• Iam Tongi - Why Kiki?

    Iam Tongi - Why Kiki?

    "Filming this at home with my family and friends made this the best experience." American Idol Season 21 winner Iam Tongi has released his latest single, 'Why Kiki?', a reference to the famous neighbourhood/beach of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

  • The Mitis - See You Again

    The Mitis - See You Again

    Samoan sibling duo Sonny and Tiana, 'The Mitis,' are breaking the mould and redefining the country music scene.  Sonny wrote this heart moving song, 'See You Again' reflecting on his close relationship with his grandpa, and how much he misses him. And his reflections of the missed milestones of his life, without his grandpa being here to experience them with him.   Their innovative covers of timeless tracks like "Jolene" and "Blue Bayou" caught the attention of industry icons Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt, who were captivated by their unique interpretation. With their ukulele as a key instrument, they seamlessly incorporate a Polynesian element, creating a harmonious fusion of genres that is entirely their own.

  • LISI - Remain the Same

    LISI - Remain the Same

    Goodna's finest comes through with the visuals for his latest track 'Remain the Same'. It's been nearly 6 months since he dropped his last single 'Ole so we're here for new Lisi. 

  • FAIVA - Piki Sau

    FAIVA - Piki Sau

    The Faiva trio - Dr. Grant Muāgututiʻa, Vaea Aʻetonu, and Loa Greyson - are back with a fun cover of an old Samoan song which describes the adventures of a Samoan family's pet piggie 'Piki'  Enjoy their latest music video above.  The single is off their latest album 'Faiva o Samoa'. Learn the lyrics and check out the translation below ... -  Piki Sau (Traditional) Valuvalu au penu, tutu au moa Valaʻau le sapelu, ʻai ʻua lēiloa Tālofa e ia Piki, ʻua sau ma toloaʻi Alu atu e sefulu ma le lua ʻAe foʻi mai e selau ma le tasi Piki sau, sau e ʻai au popo Popo ʻua ʻuma ona sali Ma fafao i totonu o le ʻato Oʻo i le Aso Sā, sau Piki ʻua ‘īvā Oʻo i le Aso Gafua, sau piki ʻua mū ʻo le ua Oʻo i le Aso Lua, alu Piki suʻe sona toʻalua Oʻo i le Aso Lulu, sau Piki ʻua veke le ulu Usu atu ʻo le sue, tutu lana faʻapusa ʻOtegia le ʻavaʻava, ʻua susū ʻaulama Oʻo i le Aso Tofi, sau Piki ʻua māʻosiʻosi Oʻo i le Aso Faraile, ʻo Piki na ‘ai e le maile Oʻo i le Aso Toʻonaʻi, sau Piki ma lana faʻamaʻi Oʻo loa i le Aso Sā, sau Piki ma si ana āvā - Translation Grate the coconut, feed the chickens Call for the machete, it was probably lost Poor Piki, he’s come back crawling He left and there were twelve He’s returned and now there’s a hundred and one Piki, come, come and eat your coconut It’s already been prepared And put inside the basket On Sunday, Piki was exhausted On Monday, Piki burnt his neck On Tuesday, Piki searched for a spouse On Wednesday, Piki was bumped his head Prepare the material, light the oven Scold the fish, ʻcause all the tinder got wet On Thursday, Piki got all scratched up On Friday, Piki was bitten by a dog On Saturday, Piki got sick On Sunday, Piki found a wife

  • INKY PINKY PONKY - The Soundtrack

    INKY PINKY PONKY - The Soundtrack

    The groundbreaking high school dramedy 'Inky Pinky Ponky' is based-on-a-true story of the traumas and triumphs of adolescence, and speaks to the hearts of our rainbow aiga across the Moana. But not only has the movie been much loved, the soundtrack has introduced global audiences to a number of talented Pasifika artists via the soundtrack featured in the movie. Listen to it here via Spotify or watch the music videos on Youtube ... then enjoy it again in the movie!   - Spotify Playlist -  {{34331}} - Savage ft Aaradhna - 'They don't know'  {{34330}} -  J.Kula - Koe Tevolo  {{34332}} -  STNDRD - Jukebox  {{34333}} -  Sam V - Trust  {{34334}} -  The Western Guide - Siva Mai  {{34335}} -  Queen Shirle ft Raggadat Chris - Vacay  {{34336}} -  Leah Fa'atuai - Cloud 9  {{34337}} -  LOU'ANA - Day Dreams  {{34338}} - The Tonga Sisters - Taulanga Nuku'alofa  {{34339}} -  JP Official - Rock the Boat  {{34340}} -  Then rewatch the movie right here and enjoy all the music again ...  {{34341}}

