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HAANZ FA'AVAE JACKSON: "Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a"





My name is Haanz Fa’avae Jackson. Born in South Auckland, where I still reside with my big Otahuhu family. My bloodline runs through Niue, Tonga & Samoa. When I'm not working on my career or spending time with family, I help manage "Konfident Clothing", a clothing brand me and my brother launched mid lock down. When there's no work, make work. 

How long have you been in the entertainment industry and do you have a highlight or favourite experience in your career so far?

I graduated from PIPA in 2014, and I haven't stopped performing since.  Started strong on the theatre stage, where I really got to sharpen my craft and find my feet as a professional performer & actor, which then later on lead to the huge world of screen.

Highlights for me would have to be the travelling. I never really got to travel much as a kid, but I had always wanted to.…more


The Breaker Upperers

Three funny scenes from NZ comedy movie 'The Breaker Upperers'.

Warning:  Explicit Language 

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Return to the Land: A womans journey to finding peace and purpose in her ancestral land

It has been 6 years since Floris Niu walked away from the stressful rat race in corporate New Zealand and returned a broken woman to her home in Tuanai, Samoa.

Floris had spent the previous decade overcoming an avalanche of unfortunate events. While she had beat cervical cancer and survived a near fatal car accident - losing custody of her only daughter after a messy divorce was perhaps the driving factor that led her to contemplate suicide when she returned home.

Instead she found her purpose in the land. Carrying on the work of her ancestors she started to revive her family plantation, returning to traditional and organic farming practices. Today she is an agri tourism operator, an advocate for organic living and sustainable farming, a voice for female farmers in Samoa and a creator of pure cacao chocolate or as most Samoans will know as - Koko Samoa.


Shot & Edited by Denisa Maňásková.more

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Story collated and written by Haitelenisia Afemui ‘Uhila Angilau for her 'Ordinary Tongan Lives' facebook page

“I’m from Kāmeli, Vava’u. I’m the only child my parents have. My Dad works at Air Terminal Services while my Mom cooks at the hospital there. Everyday they leave at 5 or 6am and return at 6 or 8pm.  Both their health are declining. I finished Form 7 last year and I don’t know how I made it through to graduation and my external exams. Anytime one of them is sick, I‘m the caregiver. If my Mom’s sick for 3 days, I miss school for 3 days. The same goes for my Dad.

It’s hard having no brother or sister because there’s no one else to help me. Everyday, I wake up and study my scriptures, say a prayer, iron our clothes, then I feed the pigs. When I return from school, I cook our dinner, clean the house, wash the dishes, or take care of our little kava plantation outside and feed the pigs again. I always break coconuts to feed the pigs.…more


Legendary Native Hawaiian Surfer Derek Ho has passed away at the age of 55

Iconic surfer Derek Ho has died at age 55 of a suspected heart attack.  He was admitted to hospital, slipped into a coma and passed away on Friday night (Hawai'i time).

Derek Ho, known for decades around the surfing community as "Uncle D" became the first Hawaiian native to claim a world championship under the banner of the Association of Surfing Professionals, now known as the World Surf League.  He is one of the most decorated Hawaiians in competitive history, winning the World Title in 1993, the Pipe Masters in 1986 and 1993, and the Triple Crown in 1984, 1986, 1988, and 1990. 

Born in 1964, Uncle Derek had remained one of surfing's most widely, internationally beloved figures, as well as a Pipe standout into his mid-50s. 

Ho was surfing royalty and revered for his feats at the infamous Pipeline break on Oahu's North Shore. He was the brother of professional surfer Michael Ho, 2nd cousin to popular Honolulu nightclub entertainer Don Ho and the uncle of current elite professional surfers Mason and Coco Ho.…more



The Big O by Patrick Skene is the story of Olsen Filipaina, a New Zealand Hall of Fame rugby league legend who was a pathfinder for the Maori and Pasifika players who today dominate the Australian National Rugby League. In a career that saw him play 29 Tests for New Zealand and more than 100 first grade NSWRL games, Filipaina was an object of fascination for the rugby league community.

To fans he was "the Galloping Garbo", a working-class hero who thrilled crowds in between shifts as a garbageman. To opponents, who feared his Polynesian power game, he was The Big O. To coaches and critics, he was simply "Olsen the enigma". Featured in the book are some of the pivotal figures of 1980s Australia and New Zealand sport including Sir Graham Lowe, Arthur Beetson, Roy Masters, Sir Peter Leitch, David Tua, Sir Bryan Williams, Wayne Pearce, Sir Michael Jones, John Ribot, Mark Graham, David Lange and NRL Immortal Wally Lewis who for the first time opens up about being outplayed by Filipaina in the 1985 Test series.…more



Golden Hoops has put together a fun compilation of Steven Adams being an absolute legend 

Click here for Steven Adams sharing his experience coming back to New Zealand during the NBA hiatus this year (due to Covid19) 


And you can check out Part 2 of him being an absolute legend below - 

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'ILAISAANE LATU VAIPULU GREEN: "Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a"





Malo e lelei my name is 'Ilaisaane Latu Vaipulu Green. Yes, I had to put my full name and maiden name because I can already hear my mum saying "before you were a Green you were a Vaipulu" Hoi sai ke tau ilo/good to know. I was born and raised in Otara South Auckland. My Pacific heritage is from The Kingdom of Tonga. My parents are both from Ha'apai, Dad is from Lofanga and Mum is from Tungua. I still reside in the same house in Otara. I do acting as a full time job, but since covid happened I'm looking at other avenues for some side hustle.

What inspired you to get into acting? 

Growing up I loved performing!  Before acting I was a dancer and I was sooo passionate about it. My favourite styles were Hip Hop and Pasifika Dancing. I did it from primary all the way to high school. Throughout high school in each year I did both Polyfest and Bring It On.…more


Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a Trailer

Soane ‘The Shark’ Valu had the world at his feet until he lost it all. After Soane’s father dies, he reluctantly returns to South Auckland from America to face his estranged sister, the three kids he left behind and break the curse of his ancestor’s shame.

The first ever Tongan language drama series coming to the CoconetTV. 

Full series premieres Wednesday, 5th August 2020.


Get to know JAWSH 685

His Laxed (Siren Beat) has over 10million views on Youtube alone and his collab on Jason DeRulo's track 'Savage Love' took him to the top of the charts around the world.

Cook Islands/Samoan producer and beat maker JAWSH685 created this vid with his boys so peeps could get to know him better.