• Miss Pacific Islands Crowning Moments | FRESH TV

    Miss Pacific Islands Crowning Moments | FRESH TV

    Its the moment we've all been waiting for! Our Miss Pacific Islands 2023 is crowned. - Welcome to the special feature episode of Fresh hosted by our Miss Pacific Islands, Miss Nauru, Miss Solomon Islands, Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Samoa and Miss American Samoa. We take a dive in to everything that makes an island beauty pageant work and what sets it apart! We hear the stories behind the drive of our island queens and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at all that happens backstage at a Miss Pacific Islands Pageant.

  • Behind The Scenes of Miss Pacific Islands | FRESH TV

    Behind The Scenes of Miss Pacific Islands | FRESH TV

    Take a peak in to what Miss Pacific Islands looks like behind the curtains. From running between outfit changes to the hopeful prayers from their teams. We also hear from the audience who has their support. - Welcome to the special feature episode of Fresh hosted by our Miss Pacific Islands, Miss Nauru, Miss Solomon Islands, Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Samoa and Miss American Samoa. We take a dive in to everything that makes an island beauty pageant work and what sets it apart! We hear the stories behind the drive of our island queens and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at all that happens backstage at a Miss Pacific Islands Pageant.

  • Get To Know The Miss Pacific Islands | FRESH TV

    Get To Know The Miss Pacific Islands | FRESH TV

    Introducing your Island Queens from 5 different island nations competing in the Miss Pacific Islands. We get to know each of the girls and their hopes for their reign. - Welcome to the special feature episode of Fresh hosted by our Miss Pacific Islands, Miss Nauru, Miss Solomon Islands, Miss Papua New Guinea, Miss Samoa and Miss American Samoa. We take a dive in to everything that makes an island beauty pageant work and what sets it apart! We hear the stories behind the drive of our island queens and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at all that happens backstage at a Miss Pacific Islands Pageant.

  • Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Traditionally Inspired Wear & the Winners

    Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Traditionally Inspired Wear & the Winners

    Miss Pacific Islands was back for the first time after a 3 year break due to Covid restrictions and border closures. The pageant was held in Samoa and both the former Miss Pacific Islands Seumanu Fonoifafo Seumanu and the current Miss Samoa Haylani Kuruppu, hosted 4 other island nations beauty queens - Miss American Samoa, Kauhani Fuimaono;  Miss Nauru, Alexander Pitcher;  Miss Papua New Guinea, Josie Nicholas & Miss Solomon Islands, Tiare Haro. -  The pageant night was held on Friday the 3rd of February 2023.   Traditionally inspired Wear in the video above and the placings/winners announced in the video below -  {{31721}}

  • Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Intros & Sarong

    Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Intros & Sarong

    Miss Pacific Islands was back for the first time after a 3 year break due to Covid restrictions and border closures. The pageant was held in Samoa and both the former Miss Pacific Islands Seumanu Fonoifafo Seumanu and the current Miss Samoa Haylani Kuruppu, hosted 4 other island nations beauty queens - Miss American Samoa, Kauhani Fuimaono;  Miss Nauru, Alexander Pitcher;  Miss Papua New Guinea, Josie Nicholas & Miss Solomon Islands, Tiare Haro. -  The pageant night was held on Friday the 3rd of February 2023.   Contestants intros in the video above and their Sarongs below -  {{31719}}

  • Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Talent

    Miss Pacific Islands 2023 - Talent

    Miss Pacific Islands was back for the first time after a 3 year break due to Covid restrictions and border closures. The pageant was held in Samoa and both the former Miss Pacific Islands Seumanu Fonoifafo Seumanu and the current Miss Samoa Haylani Kuruppu, hosted 4 other island nations beauty queens - Miss American Samoa, Kauhani Fuimaono;  Miss Nauru, Alexander Pitcher;  Miss Papua New Guinea, Josie Nicholas & Miss Solomon Islands, Tiare Haro. -  The pageant night was held on Friday the 3rd of February 2023.   This is the contestants Talent.

  • When Fiji took the Miss South Pacific Crown 2011 | From The Vault

    When Fiji took the Miss South Pacific Crown 2011 | From The Vault

    We opened up the Coconet vault to find this throwback of Miss South Pacific 2011. The 2011 pageant was being held in Samoa with 9 beautiful and talented Pacific women competing for the crown. This was the year that Alisi Rabukawaqa took home the crown. We got to follow her journey and the moments that led up to her crowning moments. - "From The Vault" is a collection of some of our Pacific content of the past that we know you'll be able to enjoy in the present.

  • MISS SAMOA 2022

    MISS SAMOA 2022

    After a three year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, the Miss Samoa pageant was back with 8 beautiful contestants vying for the crown. Watch the full pageant above and part 2 in the link below -  {{29710}}

  • MISS TAHITI 2021

    MISS TAHITI 2021

    Cover photo credit:  Vini  and behind the scenes video via Miss Tahiti Youtube  Congratulations to 24 year old Tumateata Buisson who was crowned Miss Tahiti 2021 last night in Papeete, Tahit. "This ones for you Mum" she said after she was crowned. Peep some of the looks she shared during the week leading up to the pageant on her facebook page where she introduced herself to the public as candidate #5 {{24146}} The public were encouraged to vote during the week as their votes counted towards the contestants final score.  The public votes were tallied and an aggregate score added to the judges votes. Here are some of Tumateata's traditional inspired looks that she shared during the week below  {{24115}} Tumateata is of Tahitian, Chinese and French heritage with her mothers family coming from Huahine and the Tuamotu Islands and her Chinese ancestry also comes from her mothers side.   Her fathers family is from Raiatea and her French ancestry comes from her fathers side. Check out the stunning outfits she wore on the night.  We're loving the pandanas outfit (first photo).  Designer Manuarii Teauroa won the Best Costume made out of natural fibres for this beautiful creation and gives credit to the craftsmanship of the Austral Islands combined with Polynesian elegance and the world of Parisian entertainment where he is currently based. Rurutu in the Austral Islands are known for having the best weaving in Tahiti. {{24124}} This years Miss Tahiti pageant was a special occasion as the iconic pageant celebrated 60 years. The pageant took a break last year due to the pandemic but Tumateata will travel to France to represent Tahiti and compete in Miss France 2022. The contestants paid homage to each decade the Miss Tahiti contest had been running in this photoshoot - here are Tumateata's looks from the past 6 decades {{24108}} Results from the night: Miss Tahiti 2021 - Tumateata Buisson  1ere dauphine 2021 - Monoihere DEBEUF 2ème dauphine 2021 - Eileen THUAU Miss Heiva 2021 - Natalia LOUVAT Tumateata was crowned by Miss Tahiti 2019, Matahari Bousquet {{24135}} Enjoy this video of all the contestants lip-syncing to Dua Lipa's "We're Good" below  {{24147}} And #ICYMI you can watch the full Miss Tahiti 2021 pageant via the Miss Tahiti facebook page here -  {{24100}} - Photo credits:  Vini, Stephane Mailion , Kevin Manhen Photography  and Teiki Dev 



    Right before the judges final picks were announced, Miss World co-host Peter Andre performed his classic hit "Mysterious Girl" joined by the Miss World contestants. Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay was front and centre with him.