  • Ceevus - Seasons

    Ceevus - Seasons

    Samoan artist Ceevus has recently released his latest single, 'Seasons.' The music video was shot on iPhone by leader of 92WRLD collective, SVNO; who also happens to be his older brother 🔥

  • Dinah Jane - Ya Ya

    Dinah Jane - Ya Ya

    New Era Unlocked! 🔓 Dinah Jane has recently released her comeback single after a hiatus from music, in what she has called 'a beautiful rebirth.' 🌺

  • Evile Laloata - Nights Like This

    Evile Laloata - Nights Like This

    Evile Jireh Sisifo-Laloata has recently released his debut music video, 'Nights Like This.'  "It truly does take a village to raise a child and I'm super grateful to have my village." "What makes this music video even more special is that you will see my beautiful siblings make an appearance." - We hung out with Evile, where he showed us his creative process in 'My World'

  • Olivia Foa'i - Mai Anamua

    Olivia Foa'i - Mai Anamua

    'Mai Anamua' is the first song Olivia Foa'i has written fully in Gagana Tokelau. Olivia is an award winning Pacific recording artist who won big at the Pacific Music awards 2023 taking home the Best Female Artist and Best Pacific Language awards for her hit song 'Sunlight'.  "This song is so special to me for many reasons. It's my first song I've ever written fully in Gagana Tokelau and the meaning still floods me with so much emotion. I made this translation video to share the English version of what I'm singing. I filmed and edited it myself because the concept felt so close to my heart that I wanted to share it directly from me to you."

  • Kirrah Amosa - Find You

    Kirrah Amosa - Find You

    Check out the latest single from Samoan-Australian performance artist, Kirrah Amosa. "My longest standing dream is to find my person. My fair share of failed relationships has taken me to both sides of the spectrum... Once I put all my pieces back together and stopped looking outside myself for strength and validation, I met someone that was also mosaic of unforgiving experiences, emotional trauma, and guarded walls, and I finally felt the fulfilment I’d been chasing."

  • Swiss - Never

    Swiss - Never

    Kiwi-Tongan artist Swiss has released his latest song, 'Never', dedicated to his wife, Kiwi-Samoan singer Tree 💞

  • Shapeshifter - Amokura

    Shapeshifter - Amokura

    To celebrate Epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki 'Āirani - Cook Islands Language Week 2023, - world-renowned live drum & bass group Shapeshifter announce a brand new single ‘Amokura’. ‘Amokura’ is a big electronic, jungle, island drum & bass track, synergizing Shapeshifter's energy and sonic palette with Cook Island's traditional drums. The single honours the rhythms of the Cook Islands; the pate drums were recorded in Rarotonga by Paora Apera’s (P. Digsss) brother and cousins about five years ago when the Shapeshifter lads became transfixed by the Cook Island rhythms on a trip to Rarotonga. At the time, there wasn’t a plan for the recordings, and they sat in the archives until the idea came up to record a Cook Island Māori song - inspired by The Waiata Anthems movement. Apera muses, “I’ve been a musician for 35 years, and everything has always been in English, except when we did Waiata Anthems, our first non-English tune. Now we’re returning to my homelands a bit more; it feels amazing.” He continues, “We want to let the next generation know if we can try it, you can too. I hope it inspires young people everywhere.” - WATCH | P. Digsss sits down with The CoconetTV to talk about his childhood growing up in the Cook Islands and how the song 'Amokura' to be.



    It's the song that went viral via social media with a number of remixes and even an Open Verse challenge. Now JKing has released the official video to his hit track 'Cinderella' (above).  You may spot a few familiar faces there ... 

