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Samoa getting ready for an epic week of Independence Day Celebrations

Samoa is due to close out its 60th Independence celebrations and bring in their 61st year of Independence with an epic program which starts on Friday 26th of May. 

So if you're heading back to the Motherland we've outlined some of the events during the week, wrapping up with the 'Motherland Samoa' festival on Saturday the 3rd of June below ...


The legendary fautasi races are back this year with five long boats confirmed to compete including a crew from the island of Manono Tai.  

The five long boats are Tolotolo o Tamauli from Salelologa, Don Bosco, Segavao, Toamua & Telefoni o le Vainu'u (Manono Tai's entry) and the regatta is scheduled for the morning of the 26th of May.

Watch this piece below on the first woman to ever skipper a Samoan fautasi - Zita Martel - breaking with years of tradition for this ancient Samoan sport, and facing insurmountable odds in doing so.more


'Talk to Me' horror trailer starring Samoan actor Chris Alosio

Brace yourself, the trailer for horror film TALK TO ME has launched ahead of its nationwide cinema release on July 27.

The film follows a group of friends who discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and opens the door to the spirit world, forcing them to choose who to trust: the dead or the living. 

After an international premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2023, the cinematic and authentic horror that fully delivers on genre and scares, sparked a bidding war and was picked up by 2023 Oscar winning studio A24.

Samoan actor Chris Alosio stars in it alongside the likes of Miranda Otto (Lord of the RIngs) and Otis Dhanji (Aquaman) 

The soundtrack also featurs Onehunga hip hop collective SWIDT alongside tracks from ONEFOUR, Sia, The Kid Laroi and more.

Peep the trailer for the movie above ...


Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a Season 2 Trailer

After breaking the curse of his ancestors, and saving his daughter Lupe from the clutches of an ancient spirit, Soane now faces another battle.  The spirit world has come calling again for revenge on the Valu family for what happened 500 years ago.  

When an earthquake hits, Soane mysteriously disappears from his home and ends up in the underworld, Pulotu’aka’aka; where restless spirits go. This is the Tokotaha Tala Fekau’s world. But Soane is not alone, his youngest son, Tomasi is also pulled into the dark abyss with him. They become separated and are left helpless and alone.

Ben and Lupe have no idea what has taken place and are left to pick up the pieces and support their Aunty ‘Ofa. When they realise Soane and Tomasi are not at home, they are desperate to find them. A surprise visitor distracts their efforts but it’s when the Tokotaha Faito’o (Healer) turns up at their house asking what they have done that they realise something sinister has happened.…more


NFL Draft Day with Tuli Tuipulotu behind the scenes

Life changing Moments ...

“With the 54th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Chargers select Tuli Tuipulotu”

He was the first of our Pasifika players to be drafted this year and his cousin Anna Vea has shared a glimpse behind the scenes as Tuli and his family gather to hear his name called.

He was joined by 49ers Safety Talanoa Hufanga, his older brother Marlon (who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles), parents, grandma and other famili.

After his name was called the family gathered for a himi and lotu to give thanks. We love to see it.


Photos & Video from Anna Vea 


Sports Talk: 2023 NFL Draft Pasifika Edition

The 2023 NFL draft went down this weekend from the 28th - 30th April NZT and it was a historic weekend for Pasifika players with ten players of Pasifika heritage drafted into the National Football League.  Check out all of their profiles below - 

Keilani Mayo and Queenie Taua'a are Digital Content creators for Island City Media Group in the USA and joined Penina at the beginning of the weekend to help break down the 2023 NFL draft.

This year looked to have had the largest group of Pasifika athletes who declared for the draft (peep the list in Polynesian Music X Island City's post below) so the ladies gave us their mock drafts on who they think may get picked up in the first 3 rounds, their tips for watching & what happens to players who don't get picked up in the draft ...…more


NFL Draft Day throwback - Marcus Mariota

Samoan NFL player Marcus Mariota was drafted in the 2015 NFL draft - the second overall pick in the first round by the Tennessee Titans. 

He made history becoming the highest drafted NFL player of Pasifika heritage ever.

The second highest drafted Polynesian was Jack "The Throwin' Samoan" Thompson who was the first quarterback selected in the 1979 NFL Draft, taken third overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, and played there for four years, which included the Super Bowl season in 1981.

Fellow Quaterback Tua Tagovailoa and Hall of Fame Linebacker Junior Seau are the third highest drafted NFL players both beeing drafted with the fifth overall pick in the first round.

Here we take a look back at his draft day with the family ...

Beats by Dre worked with Marcus who was predicted to be selected early in the draft and in the days leading up to the draft they showed a side of Mariota's personal life in his hometown that most people don't get to see.…more

Humans of the Islands





In April 2023, ABC launched its ground-breaking new show 'The Pacific' - a 30 minute pan-Pacific news program broadcast to Pacific audiences every Thursday on ABC Australia, followed by ABC iview and ABC News Channel. 

The show will be hosted by ABC presenter Tahlea Aualiitia.  She shares a bit of her journey with us here ... 

My name is Tahlea Aualiitia - my dad Tui is Samoan and my mum Marina is Italian. I come from the Samoan villages of Leauva’a, Pu’apu’a, Satupaitea and Satalo i Falealili.…more



Teon Lolesio aka Turquoise Prince grew up in a humble home in Canberra, Australia.

During high school, Teon experienced bullying for being poor. He engaged in music early through rap battles which went viral across Canberra. His rival rap beef opponent from another school even came to Teon's school with a car full of people to bash him, after he wasn't happy with the diss being recorded.

After nearly burning his own school down, Teon was sent to Tonga by his Dad to learn life the hard way.  It was only after he had returned back to Sydney years later, that he realised the hardest part was only just beginning.


Next Goal Wins - Official Trailer

Check out the trailer for Taika Waititi's 'Next Goal Wins' in theatres on November 17th.

Directed by Academy Award Winner Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit, Thor: Ragnarok), NEXT GOAL WINS follows the American Samoa soccer team, infamous for their brutal 31-0 FIFA loss in 2001.

With the World Cup Qualifiers approaching, the team hires down-on-his-luck, maverick coach Thomas Rongen (Michael Fassbender) hoping he will turn the world’s worst soccer team around in this heartfelt underdog comedy.

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Elisabeth Moss, Oscar Kightley, Uli Latukefu, Rachel House, Kaimana, David Fane, Beulah Koale, Chris Alosio, Taika Waititi, Will Arnett, Rhys Darby


Red, White & Brass Premiere | Keepin It Fresh

We keep it Mafana with the minds and faces that brought you "Red, White & Brass".

The movie is about when Wellington Tongan superfan Maka (John Paul Foliaki) fails to secure tickets to a hometown Rugby World Cup match between France and Tonga, he reaches for...the nearest trumpet. Maka rallies his mates into a last minute marching brass band to represent Tonga at the big game. All inspired by a real-life story!

On this red carpet we speak to the actors, creators and audience on just how special this movie is!



Director: Shimpal Lelisi 

Camera: Mary Raela

Sound: Sefa Taouma 

Editor: Laura McBeath
Special Thank You to the cast and crew of Red, White & Brass