    Get to know Miss Cook Islands 2019 winner Tajiya Sahay. . Kia Orana my name is Tajiya Eikura Sahay and I am 26 years old.  A little insight into my life - My Dad, Rodney Sahay was born and raised in Lami, Suva Fiji and he moved to Australia to finish his secondary education.  My parents met in Canberra where my Dad was at University completing his Law degree and my Mother, Ruth Scott was working for the Australian government. My mother was raised in Rarotonga by her Grand Aunt and she also spent 4 years schooling in Mitiaro.  Mitiaro known as Nukuroa is where my Grandmother hails from with connections to Manihiki.  I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, however I was very lucky that my Mother ensured we knew our Cook Islands Culture by travelling to our Ipukarea (homeland) on a yearly basis.  I am very grateful that even though we were living in Australia we still embraced our culture in every way by playing Island sounds, Ura dancing, listening to Mums stories of her upbringing and participating in many Pacific Cultural Events.  I feel very connected to our ancestors, traditions, lifestyle and beliefs which is one of the main reasons I felt drawn to permanently move back home to beautiful Rarotonga! {{15217}} Why did you want to enter a beauty pageant? One of the main reasons for joining Miss Cook Islands 2019 was to follow in the footsteps of my beautiful Mother as she joined in 1980.  She is my biggest inspiration and role model in life. She is a strong minded business woman with much influence on our community. My mother once told me that Miss Cook Islands is much more than a beauty pageant, it’s about helping our people and our Country.  It’s about using your platform and voice to empower others, to create awareness about important issues that are relevant to our Country. With this in mind, I strongly believe I can make a difference and be a role model for positive changes.  As a very proud Cook Islander nothing makes me happier than to represent our incredible nation. Entering Miss Cook Islands gave me the opportunity to do so.  {{15215}} I have worked in the Early Childhood Education industry for over 8 years now and am currently studying a Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Fitness. 1500 people currently living in the Cook Islands are diagnosed with NCDS a preventable disease. I want to use my knowledge and experience to educate and create awareness about living a more active and healthy lifestyle. I am currently a personal trainer, group fitness instructor for children and adults, netball coach and a volunteer for Red Cross Cook Islands. {{15221}} This platform will allow me to connect with schools and businesses, and a broader audience, to spread awareness. This is a serious issue we need to address, the Cook Islands are the second most obese country in the world and our statistics show that we are not surviving beyond the age of 60 due to NCDS. Our younger generations need to be educated more and shown more how to live a fun active lifestyle instead of exercise being a chore. I have many practices in place that allows this movement to happen, and I am thrilled to see the changes in our Community. It is definitely a chain reaction when more people jump on board, we as a nation can make a change and I want to pursue this change. I want to use every opportunity to help make a difference where I can. {{15223}} What is unique about Pacific pageants? It is a one of our very special annual events offered to our young Pacific women to perform, learn and educate our small Pacific communities about our culture, values and history.  Our contestants are offered so much support mentally, physically and financially from our communities in terms of sponsorship and families, friends and behind the scene teams. We work as a tight support unit as that is how our Pacific cultures and people are built throughout. {{15225}}  Miss Cook Islands Unique qualities for Miss World -  I believe Miss Cook Islands unique qualities are that of our practicing traditions that have been a part of our culture for hundreds of years, our Ura dancing or Tamure, our Te Reo Maori language and for me most of all our belief system as people.  It is embedded in our mentality to help our people wherever they need.  We are raised on our Kia Orana Values which are sharing our Kia Orana spirit, ending every conversation with Meitaki, preserving our Mana Tiaki and upholding our traditions, customs and beliefs passed down by our ancestors. {{15227}} Our Culture has raised us, there are not a lot of cultures out there that have these written out taught values. It is what makes us and our lands unique, you were raised on them they are naturally a part of us. Pacific people are naturally gifted with “giving”. Our people have a reputation of being kind, smiling, beautiful and giving, there is not a lot of that out in the big world, we represent that emotionally and physically in our dancing, in the way our people talk were passionate about ourselves, the way we welcome people into our homes our culture is all over us. There really is nothing more unique than that. I believe this is a much needed quality to have when we are representing a Miss World title. {{15229}} You performed a really unique talent in the pageant - can you tell us where you learned how to pole dance and the skill you need to be able to do it? I am very passionate about fitness and living an active lifestyle, I participate in all sorts of sports ranging from netball, swimming, European handball, table tennis, yoga, hiking, kayaking, cycling, you name it. While living in Australia, I wanted a new and exciting hobby that would challenge myself physically and mentally. Luckily a Pole Academy had opened in my neighbourhood. There are 8 levels, level 1-3 beginners 4-6 Intermediate 7-8 Advanced.  Completing all levels I then had moved to the Cook Islands and missed the exercise so much that when I returned to Australia I made sure I brought one over to the Cook Islands. {{15231}} It definitely clears my mind, connects my mind, body and soul, something that I enjoy doing in my spare time. It is by far the hardest Exercise I have ever done, it does give you multiple bruises and feels like Chinese burns but the more your body and skin conditions it isn’t as painful. I have now upgraded to a spin pole which I was never taught professionally I actually used YouTube tutorials to help me and a l or of practice but this was the fun part, learning something new and it being very challenging, you have to engage your core more and have good balance. This was definitely a thrill and has made me fitter than I’ve ever been! {{15233}} What is the idea of a beautiful Pacific woman to you? I believe all Woman are beautiful in their own way but a beautiful Pacific woman I believe we all portray. Which is a strong and nurturing woman. Basically what every pacific islander mum is, how they are so cultured how they are with you, a caregiver a grower, a nurturer and combine that with women around you that inspire you. The sacrifices our Woman make and how they build our communities. They are the backbone, they treat everyone the same, stranger, friend, family they will always look after you, feed you, clothe you, put a roof over your head, guide you, they will always watch over you. {{15219}} * Cover shot photo credit - Alex King Photography 



    Check out the Miss Cook Islands Final night in the video above - Evening wear, Traditional wear and the girls final Interviews as well as the crowning of the 2019 Miss Cook Islands and runners up. Then first night of the competition in the video below - Pareu Wear, Talent and Mu'umu'u  {{15147}} RESULTS  Miss Cook Islands 2019 - Tajiya Sahay  1st Runner Up - Emma Kainuku-Walsh  2nd Runner Up - Pearl Lazaro  . Miss Maeva Nui - Maruia Willie  Runner Up Miss Maeva Nui - Eva Parker  Maruia & Eva will join the team representing the Cook Islands at the Pacific Arts Festival in Hawaii next year. {{15151}} Interview - Tajiya Sahay  Traditional Costume - Pearl Lazaro  Talent - Memory Richards  Evening Gown - Tajiya Sahay  Mu'umu'u - Pearl Lazaro  Pareu - Tajiya Sahay  Island Swimwear - Emma Kainuku-Walsh  Te Reo - Maruia Willie  Photogenic - Emma Kainuku-Walsh  Personality - Maruia Willie  Congeniality - Brooke Tinomana  Social Media - Pearl Lazaro  {{15155}}