  • Haz & Miloux - March 12

    Haz & Miloux - March 12

    Haz (Haz Beats, Niuean/ Tongan, South Auckland, Otahuhu) and Miloux (Rebecca Melrose), the award winning dream team, are back together again with their much anticipated EP Brunette, alongside the final single and stunning music video ‘March 12.’ ‘March 12’ is described by Miloux as “a letter to my younger self, a reassurance that pain or trauma doesn't have to dictate the rest of your life. It's ok that it might have held you back for a little while and to feel and acknowledge pain is not a weakness but a strength. Pain from the past doesn’t have to stop you from trusting or loving again. There's no shame in taking your time to heal.” The ambitious and creative Mona Sanei directed the 'March 12' music video and Miloux describes the shoot as “an amazing experience as we had the best tight knit crew. It was shot over three days in heavy rain from Waiheke to Piha. Mona brought her vision to life beautifully with Māori award-winning cinematographer Taine Noble. She captured the feeling of isolation contained within the lyrics, as well as the beauty, stillness and peace of acceptance in the song.”

  • Taitu'uga - Positive Thinking

    Taitu'uga - Positive Thinking

    Samoan Talking High Chief (Tulafale alii) Taitu’uga brings forth his latest track, 'Positive Thinking,' infusing culture, language, and mythological storytelling. Written by Taitu'uga (formerly known as MC Kitch), 'Positive Thinking' aims to inspire and uplift individuals during challenging times by highlighting the power of the mind and the ability to visualise and attract positive thoughts. {{33675}} The track is a fusion of dubstep and pacific-inspired reggae, with accomplished harmonica cameo, paying homage to Taitu'uga's heritage and his role as a Tulafale alii (Samoan Talking High Chief), allowing him to inspire and uplift others. Taitu'uga shares his thoughts on the new song: "I have translated it into the language of the High Chiefs of Samoa, incorporating their ancient proverbs and metaphors. This language serves as a poetic and metaphorical expression, suitable for the modern era. The song emphasises the importance of positive thinking, encouraging a shift in perspective and nurturing beliefs, faith, and optimistic thoughts to transform one's day."

  • Silver and Gold - Ermehn ft Cydel. A tribute to the godfather of South Auckland Hip Hop

    Silver and Gold - Ermehn ft Cydel. A tribute to the godfather of South Auckland Hip Hop

    The 'Godfather of South Auckland hip hop' and Samoan Aotearoa hip hop pioneer & legend, Ermehn has died. Herman Loto-Sakaria grew up in Otara, South Auckland and performed & recorded under the name Ermehn. He grew up in Otara and in the late 80s started out under the name Radio Backstab with Jeremy To'omata aka DJ Payback.  One of the songs they released 'Based on a Lost Cause' was featured on the 'Proud' compilation. He shared in the OMAC 30/30 series (below) how he and his friends started out in music thanks to the Fuemana family and hanging out at OMAC taking inspiration from what they heard there to make their own original music. {{33672}} He was one of the original members of OMC (Otara Millionaires Club) but had left to go solo before Pauly Fuemana blew up with the hit track 'How Bizarre'. Ermehn released his debut solo album in 1998 titled 'Samoans Part II' and it featured previously released singles 'Walls of Steel', 'Don't be late' and 'Stranded in the City'. He was notorious for playing live dressed in a lavalava and waving a machete over his head.  Ermehn's Samoan heritage was represented not only by the track content but also by the cover which showed Mau leader Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III.  Ermehn's 'Don't be late' music video off the 'Samoans Part II' album  {{33677}} His follow up album 'The Path of Blood' was inspired by is own lived experiences with gang life.   Ermehn's gangsta life took over after his debut album dropped.   "I fell into the pitfalls of the hood and ended up hustling and put my music aside and just embraced the darkness.  I came out of it a few years later and I thought I'd do an album." he said in an interview with Deep Grooves "I had the money at the time and I thought, well NZ On Air aren't going to give me the money, so I funded the album on gangsta money - so it is a pure gangsta album ... With this album, if I was to perform it, it would probably be at a nice dodgy club - I don't think I'll be getting asked to perform at Pasifika any time soon." {{33679}} One of the more well known songs off the album was the track 'Silver and Gold' (music video above) which featured Otara based singing group Cydel.   Fun fact:  The music video itself was directed by Oscar Kightley and shot by 'Red, White and Brass' & 'Inky Pinky Ponky' director Damon Fepulea'i. He later made a break from gang life and became heavily involved with Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing running his own gym in Whangaparaoa. His released his third and final album 'Trained to Kill' in 2012 produced by Anonymouz and featured a number of Aotearoa hip hop artists including Tha Movement, PNC, Mr Sicc, Chong Nee, Teva and more. {{33681}} Ermehn is survived by his wife Merisa and his children Lukhan, Rhyme, Cash and Aqualei. We caught up with Ermehn who was training his son Rhyme 'The Rage' Loto in 2017 prior to him and his family moving to Perth. {{33682}} Tributes have poured in from both the NZ Hip Hop & MMA communities to the late rapper and MMA trainer -  {{33683}} {{33684}} {{33685}} {{33686}} -  Public Interest Journalism funded by NZ on Air 

