• OFA MAI - DJ Noiz remix ft Konecs & Vili Langi

    OFA MAI - DJ Noiz remix ft Konecs & Vili Langi

    DJ Noiz teams up with Konecs & Vili Langi for the remix of 'Ofa Mai' 



    Throwin it back to this oldie but goodie by Samoan Grammy nominated, reggae artist J Boog - Do it again! ps are they still playing this at the end of the night at 'Rehab?' ;)  

  • Thank You / Fa'afetai - The Katinas

    Thank You / Fa'afetai - The Katinas

    The Katinas perform one of their most popular songs - an oldie but goodie in both English & Samoan.



    Olivia Foai’s 2nd single “My Way” goes back to her Polynesian roots while still maintaining a mainstream feel. A bilingual Tokelauan-English track, “My Way” displays a unique balance between tribal and pop. Produced by her brother (master percussionist of Te Vaka and composer of “Te Vaka Beats”) Matatia Foa’i, this track promises fresh rhythms and authenticity. 

  • This Christmas - Tenelle

    This Christmas - Tenelle

    Samoan soul singer Tenelle performs her cover of 'This Christmas' featuring Jelly & Ithran 

  • Take Her - Common Kings

    Take Her - Common Kings

    The official video for 'Take Her' off the Common Kings 'Lost in Paradise' album. Download/Stream the new One Day EP by Common Kings: https://fanlink.to/oneday

  • Drift Away - Sons of Zion

    Drift Away - Sons of Zion

    This track has been nominated for Single of the Year at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards and the group are also up for Best Roots artist.

  • Joy to the World - The Katinas

    Joy to the World - The Katinas

    The Katina Brothers sing 'Joy to the World' in their front yard. Those harmonies tho! 

  • EMILY MULI - Too Good To Be True/Nothing Even Matters covers

    EMILY MULI - Too Good To Be True/Nothing Even Matters covers

    Young Tongan singer Emily Muli has just finished touring and opening for Aaradhna on her 'Winters End Tour'  She delivers a soulful mash-up of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Too Good To Be True’ / ‘Nothing Even Matters’ in this Parachute Live session.

  • LALOMU - Kid Nesian ft Chi Ching Ching

    LALOMU - Kid Nesian ft Chi Ching Ching

    PNG reggae artist Kid Nesian has recently dropped the video for his song "Lalomu" featuring Chi Ching Ching from Jamaica. It's a historic collaboration and is the first ever PNG x Jamaica music link up!  The song is sung in english and Kid Nesian's native dialect from the Central Province of Motu.  The video promotes the beauty of the islands in both PNG and Jamaica.

  • LET's KICK IT - Poetik ft Melodownz

    LET's KICK IT - Poetik ft Melodownz

    You can pre-order Samoan rapper Poetik's sophomore album 'Hamofied' which is expected to drop at the end of September - just click on the online link here In the meantime peep the visuals for the first single off the upcoming album 'Let's Kick it' featuring Melodownz.

  • Vince Harder - Not Gonna Let Go

    Vince Harder - Not Gonna Let Go

    Vince Harder is back with a new track from his latest EP "Colours" - 'Not Gonna let Go' 

  • Slow Wind - Swiss

    Slow Wind - Swiss

    Taking it back to the beginning of Swiss' career with his breakout hit 'Slow Wind' 

  • SWAY - Nase Foa'i

    SWAY - Nase Foa'i

    Check out the visuals for Nase Foa'is latest track 'Sway'  Liana Foa'i, co-founder of Dynasty Productions said that the vision for Sway was originally to make people Smile & feel good.   "We decided on "Sway" as it seemed to be a universal word that works across all dance styles so it seemed to fit. We asked the international poly dance community to help us by creating a dance to the track.   The footage and response we got back was so amazing. So many dancers were willing to take the time to film themselves to help create this video. There were far too many clips to put all on the video although we did try." says Liana    "We hope people feel good after listening to it and watching the amazing dancers in it. We were inspired by them as we put the video together. Hope you enjoy!"   Amongst the dancers featured on the clip are 2 Miss Samoa NZ's from 2016 & 2017 - Naomi Eta Fruean and Natalie Leitulagi Toevai, 2 Tahitian dance champions Melanie Amen (in white) and Onaku Ellis (in red) & fire knife dancer Moemoana Schwenke.