    It was a night of women empowerment and “curves” in Sydney on Friday night as a new Pacific beauty queen was crowned.  28-year-old Cook Island beauty Mariana Taia walked away the winner of this years ‘Miss South Pacific Plus AU’  {{14462}} The unique pageant now in its second year running, celebrates curvaceous Pacific young women and promotes a strong mission statement of ‘self-love, self-worth and self-confidence.’  Mariana says winning the title means so much to her and her family especially after a tough year.  “Earlier this year I lost my newborn son and not long after that, my grandmother too. So this win is dedicated to them. They inspired me along with my mother to enter the pageant.”  {{14464}} She admits it was good to finally have some ‘happy news’ that gives her a glimmer of hope and a more positive outlook on life.  “It’s like my son and my nana were watching over me and it makes me want to do better for them and for the rest of my family.”  She will now prepare to head to the Miss Plus World competition in Dallas Texas, USA next year.  Mariana says that she will not take the world pageant lightly as she will be representing all of the Pacific Islands.  “My family ‘entourage’ will all be coming to America,” she laughs.  “But I want to make sure I do a great job as a Pacific Island representative. It’s something that I am taking very seriously and I will be planning meetings soon and collaborations.”  {{14466}} For Australia-born Mariana whose parents are from the Cook Island’s of Aitutaki and Penrhyn, she says women of all shapes and sizes should embrace their bodies.  “I want women to know that it’s ok to be a size 26 or what not. What matters is that you love yourself.”  She adds that as the eldest of seven children, she was used to taking care of others before herself.  “But I never thought anything of it, that’s just the way it was and I accepted it and I loved being that example for my family. But it’s so important to look after yourself too.”  {{14470}} Contestants on the night represented the islands of Tonga, Fiji and Samoa and formed a strong sisterhood throughout their pageant journey making appearances at Pacific Island events during the year and participating in community work which Mariana is also passionate about being a youth worker herself.  {{14468}} The entertaining night saw a 300-strong crowd of vocal support for all the participants.  The plus-size beauties opened up the show in colourful dresses designed by popular Samoan designer Arilei Couture.  Impressive traditional and sarong wear was on display as well as cultural performances, including a memorable entrance by Mariana who was carried onto the stage like a queen.  “It may seem ‘extra’ to be carried in like that but it’s actually a Cook Island tradition and authentic in our culture,” she explains.  {{14472}} Her crowning was also welcomed by her family members who performed a rousing Cook Island haka.  Director of Miss South Pacific Plus Victoria Malaga says she is proud of how the contestants have grown in confidence and knowledge.  “I have seen these girls work tirelessly this year and they walk away from this experience feeling more empowered.”  She adds that this year’s pageant success means momentum is growing and she has already received expressions of interest for next year’s Miss South Pacific Plus event.  {{14474}} Just before crowning Mariana, Victoria’s friends and family surprised her with an announcement that she had been appointed the Australia director to the Miss Plus World pageant and that they had submitted her application for her.  “To be appointed the Australia director to Miss Plus World is a dream and a testament to the hard work by my team and I over the last two years. We are so excited to go to Dallas.  “I am blessed that Miss South Pacific Plus is able to provide a platform that allows our young women to believe in themselves and to strive for success.” Check out highlights from the pageant below {{14460}} Miss South Pacific Plus Australia, Award result's 2019. 🇫🇯 Asena Naleba 🇹🇴 Ofa Afu 🇨🇰 Mariana Taia 🇹🇴 Lateisha Afu 🏆Special Award🏆. Miss Internet. Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island Miss beauty with Curves. Lateisha Afu, Miss Tonga Miss Photogenic. Asena Naleba, Miss Fiji Miss Popularity. Ofa Afu, Miss Tonga 🏆Category Award🏆 Miss sarong. Ofa Afu, Miss Tonga Miss traditional inspired wear Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island. Miss Talent. Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island Miss Evening wear. Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island. Miss Interview. Ofa Afu, Miss Tonga. 👑Overall Placing👑 3rd Runner Up. Lateisha Afu, Miss Tonga. 2nd Runner Up. Asena Naleba, Miss Fiji. 1st Runner Up. Ofa Afu, Miss Tonga MSPPAU 2019. Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island. Congratulations to your new Miss South Pacific Plus 2019. 🇨🇰 Mariana Taia. As she will be repersenting, Australia and South Pacific community at Miss World Plus 2020, Dallas Texas USA. Photo credit:  Miss South Pacific Plus AU Facebook page 



    Get to know Miss Samoa 2019 & Miss Pacific Islands 2020 winner Fonoifafo Nancy Mcfarland-Seumanu  . Why did you want to enter a beauty pageant?  The Miss Samoa platform is one that highlights and encompasses the beauty of our Samoa. I have hopes to use this pedestal to raise awareness within our Samoan community around health and advocate for higher education to our Pasifika youth. {{14378}} As a public health nurse, I have witnessed first-hand the impact that low health literacy can have on individuals, especially within our Pasifika families. I would love to actively be involved in health promotion within our Pasifika communities by building connections with different community groups to build awareness of healthy living The Miss Samoa pageant will give me more exposure to different health providers that can help me bring to light the vision I’ve mentioned. On the second day of my reign I was able to meet with Dr. Rasul Baghirov, leader of World Health Organisation, who has requested I work closely with the health team in Samoa in implementing some of the health programmes that will benefit our people. {{14379}} Through this pageant, I also wanted to build further connections with our providers to push for programs that encourage higher education and develop scholarship opportunities for youth. I am fortunate to have attained a tertiary level degree in a field that I am passionate about. I am a firm believer in the power and influence that education can have in changing communities. Prior to attending university, I was part of a Health Science Academy - a program set up to encourage Pacific students to work in the healthcare field. I became a recipient of the First Foundation Scholarship and that financially supported me through my 3 years in university. Programs such as the Health Science Academy motivated me to pursue my education. {{14382}} With this pageant, I would like to push for more programs as such to encourage more of our Pasifika students to pursue higher education. My education now has opened many doors and opportunities for me and I believe it can do the same for all our Pasifika youth. On the Monday and Friday following the pageant I was invited to guest speak at the numeracy and literacy opening for students, and the open day National University of Samoa was hosting for students entering their tertiary years. At these events I was able to speak on the importance of education and the opportunities that have presented themselves since completing my tertiary year studies. I look forward to continuing this line of work upon my return. {{14384}} What is the idea of a beautiful Pacific woman to you?  A beautiful Pacific woman to me is someone with a heart of service and can lead by example - A woman who embodies the values of our culture and our people and carries herself with humility. An example of this would be my Mother - Nancy McFarland-Seumanu. My mother inspires me through her strength and independence. After raising 7 children, she decided to pursue higher education with hopes of securing a brighter further for our family. Despite English being her second language, she took the challenge head on with her studies and successfully achieved her diploma in Mental Health. Her example has taught me that with perseverance and endurance, anything can be attainable {{14388}} What does it mean to be a tama'ita'i Samoa in the modern Samoan world? There are a lot of obstacles that we are confronted with on a daily basis. . What do you think are Miss Samoa's unique qualities for Miss South Pacific?  For myself, I offer experience in a work field that is of importance to our people. Our people are highly represented in non-communicable diseases that are easily preventable through simple lifestyle changes. With the Miss South Pacific platform, I will be able to build awareness around these diseases and educate our Pacific families on preventative methods, whilst at the same time building awareness around the importance of maintaining healthier lifestyle options. I also believe that given my educational background, I could be of use to our Pacific people by promoting higher levels of education. As a Miss Samoa, it is pivotal that I understand our cultural values of Samoa. Our culture has many aspects – language, attire, customs, food, traditions etc. All these aspects are of importance to me and have contributed largely to who I am as an individual. I believe that is another unique quality that the Miss Samoa offers for the Miss South Pacific pageant. {{14392}} On the 30th of November Fonoifafo was crowned Miss Pacific Islands 2020 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  She also took out the Best Traditional Wear and Best Interview categories. {{15661}} A few days later the newly crowned Miss Pacific Islands was in Samoa where she swapped her crown for her nursing cap and joined health officials helping to ensure families in Samoa are immunised against measles. She then joined the team of vaccinators who went into communities to reach families in rural areas as well as the government mass vaccination campaign.  {{15659}} Sei behind the ear or sei in the bun?  Behind ear  . Puletasi or modern mu'umu'u?  Puletasi {{14394}} Weapon of choice: Jandal or Salu? Salu  . Jason Momoa or the Rock Jason Momoa  {{14395}}