  • Josh Tatofi - Fakateretere

    Josh Tatofi - Fakateretere

    Josh Tatofi covers iconic Tahitian singer  Gabilou's classic 'Fakateretere' which is sung in the Paumoku language of the Tuamotu Island Group. Check out Josh's version and the music video here ... 

  • How Do I Face The World - DJ Twitch

    How Do I Face The World - DJ Twitch

    Samoan artist and DJ, DJ Twitch has releaseed his first original track & accompanying video. He wrote and produced the track as a dedication to his father who passed away and dedicates the track to anyone who has lost someone dear to them.

  • Destiny - Jay Emz x Wayno

    Destiny - Jay Emz x Wayno

    Jay Emz & Wayno team up on a mix of the Barrio Boyz Destiny and "Fia Va'ai" by Tu'umai. Flash back to the time they were doing lockdown jams when New Zealand was in Level 4.  

  • Pray for More - Melodownz ft Lisi & Mikey Dam

    Pray for More - Melodownz ft Lisi & Mikey Dam

    Melodownz is a finalist for four awards at the 2023 Pacific Music Awards including the biggie - Best Pacific album of the year for his album 'Lone Wolf' Other nominations include Best Pacific Male Artist, Best Pacific music video for 'Pray for More' (video above) and Best Pacific Hip Hop Artist. He says of the track that he's up for 'Best Pacific Music video' for with Lisi and Mikey Dam -  “I originally wrote this song coming from my perspective from when I was around 18 or 19. Being judged, letting family down, losing my good friends, having malice for my haters, feeling like God isn’t there when you need guidance then realising God has been there the whole time. It really teaches you empathy, resilience, courage and strength to get through your struggles and always have faith,” MELODOWNZ details to Sniffers.

  • Ema I'u - Top Shelf

    Ema I'u - Top Shelf

    Aotearoa artist Ema I’u has unveiled her latest single, the feel good, hook-laden track ‘Top Shelf’, along with its accompanying lyric video also out today. With its stacked vocal harmonies, infectious groove and straight up feel good lyrics, ‘Top Shelf’ is the ultimate “know your worth” anthem. It’s early 2000’s, R&B pop influences are reminiscent of Destiny’s Child, with Ema’s vocal performance showcasing her undeniable skill as a vocalist and talent as a songwriter. “This is an empowerment song... If someone is not giving you the love or attention you need, just get out there and have your own fun. Remember that you are ‘Top Shelf’, and deserve to have a good time. Mmm Hmm.” Born and raised around Tāmaki Makaurau with regular trips to Samoa, Ema I'u is a musician and actor (of Samoan/Pākehā heritage), involved in the arts for over 20 years. After studying a Bachelors of Performing and Screen Arts and spending a decade in ensemble theatre making as a producer and actor, Ema has spent the last eight years as a full-time musician, performing at festivals and on cruises as a soloist, as well as with her highly successful cover bands Lucky May and Coco-Rocky.

