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At UFC 271, Samoan/Maori Light Heavyweight fighter Carlos Ulberg, is one of two Samoans on the card.

Carlos started out as a boxer with Lolo Heimuli at City Boxing, transitioning into Kickboxing where he picked up a contract in China with EMC.  

During this time he helped out the likes of Mark Hunt on his fight camps as a sparring partner.

Since being with City Kickboxing he joined the MMA team and was fortunate to land a UFC contract through Dana White's contender series.

He is a two time King in the Ring champion & made his UFC debut on the UFC 259 card.


Carlos gives us a a glimpse into his preparation leading into UFC 271 and you can check out his origin story of how he got into MMA here 

Photographer - Penina Momoiseā

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Izzy, Los & Bloods

"This camp is during the summer, you’ve got everyone else on the festivities and I’ve got Israel (left) and I’ve got Bloods (Mike Mathetha aka Blood Diamond - right) who are also fighting" 

Cam, Izzy & Los

L-R Cameron Rowston, Israel Adesanya & Carlos


"Then we’ve got guys like Cam who is fighting on a local show too (King in the Ring) so we’re camping with these guys and it’s keeping us quite active and strong"

Los & Eug

"I think with every fighter - fight camp & coaches it'll be all different but Eug will give me some names.  "ok here’s a couple names' or 'here’s some guys that they’ve given you' 

Carlos - Pads

" ...and you’re like ok cool, all good.  I trust Eugene, he’ll make the right decision & we’ll go along with that" 

Los & Eug

"If it’s a go where the opposition has signed the contract - then we just get training right away."

Andre - wrestling coach

"We've got Andrei (Paulet) who is our wrestling coach"

Twist & Los

"We've got Twist who has got a lot of technical abilities to his teachings and I've been enjoying it of late because it takes a bit of time for me to understand what he's looking for but now I feel like I'm onto what he's trying to teach"


"And then we have Eugene who's the head coach overlooking everything" 

Eug on Carlos

Eugene Bareman on Carlos:  "Carlos is a very cool, calm and collected type of person and it's reflected in his personality.  He's very cool calm and collected in terms of his approach to fighting and in terms of his approach to life" 

Eug on Carlos1

Eugene Bareman on Carlos:  "He's a very learned guy, he likes to learn everything and understand everything, delve in deep, why am I doing this, what's the particular reason ..." 

Los on pads

"This fight camp we’ve got 3 weeks to go & we’ve had 10 weeks already so it’s been a big camp for me."

Los high kick

"It’s about that time where we start to rev up and make the most of it" 


"Every fight camps different just like every day’s different, or every opponent will be different"

Los Sparring

"So in our camp we'll do wrestling, we've got sparring, we've got endurance training, we've got strength training, we've got conditioning training, we've got more sparring, we've got more wrestling ..." 

Time out

"So every day is pretty much tailored in a way that we can try not to overload ourselves, but also overload ourselves (laughs)" 

Los, Iz & Cam running hills

"When it comes to the hills, this is where it’s something you don’t want to do – for me anyway – running up the hill so many times and where your hearbeat is at code red" 

Running hills

"So when we’re doing our 12 hills it’s like we’re half way there, can I do the other half? And then like I said at the top of that hill as I’m going, I’m looking and I’m like ok do I want to reach hell, you know what I mean?"

Hills again

"Do I want to go to this place where no-one wants to go?  So I make that choice as I’m going up the hill and then when I get there I’m like ahhh, ok it’s not that scary"

Los & Cam

"And so I’ll go do it again, twelve times.  That’s my mentality when I’m going in there.  It’s daunting so when you do that, you know you’ve left no stone unturned so it’s like ok I’ve done all the hard work."

Los ripped

"I’ve done it all now, so I’m not gna have that in the back of my mind where I’m like ‘Maybe I haven’t done this properly’.  So when I’m doing it, I’m doing it with all my might or with everything in me."


"We haven't been doing breath work for years but we've found that it's worked for a few of our boys so we've gone on to doing that."

Breathing & callibration with WMW Integrated training 


"Breath work - a lot of it would be mind control and a lot of it would be understanding that we have the capability of controlling our mind instead of thinking ah!  We're gna drown" 

Los in the pool

"It's kinda more technical than what it may look or sound than just holding your breath.  It's more of other things outside the box that people think oh they're just holding their breath under the water" 

Los against the wall

"Every single day ... you’re training and going head to head with another body and we’re training 4 or 5 times a day and it’s every single day.  There’s not really any rest but again that’s making me stronger mentally"

Carlos vs Izzy

"In the back of your mind you’re thinking “surely this is going to make me stronger” and I know this is in the last coming weeks where you’ll start to feel the ups and you’ll feel the downs."


"In the last couple weeks you’re like this and you go up ... and I think you have to time it where you peak yourself closer to the fight" 


"At the moment it is quite tough, it’s just a matter of being able to recover and get more rest but yeah it has been quite gruelling for us" 

Live wrestle with Izzy & Cam

"Now you know it's like ok this is my career now, this is a big job for me, this is something I want to be better at, now I'm going to use this as my university, this is something I want to be better at every single day" 

Losi after live wrestle

"I want to wake up every day and know ok I've learned this and put this in my journal and I'm going to be a better Mixed Martial Artist" 


"So to get rid of the self doubt that's where the training comes in and that's where I switch my mind to when I'm doing Spyda training" 


"In a Spyda, you're not gna win, you're not gna win in these situations becuase you have fresh guys coming in and beating you up and you're just trying to survive so I make that my favourite day" 


"I really do and it's only been the last couple of weeks that I've decided 'Ok I'm gna make this day my favourite day and I'll kill it every time I do it"

CKB squad

"So obviously, it’s only myself who’s going to jump in the octagon but with that we’ve got a big team in the City Kickboxing squad who look after us"

John & Los

"These guys help us during our Spyda’s and help us during our sparring and training and all the technical side as well." 

Los side situps

"Every single day they come in and help us out - they might be getting themselves ready for either a camp or getting better at MMA"

Hooker & Los

"It’s good because during the times that they may be having a fight, we’ll have to help them out as well so everything works hand in hand." 

Los live wrestle

"We have a good team – people who have travelled around the world to train with us and are willing to share the knowledge and give knowledge and then we also help as well"

Los - preparation is Key

"Jumping in the octagon many things might be going on in your mind.  But when you prepare yourself the right way – and preparation is key – you’re ready for whatever might stand in front of you." 


"How am I feeling now?

Amazing ... Phenomenal!" 


UFC stars about that cleaning life too 

Behind the Scenes

Live wrestle with Izzy & Cam 

Behind the Scenes

Getting that extra cardio in 


Taking a breather 


MMA Class 


Sparring with Izzy 


UFC 271 ready 

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