    The Miss Heilala Pageant Grand Ball Finale 2019 was held last night in the Kingdom of Tonga after a week of festivities and categories the girls competed in including talent, tau'olunga, island creation & sarong as well as pre-pageant interviews. Unfortunately the event was overshadowed by the events that followed when attempts were made to silence Miss Heilala 2018, Kalo Funganitao after Miss Heilala organisers unplugged her microphone during her final speech when she started to voice her struggles in the past year, including criticizing them for their lack of support at the Miss Pacific Islands beauty pageant held in Nuku'alofa last year.  You can watch Kalo's full speech in the video above as well as in the live video below by one of the contestants when the committee turned Kalolaine's microphone off. {{13394}} Lastly, congratulations to newly crowned Miss Heilala 2019 Yehenara Soukop. {{13399}}

  • Mr Tahiti 2018 Highlights

    Mr Tahiti 2018 Highlights

    Skuxx Levels 100 at Mr Tahiti 2018. Check out all the action from the 2018 pageant and like any competition there can be only one! 

  • Keepin it Fresh at the Miss Pacific Islands pageant in Tonga!

    Keepin it Fresh at the Miss Pacific Islands pageant in Tonga!

    The Miss Pacific Islands pageant returned to the Kingdom of Tonga - catch highlights of the float parade & the pageant itself right here!



    Watch the live stream coverage of Miss Pacific Islands 2018 held in the Kingdom of Tonga. Island Formal Ball, Stage interview, prizes & crowning 

  • MISS TAHITI 2018

    MISS TAHITI 2018

    Miss Tahiti 2018 - Watch as some of the most beautiful, gracious and talented Tahitian woman come together and compete for the title of Mis Tahiti 2018.

  • Mr Tahiti 2018

    Mr Tahiti 2018

    By Are Raimbault  Every year ten, handsome Tahitian men compete for the hearts & votes of French Polynesia and the title of MR TAHITI.  The pageant is always a big hit in Tahiti with the show taking place at the Le Meridien Resort. {{10909}} It's the premier male beauty pageant in Tahiti and has been running for more than twenty years.  The Mr Tahiti winner receives sponsored gifts & is appointed Tahiti's ambassador representing the country in culture & image along with Miss Tahiti for a whole year.  {{10914}} Following an intense social media campaign where each challenger works at gathering an online following, they then walk the catwalk in different categories surf wear, swim wear, traditional costume and evening wear. They are also required to showcase their talent.   Mr Tahiti is elected by the public through texting and a jury made up of beauty pageant specialists & sponsors. {{10924}} Moya B, a member of the committee tells us "This year we decided to go for the theme of the Ocean.  We took the candidates out in nature in order to promote environmental awareness among the young public that follows the pageant.  Of course a healthy mind in a healthy body are required to become Mister Tahiti but the most important part is the human values". {{10940}} The pageant is also a great opportunity for local creators to express their artistry and showcase their work during the very anticipated traditional costume catwalk. Each year the level of details and attention put into the pieces seem to get closer to "Haute Couture" as demonstrated by the night's shark/warrior inspired best costume that was awarded to the famous tahitian designer Christopher Prenat. {{11001}} The show's producer Alexandre Taliercio says "The competition is a true reflection of today's Polynesia as it has a lot of beautiful ethnic mixing and the guys come from very different social backgrounds." {{10959}} After an amazing show, Tamahei Pahoeani was crowned Mr Tahiti 2018.   He told us right after the announcement "It's a mix of emotions of joy and stress at the same time. It's weird! I really didn't expect this victory as we were all handsome and qualified for the title. I would like to use this platform to bring awareness to the protection of our lagoon and nature. We are lucky enough to still have a beautiful Fenua and we should protect it, not only for ourselves but also for the future generations" {{10995}} The top four placings are  - Mr Tahiti - Tamahei Pahoeani - 1st Runner Up : Pua Tai Hikutini - 2nd Runner Up : Eremoana Manuel - 3rd Runner Up (Mr Heiva) : Heiki Haoatai {{10966}} {{10972}} {{10987}} {{10990}}

  • Miss Samoa Pre pageant interviews

    Miss Samoa Pre pageant interviews

    Pre pageant interviews with the 9 Miss Samoa 2018 contestants held at the Savaiian Hotel in Lalomalava, Savai'i.

  • Miss Samoa Pageant 2018 Highlights Part 2

    Miss Samoa Pageant 2018 Highlights Part 2

    Highlights from the Miss Samoa pageant in Savai'i including the pageants trip to Savaii on Lady Samoa III, their arrival in Salelologa, village scenes, welcoming Ava Ceremony & interviews with the President  of the Samoa Savai'i Tourism Association.