  • Siavani - Think about it

    Siavani - Think about it

    South Auckland songwriter and multi-disciplinary creative SIAVANI delivers a deeply heart-felt message to young people everywhere with his latest single ‘Think About It’. Award-winning musician/writer/producer/director Saipele Nili aka SIAVANI hits all the feels with his latest single. “I lost my nephew last year. He took his own life, even though he was really talented in sports and arts, and was a leader in his high school - no one knew what he was going through. I wrote ‘Think About It” in dedication to him, and as an encouragement to any youth or person who needs to hear how important they are to their loved ones. And to reach out for support, because there is support out there.”

  • Iam Tongi - I'll Be Seeing You (BTS Visualizer)

    Iam Tongi - I'll Be Seeing You (BTS Visualizer)

    American Idol winner Iam Tongi takes us behind the scenes with him during the recording of his debut hit single 'I'll be Seeing You'.

  • Heiressofthegame - SOMALIO

    Heiressofthegame - SOMALIO

    The rising Niuean rap star Heiressofthegame blends pop, rap and Kiwi classic in her nostalgic tribute to beloved memories of her childhood growing up in the 2000s. 'SOMALIO' is the latest release from the artist, a song which celebrates the rich and diverse musical heritage of Pacific Artists in Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as reflecting on her own journey. 

  • HP Boyz - Let it Go

    HP Boyz - Let it Go

    HP Boyz are back with their lates single 'Let it Go' featuring their HP Boyz Class of 2023 ;)  

  • Iam Tongi’s cover of Tongan hymn “Fifili e Loto”

    Iam Tongi’s cover of Tongan hymn “Fifili e Loto”

    Iam Tongi performs a Tongan hymn 'Fifili e Loto' for the Northern Hemisphere's Fathers Day. He said in his social media posts -  "Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there … here’s a cover of 'Fifili e Loto' (a tongan gospel song) meaning 'the contemplation of the heart'. 'Fifili e Loto' a hymn sung by many different artists. Happy Fathers Day to my dad and all dads trying to be the best they can for their kids #yessah "

  • Tone6 - Close Your Eyes

    Tone6 - Close Your Eyes

    Tone6 have released their latest original single 'Close Your Eyes' written by Adeaze's Feagaigafou Tupa'i. The group says that they’ve “always been about sharing music that speaks to us personally and leaving our audience with a message of encouragement. ‘Close Your Eyes’ is about the power of Prayer, and that no matter what struggles and challenges you may go through, it doesn’t matter where you are, or what time it may be, never be afraid to pray.” The group says that they wanted the powerful and beautifully filmed music video above to encourage people/families to not give up, even when times get tough. “We wanted the video to feel raw and real. We’ve used people we are connected to, highlighting their personal journey’s through things like baby loss, BBM Foodbank packing hampers for families in need, TwoSevenFive - who volunteer their services to the Mangere Community, Kelston Boys 1st XV Rugby Team, a dancer with a knee injury, a female league player chasing an overseas NRL dream, family loss, and a grandfather who lost his eyesight during a cricket game." 

  • Joe Malafu - One Call

    Joe Malafu - One Call

    * Trigger warning:  This music video contains themes of suicide that viewers may find distressing. Viewer discretion and parental guidance is advised. International studio and tour drummer Joe Malafu begins an exciting venture with his new heartfelt masterpiece, 'One Call' accompanied by Pacific islands reggae legend Fiji and dynamic family band Dezine. “All it takes is one call to show up for your friend. That’s what I hope to encourage with this track. To speak up, but also to reach out to those who can’t. It only takes one call.” Joe says. Hailing from Auckland, NZ, Joe has always used music to express the indescribable. His strong Polynesian roots gifted him with intrinsic rhythm, but his hard work and passion earned him his current status as a star-rated drummer for leading acts worldwide (Amy Shark, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars). As he moves to centre stage as a solo artist and producer, 'One Call' is a soulful follow up of his first summer-love single, ‘ELA’, and provides a promising glimpse into the vibrant EP simmering on the near horizon. -  Where you can get help: If you are worried about your or someone else's mental health, the best place to get help is your GP or local mental health provider. However, if you or someone else is in danger or endangering others, call 111. If you need to talk to someone, the following free helplines operate 24/7: DEPRESSION HELPLINE: 0800 111 757 LIFELINE: 0800 543 354 SAMARITANS: 0800 726 666 YOUTHLINE: 0800 376 633 or text 234 1737 NEED TO TALK? Call or text 1737



