“Honestly I thought I was going to die ... people absolutely need to take this seriously - it’s the worst thing I've ever had” 

56 year old Samoan man Tupa’i Keneti Apa is in his 17th day of fighting the Corona virus which he and his wife picked up while traveling back from Los Angeles. One of the first Pacific Islanders to be confirmed with the virus in New Zealand, he details his daily journey and what can actually happen to you if you catch the highly contagious sickness.  His wife Tessa also contracted the virus but it was a milder case than his, showing how the virus can impact people differently.


13/3 in Los Angeles I lost my sense of smell and taste

14/3 in Los Angeles I got body aches and high temperature ...and we left for New Zealand. I just thought I had the normal flu or bad cold. We self isolate when we got home.

15/3 to 20/3 everything got worse, but still could have been the flu.…more

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World Bank provides US$5.1m for Samoa COVID-19 response

Press release - World Bank Group 

The World Bank has delivered US$5.1 million in immediate funding to support Samoa’s response to the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The funds will support Samoa’s efforts to prepare and manage its response to COVID-19.

Samoa currently has no confirmed COVID-19 cases, however a State of Emergency is now in place across the country.

“Protecting Samoan people from COVID-19 is our absolute priority,” said the Hon. Sili Epa Tuioti, Samoan Minister of Finance. “While we remain fortunate that we currently have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Samoa, it is critical that we are as prepared as possible.…more


Keepin it Fresh at Tatau Fest Samoa

We're bringing the good vibes with the highlights from Tatau Fest in Beautiful Samoa!

We're coming at you from Taumeasina Island Resort featuring the tatau artists, musicians and beautiful people of the festival and it's hosted by Iosefa Domingo Enari a.k.a. Young Sef Keepin it Fresh!




Director - Jessica Sanderson 

Camera Operators - Twayne Laumua & Patrick Va'auli 

Sound Operator - Marcus Lawson 

Thank you - Niu Media & Doris Tulifau 


Staying safe in a COVID19 climate for Pacific families

For many of our Pasifika community, our 'family bubble' contains multiple generations - in some cases up to 4 generations living under the same roof.  Dr Siautu Alefaio, Associate Dean Pacific | College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Massey University gives us a few suggestions on staying safe AND sane during the Covid19 lock down.  

Dr Siautu Alefaio

As one who lives in a multi-generational family care household (myself, hubby, my 79 yr old father, my younger brother, his wife and four children 9, 8, 6 and 1 yrs), the bubble visual explanation caused a bit of a stir in our larger than the average kiwi-family bubble. A lot of Pacific families have multiple-bubbles under one roof, so just like our family we need to take a bit of time to think, talanoa (talk-story) and adjust some of the ways we will be living. For some families this will be even more difficult if one or more members of the family are still working as part of ‘essential services’.…more



Daniel broke down on his last breakfast show to the nation when he talked about being away as a journalist while his brother was critically ill but he is now devastated that his brother has passed and he cant travel because of Covid 19

"We are so blessed to have family, because its everything" in this interview with fellow Samoan tv presenter Pippa wetzell Daniel talks about his growing up with his grandma and his family background in NZ after coming from Samoa.


How To: Self-Isolate living at home with your big island family

How do you live in self isolation with a big Island family?

Young Samoan, Sapati Apa shoes us how she is quarantined in a multi generational family at home.



We're now into the 2nd week since the World Health Organisation upgraded the Coronavirus to a Pandemic.  We will be updating this page with Pacific Islands updates for our community here in New Zealand and around the Pacific.  To catch up on updates from Week 1 click here 



NEW ZEALAND - #BREAKING 85 new cases of Covid-19. 76 new confirmed, 9 probable cases. 8 are in hospital. Six stable, two less stable, one of whom is in intensive care. 37 people have recovered from Covid-19.  Dr Ashley Bloomfield says it will take at least 10 days before we will see the number of cases drop.  Those who have recovered from Covid-19 are signed off by a health official after being symptom free for a 14-day period. The increase in cases has put pressure on contact tracing.

- The ICU patient is in Nelson Hospital and has been in there for some days, but their health has deteriorated over the past 24 hours.…more


Keepin' it Fresh with the Pacific Rugby League Teams at the Oceania Cup

We're keepin it Fresh with the Pacific Rugby League Teams - Fiji Bati, Toa Samoa & the Tonga Invitational XIII as they prepare to go up against each other + Australia in the Oceania Cup tests.

Go behind the scenes with them at training, the fan day at Mangere East Rugby League club and game day where Tonga made history beating Australia for the first time ever - catch the action here!




Directors - Olly Coddington & Elizabeth Koroivulaono 

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How do I get Financial Assistance? #Covid19 Struggle

This week the New Zealand government announced a $12.1 Billion package to combat the effect of COVID-19 on our economy. This package includes financial support for both families and businesses affected. 

If you find yourself in need of some assistance because of the coronavirus, there may be some help available to you whether its a Wage Subsidy or Leave Payment for Self Isolation.  We've broken it down for you so you can see how the governments financial support can assist in the following ways -


For affected businesses in all sectors and regions and is available now.  

Who can get it? 

If you're an employer, contractor, sole trader or self-employed, you may qualify to get the COVID-19 wage subsidy.…more

Guest Writer

Former Silver Fern Catherine Tuivaiti and family living through lock down in Italy

By Catherine Tuivaiti 

Former Silver Fern Cat (Latu) Tuivaiti is living in lockdown in Italy and writes about what is happening from this country in the eye of the Covid19 storm: 

I came to Italy after the birth of my first son, to join my husband Jimmy.  Sebastian (or Bash as we call him) was 7 weeks old when we left NZ and we were excited to start a pretty new journey. Me as a first time mum and my husband and I living together after 5 years pursuing our sporting journeys in different countries. Learning to live together was what I thought would be the hardest part.

The coronavirus landed in Italy shortly after we did. The first positive case was January 31st and it has progressed ridiculously fast since then.  We were quarantined/shutdown in Feb because we’re so close to Milan (where the breakout happened) they closed most businesses and schools etc. and then when the lockdown was implemented, they closed everything.  So before the nationwide lockdown we were already in quarantine for a week or so.…more