  • Miss Heilala 2018

    Miss Heilala 2018

    The recent Miss Heilala pageant has had rumours run rife and huge shade being slung all over social media about the controversial winning decision. Miss Heilala 2018 Kalo Funganitao was crowned to a cacophony of boos from some of the audience, and allegations of rigging with her sponsor Apraxus also being a main pageant sponsor. {{9690}} {{9680}} The Tongan community from inside and outside of Tonga had this to say about the Miss Heilala 2018 pageant, but also Island pageants in general -  Lisiate T Wolfgram  The problem is that I feel pageant organizers for a while now are unclear of their mandate and vision. They also have not factored in that, globally, gender roles for women have evolved, women are gaining more equality, women are more empowered and are owning their own voices and speaking their truths. So, while it is encouraging to witness that some contestants were doing this, speaking about uncomfortable topics such rape, sexual violence and youth violence, this contestant was able to articulate these talking points from a position of privilege as a diasporic Tongan, whereas this would be much more difficult for a local Tongan because she is culturally bound to social taboos when speaking about sex. {{9694}} So if pageant organizers are more cognizant of power dynamics in a cultural and social context, the more effective solution that would have long term positive impact on Tonga society would be empowering local Tongan young women to advocate for themselves, because diasporic winners of the pageant are not bound to live in Tonga after they serve their one year, and even then, they haven’t grew up in Tonga to fully develop meaningful insights so they can articulate these issues in their platforms in a way that is meaningful. That’s just one example of how the pageant needs to evolve to meet the reality of a changing world and changing values. {{9718}} The drama with the recent pageant is similar to previous years. There will always be people unhappy with the results, there will always be accusation of pageant rigging, and that's just the nature of pageants. However, I see no efforts in the past and currently to mitigate those concerns, and there is an accusation from the 1st runner up that the entourage of the winner came backstage while they were all waiting to be brought out for the final announcements. She said in a Facebook post that her entourage came and prepped her in the back for her crowning in the midst of the other contestants. We don't know if there's any truth to that, but this is what I mean by mitigating: putting safeguards in place to maintain the integrity of the pageant. For all we know, this could have been just a problem of logistics, not having security in the back to make sure no one is coming in and out of the back, but because of the lack of organization, it can easily come across as cheating/pageant rigging. Or, she could be just telling the truth. {{9721}} So what usually happens is that people are on social media fighting over the results, and it's really bad this year with even contestants getting in on the action, meanwhile, no one is questioning the pageant organizers, hold them accountable, what transparency measures are in place, they get away with this lack of organization and putting on a shitty pageant every year, and they court contestants from overseas because they believe it brings prestige to the pageant and for sure it is an economic driver because the families of contestants drop lots of money on the pageant and also while they are in Tonga for Heilala week. {{9719}} . Indira Stewart (Former Miss Heilala contestant) Watching the way the contestants behaved once this year's Miss Heilala was crowned was shocking. Politics or not, whether you agree with the judges or not, there is something special in keeping your dignity in public defeat. Humility, modesty and respect are values expected of Tongan women and those competing in Miss Heilala should know that they are on a platform as role models to other young Tongan girls. The behaviour they displayed was revealing of their character and their low standard of faka'apa'apa (respect) and fakatokilalo (humility). {{9737}} Ofakilevuka guttenbeil likiliki Beauty pageants are outdated. If what we are looking for are young empowered women who can give voice to the issues faced by the youth and in particular, young women, then we need to shift the platform from beauty pageants that judge girls on things that are totally irrelevant in today’s society. We need to be creating spaces that embrace a holistic definition of beauty: and dismantling what beauty pageants have created all over the world - a one perspective or view of beauty that all women and girls should be measured against. There are so many other ways in which we can indentifying young women ambassadors. {{9698}} I never comment on Miss Heilala but something is bugging me... Why are people, who are defending the recently crowned Miss Heilala 2018, contradicting themselves saying things like: * it’s not all about beauty * she’s not the prettiest, but.... * the runner up was prettier, but.... Really??? Who defines beauty? On what basis is beauty defined? Is it through a western concept of beauty - looking for the more sharper and fairer features, or lighter hair shade as opposed to Tongan features? {{9701}} She looks very Tongan to me. Would have loved it more had she let her hair down in its natural curls. But that just goes to show how even with our #PolynesianHair we are taught to believe that straighter is better. We got to embrace #TonganBeauty and stop looking for a diluted western concept of beauty... there are millions of western looking women - what we need to do is celebrate and be proud of #TonganBeauty before it becomes something we don’t recognize anymore..... #JustSaying #ItsMissHeilalaNOTmissRoseORsunflower #SheIsBeautiful #TonganBeauty {{9710}} Bullying and online violence should never be condoned. If this is what our young people are exposed to - and is their experience of what a Miss Heilala pageant is - the. We really need to rethink about why we are still holding these events. What about bringing back the National Youth Parliament and holding it during Heilala? The winning Miss Heilala, Kalo, said she wanted to use the Heilala pageant as a platform to raise issues. I totally respect and proud of her for saying that. BUT here’s the thing; I cannot name one Miss Heilala from past years who had advocated or lobbied for a social or youth issue in Tonga. So maybe we have to face the harsh reality and accept that perhaps the Miss Heilala is just but a ‘Beauty Pageant’ {{9723}} This is NOT the Tonga or Samoa 20-30 years ago when beauty pageants were just what it was. There is a growing destructiveness about them now - just like we have witnessed over the last 48 hours Something needs to be done! {{9728}}

  • Miss Tahiti 2018

    Miss Tahiti 2018

    {{9336}} Miss Tahiti is one of the most avidly awaited public events in the country and the most lavish and expensive regional event in all of the French Territories.  {{9317}} Local Tahitians are really passionate about it because the winner becomes the ambassador of Tahiti's image and culture in the world for a year. Miss Tahiti is elected by a jury but also by the population since people can text a number to cast their vote. {{9329}} She gets a lot of opportunities and she also becomes a challenger to potentially win Miss France in December and Tahitians really want to beat the other regions at this pageant in particular. {{9311}} Miss Tahiti is different than the other beauty pageants because it becomes a celebration of 'The Vahine' and the pageant also incorporates a catwalk of natural costumes hand made with only natural materials. Huge numbers of local craft people and designers are involved and there is a dazzling display of local flora and fauna woven into these stunning designs.  {{9337}} The top four competitors are :  - Miss Tahiti : Vaimalama Chaves - 1st Runner Up : Emehe Dezerville - 2nd Runner Up : Vehi Boudot - Miss Heiva (3rd Runner Up) : Tihina Ropiteau {{9323}} {{9331}}

  • Keepin it Fresh at Miss Pacific Islands

    Keepin it Fresh at Miss Pacific Islands

    We're keepin it Fresh with the Miss Pacific Islands 17/18 contestants in Nadi, Fiji!  

  • Miss Pacific Islands 2017

    Miss Pacific Islands 2017

    Miss Pacific Islands 2017 currently going down in Fiji! Don't miss out on the live action. 



    An Australian-based Niuean wins Miss Niue Aotearoa 2017. Valencia Lama, an 18 year old living in Sydney, has become the first Australian-based Niuean to win the crown of Miss Niue Aotearoa. The year 12 student who is completing her final year of high school, says she’s ready for the challenge. “I’m so excited for the journey and the impact I’m going to have on the young people,” she says through her tears. {{5943}} “I’ve had so much support from my family in Aotearoa New Zealand and those who have come from all over Auckland to support me, and today I’m taking home the crown, that was the ultimate goal.” Valencia, who’s father is Tibetan, told the crowd during her interview that her living in Australia should not deter the judges from selecting her for the title. The judges unanimously agreed and despite being the youngest on the stage, Valencia won the interview section with her conviction, and picked up the talent and sarong sections also. {{5945}} 1st runner up went to Shawn Lomu who is quarter Niuean, quarter Tongan and half Papua New Guinean, and won the crowd over with her endearing encouragement of other young Niuean girls to “just do it!” {{5947}} 2nd runner up is Esa-Jayne Peika, an Auckland University music major who played the saxophone, keyboard and sang during her talent. {{5949}} 3rd runner up Haylee Osikai Esela’s love for heritage through art is reflected in her cultural wear, made by a team of women using traditional Niuean materials. {{5951}} 4th runner up went to Katherine Haletama Fatamaka and her cultural wear was a tribute to her grandfather who was among the islands best fishermen. {{5953}} 5th runner up day care reliever Leilah Tohovaka Fa’amausili wore a cultural garment that reflected both her Niuean and and Maori heritage such as hiapo and flax. {{5955}} 6th runner up was Addison Ioane who showed the crowd how to make one of the island’s most revered dishes, the takihi. {{5957}} . OTHER CATEGORY PLACINGS: Miss Photogenic: Haylee Osikai Esela Miss Congeniality: Katherine Haletama Fatamaka Miss Fitness: Addison Ioane {{5967}} Miss Personality: Shawn Lomu Miss Social Media: Haylee Osikai Esela Miss Dance: Katherine Haletama Fatamaka Miss Vagahau Niue: Haylee Osikai Esela Miss Vagahau Niue in media: Esa-Jayne Peika {{5965}}  . Best Sarong: Valencia Lama {{5963}} Best Talent: Valencia Lama Best Evening Wear: Shawn Lomu Best Cultural Wear: Shawn Lomu {{5961}} Best interview: Valencia Lama  . 6th Runner up: Addison Ioane 5th Runner up: Leilah Tohovaka Fa’amausili 4th Runner up: Katherine Haletama Fatamaka 3rd Runner up: Haylee Osikai Esela 2nd Runner up: Esa-Jayne Peika 1st Runner up: Shawn Lomu Miss Niue Aotearoa 2017: Valencia Lama . {{5959}}