    Samoan acoustic trio 'FAIVA' recently released their highly anticipated debut album Faiva o Samoa and is now available on all streaming platforms. Comprised of Dr. Grant Muāgututi'a, Vaea A'etonu, and Tinifuloa Grey (a.k.a Loa Greyson), FAIVA has been making waves in the music industry. Dr. Grant Muāgututi'a, a full-time linguistics professor at Cal State San Marcos, combines his education and passion for music to bring Polynesian melodies to life. {{33070}} The album showcases traditional Samoan music played with acoustic guitars, selo (upright bass), and ‘ukulele, along with traditional Samoan percussion instruments such as pātē, fala, bamboo, and pahu drums. The music draws influence from the melodic storytelling traditions from throughout Polynesia. Check out the album playlist on Youtube here  {{33072}} "We wanted to prove to ourselves that we can still produce organic and authentic music in this age of technology," says Tini, a member of FAIVA. "Using only acoustic instruments and live drumming was important to us. We hope our music stands the test of time" FAIVA has achieved notable milestones in their career, including being selected to perform at Disneyland for Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month and being featured artists for the Pacific Islands Ethnic Art Museum music series. They have already released two singles, "Valovalo Mai" and "Sei Leva" (music video above)  {{33074}} {{33076}} For more information about FAIVA, their music, and updates, please visit their official website at www.faivamusic.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • OZKI - Malie

    OZKI - Malie

    OZKI have released their first single for 2023 titled 'Malie' and it's sure to captivate listeners worldwide. The song is a heartfelt tribute to OZKI's (The duo is made up of brothers AJ and Gabe) Samoan heritage, and it's clear that they've poured their hearts and soul into this body of work. They hope that this anthem will resonate with audiences across the world, and they're excited to share their culture and music with a global audience. "There is nothing more fitting then celebrating our culture and utilising music to preserve our mother tongue for generations to come! We dedicate this song to all the descendants of our homeland all around the world". The duo have committed to releasing two singles every two months, with one track in Samoan and another in English which will be a collection of hits over the next 12 months leading to their 2 anticipated EPs. They'll be cooking up something for their Pacific fanbase around the world, and emerging into the NZ music scene with an all new English catalogue. Stay tuned for the release of OZKI's upcoming singles, and follow them on their social media: Ozki on Facebook  Ozki on Instagram 

  • Mo Etc. - Deep Down

    Mo Etc. - Deep Down

    From the 2023 E.P ‘Buoys’ comes Mo Etc.’s short film music video 'Deep Down'. An art curator and her partner meet at their shophouse nestled inside a fork in the road splitting Riddiford St and Adelaide Rd, Newtown Pōneke. Nearing the end of their relationship, the couple do their best to part ways amicably when there is an unexpected arrival at the gallery door… Starring Maaka Pohatu and introducing Te Ani Solomon, writer/director Moana Ete tells a gripping tale of woe as family, arrested in thought, feel unable to express what they feel deep down. {{33045}} . Te-Whanganui-a-Tara-based artist and producer Mo Etc. has released her incredible alt-soul four-track EP BUOYS, which includes powerful new single ‘Deep Down’.   Recently featured in a Rolling Stone article about Kiwi artists tipped to take over, BUOYS is yet another stunning example of why this is. Described by Mo Etc. (Moana Ete - Ngāti Hāmoa, Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Whātua and Ngāti Wheke) as a ‘height growth marker’ on her creative doorframe.   Following on from her single ‘Underwater’ and album ‘OCEANBED’, this EP takes listeners on a moving journey with its many layers - including lo-fi guitar, trap beats, and both gritty and ethereal vocals. “As the title suggests, BUOYS is about keeping knots tight and staying afloat,” says Mo Etc. “It includes haunting songs of woe like that in [new single] ‘Deep Down’ and stays tied to the water's surface with ballad ‘Romantic’ and sends ripples with vibey lo-fi beats in ‘Before the Light Breaks’.” {{33047}}   “It was shot at Drive-Thru Art Gallery and is about the end of a relationship/partnership,” explains Moana. “The characters in the video live in the art world which is symbolic of the music artist life. The man is packing down one exhibition to allow another in. As someone who avoids pain and suffering and confrontation as much as possible, there are situations that I just need to face up to. It's about understanding the situation and being willing to be the villain in the narrative. What I’m singing about is never pretty, it’s raw and painful but it’s the truth of who I am and how I showed up that day. I think it’s about continuing to put myself forward as an authentic storyteller.” {{33049}} Moana is set to travel to the United Kingdom soon, taking her new music with her. “I really want to play some live shows as a solo artist, and while production on the EP is busy and layered, I want them to work with just me on guitar. So I’m looking at creating live shows that are stripped back and intimate.”  Mo Etc’s unique alternative-soul sound is rooted in Neo-soul and flowers indie-alternative sensibilities, allowing it to reach epic proportions while maintaining a quality of intimacy as she indulges in her gift for shaping narrative as a multidisciplinary storyteller. As an artist tipped to take over, be sure you’re following Mo Etc.    