  • Dilworth Boys - Pasifika Medley

    Dilworth Boys - Pasifika Medley

    An Amazing SAMOAN, TONGAN, and FIJIAN Pasifika Medley Performance By All Boys Dilworth School Located in Auckland, New Zealand.  Song 1 Tofa Mai Feleni (Samoan)  Song 2 Kolofonua / Fala `O Ata (Tongan)  Song 3 Oqo Na Noqu Masu (Fijian) 

  • Mojo Juju - Native Tongue ft the Pasefika Vitoria Choir

    Mojo Juju - Native Tongue ft the Pasefika Vitoria Choir

    The official music video for Mojo Juju's 'Native Tongue' from the album 'NATIVE TONGUE'. Born Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga in regional NSW to a Filipino father & a mother with Indigenous roots, Juju spent the first half of her life answering a question she hated being asked: “What percentage Indigenous/Filipino are you?” Check out why 'The Feed' are calling it 'Australia's Music video of the year' here

  • SWIDT - Conquer

    SWIDT - Conquer

    The lead single off SWIDT's Stoneyhunga:  The Bootleg EP, it made the top 20 nominations for the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Awards which recognises outstanding achievement in songwriting.

  • KINGS - Temporary Me

    KINGS - Temporary Me

    It's Kings first single off his 2nd Studio album titled "TWO"  The track made the top 20 nominations for the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Awards which recognises outstanding achievement in songwriting. Kings’ went back to his roots shooting and editing this entire video on his iPhone (like he did with his 1st music video 'Don't Worry Bout it' 

  • Feels Like Magic - Horsemen Family

    Feels Like Magic - Horsemen Family

    Vibe to this South Auckland classic 'Feels like Magic' featuring Devolo from the Deceptikonz and Sweet & Irie frontman Edward Ru. The song was certified Gold in 2012 and celebrates it's 10 year anniversary this year.

  • Kid Nesian - Into You

    Kid Nesian - Into You

    Fast rising Papua New Guinea island reggae sensation Kid Nesian detours from his signature island reggae style and brings something fresh & new with his latest release. 'Into You' is a Pop/RnB reggae track bringing fresh summertime vibes perfect for a relaxing day on the beach with your significant other.

  • PUNIALAVA'A - Medley

    PUNIALAVA'A - Medley

    Five decades of music accomplishment was recognised at the 2018 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards  when Punialava’a received the Manukau Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award. The group was formed in the Samoan village Vailele in 1968 by former school teacher Rev. Iosefa Lale Peteru (Lale), and has been creating music for more than 50 years. They perform a medley of their most popular and most covered songs at the awards ceremony.

  • Outta Time - Ladi6

    Outta Time - Ladi6

    Official video clip for Outta Time From the Royal Blue 3000 EP 2018 Filmed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Directed by Garth @ Thievery Studio "...This video is as as much about the 6s as it is about the song, Outta Time. The fans who responded to my call out give me life! The appreciation and gratitude I have for you for giving me your time is palpable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! #ladi6xsamsungs9 He aha te mea nui o te ao What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata It is the people, it is the people, it is the people Maori proverb (and a sentiment I share) Love ladi x..."

  • Tha Movement - Graduation

    Tha Movement - Graduation

    Growing up in urban Aotearoa, for some of our New Zealand born Pacific youngsters, it was common practice for parents to threaten to send their children “back to the islands” if they got themselves into any serious trouble. “Graduated” is the true story of what happened to a young south Auckland Sāmoan boy when the threat became a reality and he was sent to his parents birth place without a return ticket. Graduated is track 1 on Tha Movement’s “The Undisciplined Son EP” produced by Anonymouz, who is a finalist for Best Producer Award at this week’s Pacific Music Awards.   (Graduated lyrics by Tha Movement.  Music recorded, arranged and produced by Anonymouz)    

  • Here to Stay - Mareko

    Here to Stay - Mareko

    An oldie but goodie from South Auckland rapper Mareko.  It was the lead single off his critically acclaimed debut solo album 'White Sunday'. Prior to this we'd seen Mareko in Hip Hop group Deceptikonz. Fun fact - this track samples Lou Rawls 'Need you Forever' 

  • JessB - Set it Off

    JessB - Set it Off

    Set it off music video challenging stereotypes, breaking barriers & poppin more melanin on screen!

  • Watchin You - Ardijah

    Watchin You - Ardijah

    Classic PolyFonk from New Zealand band 'Ardijah' with their hit single 'Watching you' from the 1988 'Take a Chance' album.

  • Is that Enough - Sons of Zion Ft Aaradhna

    Is that Enough - Sons of Zion Ft Aaradhna

    Aaradhna teams up with the Sons of Zion Boys on this beautiful love song ...

  • BROTHER - Smashproof ft Gin Wigmore

    BROTHER - Smashproof ft Gin Wigmore

    The Smashproof boys - Tyree, Deach & Sid Diamond and their 2009 summer hit featuring Gin Wigmore. The song broke a 23-year-old record by clocking up the longest consecutive run at number-one by a local act on the New Zealand Singles Chart!