  • Get to know Maine Kuki Airani (Miss Cook Islands) 2017 - Lydia Simonis Tariu

    Get to know Maine Kuki Airani (Miss Cook Islands) 2017 - Lydia Simonis Tariu

    Russia and Polynesia are on opposite sides of the map and are pretty unlikely crossing of cultures. You would think .... until the chance meeting of the parents of Lydia SImonis Tariu, who brought together the cultural elements of these two cultures together in the wonderful way that produced a lineage of proud Russian Kuki Airani children. {{5562}} Lydia is one of the three children of this union who is passionate about coming from the small Island of Atiu - the island she recently represented on stage as a dancer at the recent Te Maeva Nui festival. Lydia spent a couple of months recently in Rarotonga during the festival, rehearsing for the highly competitive  dance showcase, and also appearing in the popular Rakei Manava wearable arts show.  {{5565}} Her unusual heritage has also been a hot topic as she took out the top tiara in a Miss Cook Islands pageant, putting Aitu on the map and also highlighting the many cultural mixes that goes into what makes a Kuki Airani person in todays' cosmopolitan Pacific.   {{5568}} Its been a heritage not without its challgenges as she tells the Coconet - particularly in the often racist and restrictive small towns of Australia where she grew up "Growing up in Australia I used to get teased because of my skin colour and I guess because I looked different.  The kids'd be like 'Whats the colour of poo?  It's YOU!'  {{5572}} My Mother is of Russian heritage and my father is from the island of Atiu. My father went to Australia for dancing and my Mum is a first generation Australian born Russian.  Her parents went to Australia in World War 2.  So they met in Australia.  {{5575}} Being raised in a mixed heritage household, both cultures are similar in a few areas like discipline, our morals & respect for elders.  It was a really rewarding thing because I've always had a lot of family around me and I felt really enriched with who I was. Both my parents are Catholic but other than that the cultures are quite different.  Russian culture is such an old culture and Cook Island culture is old as well but I'd say the Russian culture is a bit more advanced. {{5578}} Our food would be mostly different but we do have a couple of things that are similar.  Cook Islanders have Mayonese and Russians do a potato salad but they don't include beetroot with it, it's definitely just sour cream, chives, spring onions & a lot of it is the same pretty much.  I think if Cook Islanders were to try Russian food they would fall in love.  Russians have a meal called Piroshki which is exactly like the Cook Islands doughnut but it has meat in the middle and I think if Cook Islanders were to try it they'd love it so much!" {{5581}} #ICYMI Lydia was also featured in last years 'Pacific Runway' in Sydney, Australia {{5583}} Enjoy this video of her dancing in the Logtronix 'Aso' video with her sister Tiare and former Miss Pacific Islands Latafale Auva'a  {{5582}}



    Alexandra Iakopo who nearly didn't enter the pageant as she 'thought she wasn't good enough' brought the house down with the sheer originality of her performance, puletasi design and confident interview answers. {{5292}} Judge Cecelia Keil said Alexandra emerged more and more as the clear winner as the night progressed with the way she held herself and her crowd pleasing talent section. "I see her as someone who can really go on to represent the region and be a great ambassador - she also has a great natural Samoan look and poise about her that will stand out at Miss Pacific Islands" Alexandra performed a mock news style skit as a TV presenter brining the issues of Samoa to TV screens for her talent, topping it off with a hilarious Michael Jackson dance which won the hearts of the crowd. {{5294}} Her puletasi also included this spirit of originality, the two piece with a gospel choir style cape reflecting her village of Sapali'i where the missionaries first arrived.  . FULL RESULTS: MISS SAMOA 2017 - Miss House Of Gold Alexandra Iakopo! She also won Miss Personality (Voted on by her fellow contestants), Best Talent & Best Interview {{5296}} We also congratulate the following category winners & runners up: Miss Photogenic & Miss Internet:  Miss EMD, Karameli Oriana Schuster Miss National Tourism: Miss Original Style, Natasha Darryl Best Sarong: Miss Samoa NSW, Fasi Faitala Talimatasi Liolevave Best Puletasi: Miss Samoa Victoria, Adele Faaosofia Best Traditional Inspired award: Miss Samoa Victoria,  Adele Faaosofia {{5298}} 4th runner up:  Miss Samoa NZ, Natalie Leitulagi Toevai 3rd runner up:  Miss Tapz Fashion, Naitosala Jane Schuster 2nd runner up:  Miss Victoria, Adele Faaosofia 1st runner up: Miss NSW, Fasi Faitafa Talimatasi Liolevave {{5302}} For our full set of pageant pictures click here 



    Deliciousness was on the table and on the skin today for the Miss Samoa contestants at Le Petit Cafe. {{5244}} While they tasted siamu popo crepes and the cafe's signature organic produce we put some very serious lifestyle questions to them: {{5247}} Jason Momoa or the Rock?  Jason Momoa  Sei in the ear or in the bun?  Ear  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Weapon of Choice - Jandals or Nifo Oki?  Jandals  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific?  I care about promoting our Healthy eating and organic food {{5250}} Oka & Taro or Fish & Chips?  Oka & Taro  You could only live with one for the rest of your life - Heels or Makeup?  Heels  Perfect date is cocktails at the Marina or dinner at Pinatis?  Dinner at Pinati's   Fave swim spot in Samoa?  To Sua Trench  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific? Quality Education, that will definitely improve everything in our development {{5253}} When you wake up in the morning are you Te Fiti or Te Ka?  Te Ka  Umu or BBQ?  BBQ Jason Momoa or The Rock?  Jason Momoa  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific? Customer service - how to put our best foot forward in samoa {{5258}} Sei on the ear or sei on the bun?  Sei on the ear  Perfect date is cocktails at the marina or dinner at Pinatis?  Pinatis  Weapon of choice - Nifo Oki or Jandal?  Jandals  You could only live with one for the rest of your life - Heels or Makeup?  Makeup  When you wake up in the morning are you Te Fiti or Te Ka?  Te Fiti  {{5261}} Jason Momoa or the Rock?  The Rock  Sei in the ear or in the bun?  Ear  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Weapon of Choice - Jandals or Nifo Oki?  Jandals  Perfect date - cocktails at the marina or dinner at Pinatis?  Cocktails at the Marina  {{5264}} When you wake up in the morning are you Te Fiti or Te Ka?  Te Ka  Umu or BBQ?  Umu  Jason Momoa or The Rock?  Jason Momoa  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific?  Animal welfare around the Pacific is something I care about {{5267}} Jason Momoa or the Rock?  The Rock  Oka & Taro or Fish n Chips?  Oka & Taro  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Fave swimming spot?  Vavau   Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific? Violence against women & children {{5270}}  Oka & Taro or Fish & Chips?  Oka & Taro  You could only live with one for the rest of your life - Heels or Makeup?  Make-Up  Perfect date is cocktails at the Marina or dinner at Pinatis?  Dinner at Pinati's   Fave swim spot in Samoa?  Rock Pool, Sliding Rocks  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific? Dengue Fever  {{5273}} Jason Momoa or the Rock?  Jason Momoa  Sei in the ear or in the bun?  Ear  Puletasi or Mu'umu'u?  Puletasi  Weapon of Choice - Jandals or Nifo Oki?  Jandals  Whats the biggest issue for you in the Pacific? I'm worried about Mental health issues in Samoa and care around this



    Highlights from the Miss Cook Islands 2017 pageant held in the lead up to Te Maeva Nui in Rarotonga.