  • Iam Tongi - I'll be Seeing You

    Iam Tongi - I'll be Seeing You

    American Idol finalist Iam Tongi dropped his debut original single 'I'll be Seeing You" on Friday 19th May ahead of the American Idol finale on Sunday (US time). Before the single was released Iam shared a clip on his social media describing what the song means to him -  “The meaning of this song to me is when you lose someone you love, everything that you used to do with them reminds you of them,” Tongi explained. ”My Dad had kidney failure and he used to go to dialysis. Every single time we pass to a dialysis place. Oh look, it’s dad. I just want people to understand where I’m coming from and to hopefully love the music.”  {{32938}} 'I'll be seeing you' was written by Francisco Martin who finished American Idol Season 18 in the Top 10. The single is available on all streaming platforms here 

  • Some sorta sensation - Moses Mackay

    Some sorta sensation - Moses Mackay

    Award winning singer and one third of world renowned trio Sole Mio, Moses Mackay has branched out on his own with the highly anticipated release of his solo album 'Grace' (out now). Watch the music video for the first single release 'Some sorta sensation' - a fun, soulful track which describes the feeling of new love.  The video was shot along Venice Beach in Los Angeles pretty much in one take. Enjoy the music video and then stream or buy the album on all streaming platforms.

  • JKING ft Lisi & SLADE - Chance With You (Official Music Video)

    JKING ft Lisi & SLADE - Chance With You (Official Music Video)

    Samoan reggae artist J King teams up with Lisi (rapper) and Slade (producer) on his latest track 'Chance with You'  Peep the visuals above ...



    Samoan artist The Western Guide (government name Aaron Pulemagafa) has released his latest single 'Siva Mai' with accompanying visuals directed by Samson Rambo. In a recent interview with Radio New Zealand he said he's aiming to elevate the Samoan language into mainstream spaces. The lack of Pacific bilingual songs in New Zealand's music scene and his fondness of Samoan ballads led him to create his latest single. Read the full RNZ interview here  



