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In between Fiji and New Caledonia lies a hidden gem of the Pacific not known to many people, Futuna Island. 

Futuna lies in the easternmost part of Vanuatu in the Tafea province. It is a tightknit community with a population of around 600 people. The island sometimes called west Futuna to distinguish it from Wallis and Futuna, and also can be known as Erronan by its island neighbour, Tanna.

Although it is part of the Melanesian country of Vanuatu it is considered by some to be a Polynesian outlier with the Futunese language having a strong connection to Samoan, Tuvaluan, and Maori.

Futuna is said to be the 'Gateway' to the gospel in Vanuatu, the first island where its inhabitants accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

There are 5 main villages on Futuna Island: Iasoa, Ipao, Matangi, Ihsia, and Imounga. These are the smiles from children and people from Iasoa and Ipao. 

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