  • Mr. Tahiti 2017

    Mr. Tahiti 2017

    Mr Tahiti - Where some of Tahiti's most beautiful men compete for the title of Mr. Tahiti 2017! Stay tuned for what the audience think would make a great Mr. Tahiti.

  • MISS GALAXY - Opening night highlights

    MISS GALAXY - Opening night highlights

    The 24th Miss Galaxy pageant was held at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall in the Kingdom showcasing the creativity and talents of the leitis. It was once again an absolutely fabulous show - here are highlights from the opening night.

  • Introducing the Miss Heilala 2017 contestants

    Introducing the Miss Heilala 2017 contestants

    Meet your Miss Heilala 2017 pageant contestants vying for the crown in the Kingdom of Tonga this year ...

  • Miss SOFIAs Pageant 2017

    Miss SOFIAs Pageant 2017

    The Miss SOFIAS Pageant is one of the most anticipated events in all of American Samoa.  This year’s theme was ‘Carousel of Curiosity’ and it was a night filled with colour, vibrancy, and life! The Society of Fa’afaafine in American Samoa - SOFIAS, holds as its motto “Ia e Ola Malamalama I lou Fa’asinomaga” or “Be of Virtue and Pride in Your Identity”.  SOFIAS aims to align itself and work collaboratively with fa'afafine and the LGBTI community in American Samoa, the Asia Pacific region, and the world. To be able to attend this year’s Miss SOFIAS pageant was an absolute pleasure. One word I would use to describe the event would be ‘overwhelming’. From the opening performance, to the extravagant costumes, to the award winning talents and interviews, I was truly overwhelmed. Five gorgeous contestants vied for the prestigious title, competing in Lady SOFIAS, Swimsuit, Talent, and Interview categories. The winner of all four categories, a crowd favourite, and newly crowned Miss SOFIAS 2017, was the lovely Miss Eden Brown. Eden wowed us with her majestic gowns and moved us with her emotional talent. Starting with a powerful spoken word piece and ending with a beautiful rendition of ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day. I was given the chance to catch up with Eden after the pageant and we talked about how fa’afafine pageants usually have a large focus on the element of entertainment. When asked why it was important for her to touch on a more serious social issue she replied, “We’ve all seen the entertainment part of fa’afafine pageants and I thought I’d bring a much more emotional and inspiring element to the stage. My talent was based around my platform of living healthy and being able to inspire and empower others. I am a teacher at our local high school and I decided to incorporate some of the issues affecting the youth and our community (e.g. Inclusion and Acceptance). I believe these issues can all be resolved when we put our differences aside and try to uplift and empower one another. With my passion of writing and singing I hope my talent served as a reminder for everyone to push past the ignorance and hate, and Rise up.” Eden’s message to all fa’afafine that struggle with acceptance is “Please be yourself and never let negativity “CLOUD AND RAIN ON YOUR PARADE”. Inspire and empower others and everything will fall into place. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PRAY and keep in mind that IT CAN GET BETTER.” Thank you Eden for sharing your empowering message with the world; you are a true inspiration to all. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting your Miss SOFIAS American Samoa 2017/

  • Miss Heilala 2016 - Laura Lauti

    Miss Heilala 2016 - Laura Lauti

    Check out the beautiful tau'olunga by the newly crowned Miss Heilala - Miss Loumalie Lodge, Laura Lauti! Laura beat 10 other contestants to not only claim the overall title, but she also won the island creation section, talent and tau'olunga competitions.  She currently is studying business in LA and is also signed to to a modelling agency in New York.



    Congratulations to our newly crowned Miss Samoa NZ & Miss Samoa Australia! Both the Miss Samoa NZ & Miss Samoa Australia pageants were held over the weekend with the 2015/2016 reigning beauty queens - Christina Taefu (Miss Samoa NZ) and Ariana Taufao (Miss Samoa AU) relinquishing their crowns to the new 2016/2017 winners. The Miss Samoa NZ pageant also celebrated 25 years!  Congratulations to our beautiful Miss Samoa NZ 2016 - Naomi Fruean  Miss Samoa NZ 2015/2016 Christina Taefu about to crown the 1st Runner Up. Miss Samoa NZ Naomi Fruean with 2014/2015 winner Latafale Auva'a, Miss Samoa NZ pageant Director Te'eva Matafai & others. Photo Credit:  Fata Tuialii Photography And congratulations to our Miss Samoa Australia 2016 - Miriama Meafou  Miss Samoa Australia 2015/2016 & current Miss Samoa - Ariana Taufao Photo Credit:  Miss Samoa Australia FB page 