    The boys who won our hearts with their 'Dear Brother' single in 2021, are back with another song, which is also about winning hearts - just in a different way.  The boys of Sounds of La Salle took the internet by storm in 2021 when they released their song and music video to 'Dear Brother' Sounds of Lasalle is made up of 9 members (past and present). {{32335}} It comes as no surprise that these talented young men hail from South Auckland - where brilliance is bred. The polynesian band started in the classrooms of De La Salle College in Mangere, a school the boys rep proudly. Following their win at 'Smokefree Tangata Beats' heats they were given one week to prepare for Regionals. When coming up with ideas for a new song, the band came to the sad realisation that there weren’t many songs about mental health, in particular Men's mental health.  At their young age, these young men recognised that mental health in our Pasifika community needed to be spoken on, and that they did.  {{32337}} When asked what inspired them to write such a heartfelt song they responded; “Because as men we are taught to hide our emotions and to hide away our feelings. We feel like when men are given the chance to speak they don’t exactly take it” “We feel with this song we were able to share and give them the encouragement they need to reach out because it’s not easy. It’s easier to hide in your feelings than it is to speak out so hopefully this song is more than enough encouragement to help others” Their love for their community is evident.  {{32339}} The boys share that they are no strangers to the struggles of mental health stating that all of them know of friends, family and community members who have struggled with mental health issues. This is where the drive to encourage our Pasifika community to speak out has come from. The passion and drive for their art to be of service to more than themselves is testament to their upbringing, their families, community, and school. Much like Climate Change activist Brianna Fruean said in her Commonwealth Day speech 'they are not self made, they are village made.'  The boys talent was recognised with a win at Regionals, taking them through to Nationals in 2022 which is where their latest song ‘YOU’ (video above) was first staged. {{32342}} Remember when I said they were back to win hearts? ‘YOU’ is a love song, suspiciously inspired by 'nobody' as every single member stated, unsurprising as a Samoan woman, with Samoan parents ... I get it!  I too have written a few love letters dedicated to 'nobody'. But I digress ... Inspired by 'nobody' or not, it doesn’t take away from the level of artistry displayed in their latest song. It’s easy to forget that these boys are barely 18, when listening to their music which is on par with musicians with many more years of experience.  Put simply, it's a TRACK!   A track backed with some beautiful cinematography in their 80s themed music video.  Sounds of La Salle member Josh Leuluai Alo stated “Our latest song was a song we performed at the smoke free Tagata Beats national finals where we won and had the opportunity to record our song and we all instantly knew the 80’s vibe for our music video was a must.” Alongside $3k of musical equipment from the Rockshop NZ, they won the recording of this single and an accompanying video with the support of NZ On Air and the RQP team.   {{32344}} When asked about their future plans for the band, they were all very hopeful. Sebastian Nisa shared “what I want would be to see us strive and become a full fledged band in the music industry, performing on stage and creating music is a dream I would like to share with my brothers.” Fonteyn Olofai echoed his band members response stating “Me personally I would love to make this band a full time band and be able to make song after song” The boys eagerly listed off their musical inspo’s, which included heavy hitters like Adeaze, Lani Alo, Spawnbreezie and SWISS.  All were musicians they grew up listening to over the years and have influenced their music today.  Evident in their two debut songs, there is a bright future ahead of this young band, and I for one, can’t wait to see what they do next.  -  Public Interest Journalism funded by NZ on Air 

  • TA'U KOULA by Three Houses Down ft General Fiyah & JP Foliaki

    TA'U KOULA by Three Houses Down ft General Fiyah & JP Foliaki

    Tongan dance song 'Ta'u Koula' performed by Three Houses Down ft General Fiyah and JP Foliaki as heard on the 'Red, White and Brass' movie soundtrack. Music video above featuring behind the scenes from the filming of the movie which is screening now.

  • DJ Noiz X Three Houses Down - She Loves Me (Remix)

    DJ Noiz X Three Houses Down - She Loves Me (Remix)

    DJ Noiz works a remix into Three Houses Down's latest single 'She Loves Me' with the accompanying visuals ... enjoy 

  • Lisi - Olé ft. JR

    Lisi - Olé ft. JR

    Young Samoan rapper Lisi by way of Goodna, Brisbane is back with his latest release 'Ole' ft JR ... Enjoy!

  • Ceevus - DLG ft HolyCountry

    Ceevus - DLG ft HolyCountry

    Samoan artist Ceevus (government name Duwanyae Mariner, Village: Falelatai) has just released his debut single with accompanying visuals. The beautiful track titled DLG (acronym for Daddy's Little Girl) ft HolyCountry is available for download and available on all streaming platforms including Spotify. {{32170}} Ceevus posted on his instagram that the track will always have a big place in his heart. "One that hits home every time because I will always miss my girl no matter how far or close she is.  Very grateful for where I am now and all that lead me here but only heating up let the game begin." He also said it was the first track he got to work on with artist SVNO.70 aka Jakiel Mariner who also happens to be his older brother. Jakiel is the leader of a Western Sydney based collective made up of Polynesian artists called 92Wrld. {{32171}}