki hanging by a rope from the church rafter, moments after her death by suicide. 

The photo was accompanied by an article referring to her as a man, in a final gesture of derision and disrespect to her identity as a fa'afafine.  

The paper published an apology after widespread outrage and criticism on Monday morning but was deemed unacceptable by most of the community in its lack of sincerity and absurd lack of justification for publishing the photo and article.

Another apology had since been published by the paper after pressure from both the government and local and international community & media, but we ask if this simple printed of words is enough.…more