  • Beauty with a Purpose

    Beauty with a Purpose

    Auckland Samoa Fa'afafine Association Beauty Pageant - More than just a Fa'afafine beauty pageant - it is Beauty with a purpose. Phylesha Brown-Acton, a former winner of two national and one international beauty pageants, explores the Miss Auckland Samoa Fa’afafine Association Beauty Pageant and unearths a support system that provides kinship and solidarity. Phylesha Brown-Acton (2nd from left, who was Miss Le Penina 1997, Miss Gardenia NZ 1999 & Miss Galaxy 2003) with Miss Queen of Queens 1997 Freda Waterhouse (Far Left), Miss ASFA 2015 Jessica Hunt Auva'a (Middle), Miss Samoa Fa'afafine 2015/16 Steva Auina (2nd from right) and Miss Universal Show Queen 2006 Cocoa Chandelier It was deja vu for me, 13 years after the last beauty pageant I had won at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau – it seemed all too familiar.  It bustled like a chaotic domestic airport, suitcases being wheeled in, high heels clanking against the cement floor, large costume boxes carted here and there, chaperones rushing to changing rooms from the car park, collecting endless items for contestants backstage, the energy and vibe of competition high.  At front of house, people queuing in a line that seemed endless, selfies galore, chatter, laughter and excitement filled the air.  In the main auditorium, the stage set and decorated, seats allocated for 400 people, organisers frantically applying the last minute touches before the doors open, anxiety ripe.  A sold out event, the pageant being an event strongly supported by Auckland's Samoan and Pasifika communities.  Backstage prep with the contestants Rewind 29 years and Fa'afafine beauty pageants were situated in tiny nightclubs throughout Auckland, the emphasis always on humour and entertainment.  Contestants had to contend with smaller stages, limited audience numbers, no social media, smoke filled venues, handmade tiaras and an event rarely covered by media.  Recently fa’afafine beauty pageants in Auckland have dwindled in popularity seeing a decline in the early 2000’s. There were questions raised with night club/bar owners about the profits benefitting their own establishments and not the interests of the fa’afafine community. The pageant last Saturday night is one that is building momentum by the ASFA as a way to positively showcase its fa’afafine community, provide opportunities and develop initiatives that have been led & grown by fa’afafine, for fa’afafine.  Miss Queen of Queens 1987-88, Freeda Waterhouse (Aucklands 1st Fa'afafine winner) & Miss Samoa Fa’afafine 2015-16, Steva Auina.   Show time kicks off, the audience erupts into a furore, contestants are beautiful, glamourous and confident, costumes and gowns are show stoppers and the programme runs to a tight schedule led by mistress of ceremonies Miss Tara Apa. The pageant theme being "Beauty with a purpose" encourages contestants to bring more to the stage than just humour, it was very clear that the contestants had solid platforms, all representing strong messages about their pride in being fa'afafine & sending messages to community about their existence, their voice and visibility.    "The reason I entered Miss Auckland Samoa Fa'afafine Association Beauty Pageant was because I wanted to experience what a beauty pageant was like & participate in a community event to represent my family and myself" says 27 yr old Jessica Hunt-Auva'a, an Auckland Samoan proudly representing the villages of Vaitele, Falealupo, Lotofaga and Vaitoloa and sponsored by the Kweenz Maine Dance Group.   The Kweenz Maine Dance group is a cohort of Fa'afafine members formed in high school by likeminded students as a result of experiencing bullying.  The establishment of the group provided its members confidence and safety in numbers as well as a voice to pressure the schools senior management team into addressing the issues they were confronted with bringing about change.  This resulted in ending bullying & also reconnected broken relationships with peers who viewed them negatively.   Kweenz Maine members performing at a community function Their advocacy from the school yard 10 years ago continues to be the group’s mantra, to always stand in solidarity with one another to bring about positive change for all Fa'afafine.  Since the inception of the Miss ASFA, both the winners have come from the Kweenz group. Upon discussion with Kweenz members it was apparent there were similar parallels in their daily lives such as stigma, discrimination, negative stereotypes, bullying, social issues, religion opposing fa’afafine, cultural values & beliefs that minimise fa’afafine, relationship issues and difficulty navigating or finding appropriate support services. Kweenz Maine Dance Group members, 1st and 2nd ASFA Beauty Pageant title holders. Jessica a retail manager in one of Auckland's busiest shopping malls, was asked about her experience in the pageant "Prior to the pageant, I knew it wasn't going to be easy but my journey has been amazing!  The stress, tears and hard work was definitely worth it.  At times it would have been easier to just give up but then I remembered why I was doing it so I persevered and continued.  The reality of beauty pageantry isn't all about the glitz and glamour as everyone assumes it to be but it's the mental and physical preparation you have to be ready for, focus first then action.  During this journey, I've discovered things about myself I didn't know I was capable of and that is the beauty of taking risks and putting yourself on the line,  I am so thankful though for the amazing support system that has surrounded me during my preparations”.   Miss Auckland Samoa Fa’afafine Association 2016, Jessica Hunt Auva’a with Kweenz Maine Dance Group President, Jaroncye Lole. In reflection I’ve been reminded why I, many moons ago contemplated a beauty pageant as a way to gain support from others and to feel a connected kinship with my fa’afafine sisters and brothers.  It is this type of support system that continues to operate via beauty pageants for fa’afafine, that grow others, makes them feel included, embraced and supported.  A Fa’afafine pageant is a great platform to show we exist in the community, the more numbers, the stronger our voice will be heard.  It is an opportunity for everyone to shine, discover themselves and break down stereotypes.  My advice to any fa’afafine wishing to be a future Miss ASFA is always remember to be you and always carry your family in your heart and mind.  Do it for the right reasons and not for celebrity status.  Stay humble and believe you can do it, train your mind to focus on the bigger picture which is always to be proud of who you are and that you are an example to other fa’afafine around you.  With the Lord on your side, anything is possible. Be you, live your life fearlessly and dance to the beat of your own drum.  Know that you are never alone and that nothing is preventing you from succeeding in life but yourself, don’t be your own enemy, grow and live”. And these are words from a person that has been embraced and nurtured by a school support group developed by fa’afafine peers, entered a beauty pageant developed by fa’afafine for fa’afafine, holds family as central to her being and is now an ambassador that can only further advocate for fa’afafine at higher levels. I am most proud that fa’afafine of today are using lessons learned from past beauty pageants, taking charge of developing their own support systems and reinventing their own initiatives.  The theme 'Beauty with a Purpose' reinforces a positive message by fa’afafine, it shifts the focus from being laughed at, to being celebrated and that there is no longer this comedic expectation imposed by community on them anymore. Congratulations to all contestants, you are all winners in the big picture.   Photo Credits:  Cocoa Chandelier, Jessica Hunt-Auva'a, Steva Auina   

  • Meet the Miss Samoa 2016 Pageant Contestants

    Meet the Miss Samoa 2016 Pageant Contestants

    The annual Miss Samoa 2016 pageant closes out the Teuila festivities next Friday so lets meet the 8 gorgeous contestants who have entered this year. Miss Lila's Flora  Contestant #1 - Abba Rose of Sharon Dinah Vaiaoga-Ioasa 26 years old Villages:Alafua, Puipa’a, Toamua & Lēonē Currently working in Canada on secondment as a Process Engineer for Graymont Inc - supplier of lime and limestone products.  She holds a Bachelor of Chemicals and Materials Engineering (Hon) degree from the University of Auckland and is one of the Associate Producers for the film Three Wise Cousins  Miss Royalty Creations  Contestant #2 - Esther Timoteo 19 years old Villages: Vaivase-Tai, Poutasi, Falealili & Saanapu She has always admired the beauty of Samoa and is proud of her Samoan culture. She is determined to be an example for change in our society and wants to empower and inspire young females - if you have a goal or dream, you are never too young or too old to chase it! Miss Samoa New Zealand  Contestant #3 - Naomi Eta Fruean 21 years old Villages: Lotofaga Aleipata & Moto’otua Studying at the University of Auckland in order to build her  knowledge and skills to be an effective advocate for our Samoan people.  Her hobbies include song writing, playing the piano, singing, travelling, problem solving and kirikiti. Miss Fuatino's Fashion  Contestant #4 - Tina Kerisiano-Mose Kirisome 21 years old Villages: Salua Manono Tai  Studied for a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality at NUS in 2015 and is currently working for Fuatino’s Fashion. She plan to study abroad to enhance her knowledge in the tourism industry.  Hobbies include music, swimming and telling jokes.   Miss Tapz Designs  Contestant #5 - Maria Elena Falepunaoa Schuster Maposua  23 years old Villages: Afega and Vaimea  Attended the National University of Samoa and currently working at Western Union. Maria has a passion for singing and was a member of the National University Chamber Choir and is an active member of her church choir at the Mulivai Cathedral   Miss Samoa NSW  Contestant #6 - Tayia Jane Scanlan 22 years old Village: Faleula & Vaiusu Works in the Finance industry and studying to become a cosmetic nurse. Has attended the Australian Institute of Music and Australian Academy of Beauty Therapy and hopes to become a humanitarian volunteering overseas using her nursing skills to help others Miss Samoa Australia  Contestant #7 - Miriama Latu Meafou  21 years old Villages: Aufaga, Aleipata & Salelavalu, Savaii Holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources and International Hotel Management from Griffith University, Queensland AusItralia and is passionate about community work especially with the Samoan community. Miss Love Lani xo  Contestant #8 - Priscilla Paleagese Finally Olano Age: 25 years old Village: Lauli’i  She is of Samoan, Indian, Rotuman and Native American descent. Priscilla works at SPREP’s climate change division as the technical assistant for the Pacific Climate Change Portal (PCCP).  Dancing is her passion and her goal is to set up a dance centre that will be a platform for children to use their talents to minister to others and glorify God. The Miss Internet Award Voting is now open.  You need to go to the Miss Samoa Facebook page and Like + Share the photo of the contestant who is your favourite. All the best to our Miss Samoa pageant contestants we look forward to meeting you next week at Teuila!    Photo Credit: Rae Photography  Profiles via the Miss Samoa Facebook page 

  • Miss Heilala Pageant 2015

    Miss Heilala Pageant 2015

    Check out the winner of Miss Helilala 2015 Brittne Fuimaono and her beautiful Pacific medley dance for the Talent Night! Showcasing her impressive dance skills from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand, it's easy to see why she was crowned Miss Heilala this year!