  • I Love You - Cydel

    I Love You - Cydel

    Southside soul duo Cydel - Saipele 'Pele' Nili and David 'Dee' Letoa of Groovehouse Records have been serving us Poly soul & funk for over 20 years now. Here's one of their more recent releases 'I Love You' 

  • The Lord is My Light - Adeaze

    The Lord is My Light - Adeaze

    ADEAZE performing 'The Lord is my Light' at the EZI CCF Youth Cafe Nite fundraiser

  • Down Time - Aaradhna

    Down Time - Aaradhna

    Aaradhna's debut single in 2006 off her album 'I Love You' 

  • If Only - Teeks

    If Only - Teeks

    The smooth soul sounds of Teeks with 'If Only' 

  • 'Bang on' - Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E ft Mack 10

    'Bang on' - Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E ft Mack 10

    Warning:  Explicit Lyrics  #RIP Ted 'Godfather' Devoux  Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is an American hip hop group from Carson, California, composed of the Devoux brothers Paul, Ted, Donald, Roscoe, Danny, David and Vincent. Their family is from American Samoa. They became popular after touring in Japan in the mid 1980's, where they were initially known as the "Blue City Crew." The "Boo-Yaa" in their name signifies the sound of a shotgun being discharged, while the "T.R.I.B.E." stands for "Too Rough International Boo-Yaa Empire." According to hip-hop documentarians, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is "synonymous with hip hop in Los Angeles."

  • Loimata o le Fiafia - Annie Grace

    Loimata o le Fiafia - Annie Grace

    From Annie Grace's album 'Journey' - enjoy this Samoan language song ...

  • Mixed Feelings - Anuhea & Sammy J

    Mixed Feelings - Anuhea & Sammy J

    Hawai'ian artist Anuhea's latest collab with our boy Sammy J!

  • Sega Ni Na Druka - InsideOut Fiji

    Sega Ni Na Druka - InsideOut Fiji

    The song tells the tale of a couple who find themselves in a long distance relationship, the man knows especially that this is an extremely difficult situation to be in for this new found love of his. As with most relationships maintaining a romantic relationship especially long distance is hard and can be emotionally exhausting, however true love endures.  This is one mans journey of DEPTH OVER DISTANCE. #SayIO



    Poly soul singer Tenelle with the jams!  Video was shot on Piha Beach and in Onehunga while she was down under with Culture Crew. The vid features Tenelles sister Tarryn Luafalemana & We Are Culture crew singer Aaron Watenes son Eli!



    Samoan rapper David Dallas has released stunning visuals for the opening track on his album 'Hood Country Club'. The video is directed by Andrew Blackman and features the rappers wife Leilani.   Shot on location at different spots around Auckland, it's the first time Andrew and David have worked together and the first time Andrew has directed a music video! You can check out more of Andrews work here



    Renowned Samoan singer Lapi Mariner has just released the visuals for his latest single 'Go Back' which features vocals from the Island Kings of Soul & Reggae George 'Fiji' Veikoso and Ben Vai. Sadly Ben passed away just a couple of weeks ago. Lapi, Fiji and others involved with the music video pay tribute to their musical brother. Lapi says of his collaboration with Fiji & Ben "It was an honour to collaborate with these 2 legends.  I've loved and admired them for such a long time and am blessed & grateful.  Me and Fiji dedicate this to our USO Ben Vai"  Director Sani Sagala said they'd originally planned to have Ben in the video on the day they shot it but he was admitted back into hospital that morning. When editing the video Lapi had asked him what he was going to do for Bens part in the video.  Sani said "I suggested we have Lapi pointing up towards the sky to acknowledge his passing and thats what we put in the video"  South Auckland Hip Hop Pioneer Danny Leaoasavai'i aka Brother D remembers meeting Ben back in the early 2000s in Samoa "We first met Ben Vai carving a name for himself in the Samoa music scene ... every year and show after that he was the first to greet us and the last to say good bye when in Samoa.   His musical knowledge and talent was beyond most of those on the island after serving his apprenticeship under the great Fiji Veikoso in both Fiji and Hawaii.   Ben brought the new wave of Samoan artists to the modern era, the likes of Zipso, Mr Tee, Shy Guy and Keila Records ... there wasn’t a (Samoan) artist in this era that Ben didn’t sing a hook and help in their musical journey. Thank you Ben Vai for your contribution to Samoan music!"



    Tongan teenager Sonatane Kaufusi sings a medley of his original songs which were sent in for his SmokefreeRockquest National Final application last year.  He later went on to win, taking out the top prize for the solo category. The Year 13 Student at Manurewa High School was just announced as 'Head Boy', plays the guitar, trombone, bass & piano as well as sings and writes his own music! {{8217}} As well as being an incredible musician, Sonatane is also a star athlete. He's been recognised for basketball, hammer throwing and making it into the Chief's development squad in 2016.  He says Music is his future though and after releasing his single 'Birdie' on Spotify it went to #1 last weekend on the Spotify New Zealand Viral 50!  {{8219}} We're looking forward to hearing more from Sonatane soon!   Songs sung in the video above ... 1.The Light 2. Birdie 3. Where I Stay 4. Too Easy