Baby Done Trailer


Samoan comedian and actress Rose Matafeo stars in this comedy about having a baby! 

When Zoe and Tim find out they are having a baby, they resolve to not let parenthood change them but Zoe’s increasing denial about her impending birth pushes her, and her relationship, to the limit.


When you bring two cultures together - ZIMBABWEAN / TONGAN WEDDING

A Zimongan fusion! 

Sasha (Tongan) and Melford (Zimbabwean) share their Happily Ever After, held at The Lincoln Events Centre, Christchurch NZ.

Guests flooded in from all over the world, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Dubai, Tonga, America and Australia just to celebrate their special day with them.

Two very different but yet similar cultures coming together to celebrate two huge Families becoming One.

Guest Writer

Pasifika Youth Violence in Australia - How do we move forward?

By Lefaoali’i Dion Enari

The killing of another Pasifika son Solomone Taufeulungaki in Melbourne was heartbreaking. Although we are confronted with murders on TV every day, this one hit close to home.  In this murder we could actually see our cousin, nephew and brother in the victim. Sadder yet, we could also see our own aunties, uncles, mother and father in the scenes of his family mourning at the site. 

As Solomone was laid to rest last week, I was made to see the landscape of Pasifika youth in Australia. Looking back at my lived experiences and previous work in the community, I believe most of our youth problems stem from disconnect. 

“I am a Samoan – but not a Samoan
To my aiga [family] in Samoa, I am a palagi [foreigner]
I am a New Zealander – but not a New Zealander
To New Zealanders, I am a bloody coconut, at worst,
A Pacific Islander, at best” (Anae, 1998)

Although this poem was written for NZ born Samoans in New Zealand, it also speaks to the Pasifika youth experience in Australia.…more


Close Up with Cowboys forward Jason Taumalolo | The Fan

Fox League's Lara Pitt sits down with Cowboys and Tonga forward Jason Taumalolo as they take a trip down memory lane.

This year Jason Taumalolo celebrates 10 years playing top grade Rugby League in the NRL making his debut at 17yrs of age when he was still in high school.  Since then he's gone on to win a NRL Grand final with the Cowboys in 2015 and was named the Rugby League Players Association Player of the Year by his fellow players in was then named as the joint winner of the Dally M Medal in addition to being named Lock of the Year for the second consecutive year in 2016.  This year he was one of two players to win 2x NRL Nines championships.…more

Guest Writer

Kia Ora Aotearoa!

Guest Writer Louisa Tipene Opetaia shares her experience with managed isolation in Auckland, New Zealand after flying to the US to bring her three children home with her. 

Her three Māori/Sāmoan kids live in California with their father but after seeing the rates that Covid-19 have been infecting Americans and the Black Lives Matter protests turning violent Louisa felt that she needed to bring them home.  With both her sons only having US passports she was initially denied travel ban exemptions so she flew to Los Angeles to bring them back and applied again - she was finally approved on condition they travel with her. 

She describes travelling during a pandemic as a surreal experience with once bustling airports now with limited numbers of flights and passengers.  All Duty Free stores were closed and the only dining option at the food court at Los Angeles Airport was Panda Express.


As always the Air New Zealand staff were gracious and welcoming. They were masked and gloved every time they interacted with us.…more


Parris Goebel Teaches Us Pride-Inspired Dance Choreo

Celebrating the end of Pride month in the US with dance lessons from Samoan choreographer PARRI$ Goebel!

Get up, get ready, get comfortable, throw on a heel if you want and get ready to be fab!


BRUTAL LIVES - MO'UI FAINGATA'A with Director Vela Manusaute

We talk to Director Vela Manusaute about "Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a" a new Tongan language drama series coming to the CoconetTV in August.  

What is Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a about?
Brutal Lives - Mo'ui Faingata'a is a new pacific (Tongan) bilingual drama set in South Auckland about a fallen boxing champion who returns home after twenty years when his father dies.   He must face his three children that he left behind, especially his daughter, Lupe.  At the same time, an ancient Tongan spirit warrior seeks revenge for the sins of the Valu family actions over five hundred years ago.  

How did you come across the story and what made you want to make it?
The story and the idea is drawn from our own experiences and cultures—for me, it's my love of Pacific boxing and Pacific stories.  Sandra (Producer) was inspired by stories from her village, Kolonga in Tonga and a desire to see more Tongan stories on screen and in the Tongan language.…more


Auckland teen Jawsh 685 is #1 on the iTunes chart

From RNZ Music 

'Local teen producer Jawsh 685 speaks to Music 101's Charlotte Ryan about the success of his song 'Laxed (Siren Beat)' and his collaboration with global superstar Jason Derulo.

Listen to the full interview here 

Jawsh 685 is 17-year-old musician and producer Joshua Stylah from Auckland's Manurewa. You've probably heard his island-infused dance track ‘Laxed (Siren Beat)’, even though you might not know it.

The track's been used in over 30 million TikTok creations in just a few weeks. Celebrities such as Lizzo, Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Alba have all posted their own take on the dance challenge that features the track.

And pop superstar Jason Derulo used the beat on his worldwide smash 'Savage Love', which sat at the top of the global iTunes chart over the weekend.

Manurewa High student Jawsh says he only started making music on his computer in February last year, and his chart-topping tune was made in his tiny bedroom.

"I loved it. I loved making it. I made it for people to blast it on sirens and have fun.…more


Putting the microscope on Pacific workers’ scheme media coverage

A study of the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme has raised questions of how Pacific workers are portrayed in New Zealand regional media.

Dr Angie Enoka’s PhD in Media Studies examined media coverage of the New Zealand government’s RSE scheme, a policy which allows the horticulture and viticulture industries to recruit workers from overseas for seasonal work.

The RSE scheme began in 2007 with a cap of 5,000 workers from five eligible Pacific nations, and despite fluctuations in local unemployment, has grown every year since. Today, that annual number as almost tripled to a current cap of 14,400 workers from nine Pacific nations.

 Dr Enoka studied newspaper coverage of the scheme during its first five years while Pacific RSE workers were living in regional communities.…more



It's a bit of a grand feat to pull off a surprise wedding especially when you're an islander with island families but that's exactly what Adeaze's Nainz & his wife to be, Becs, managed to do before lockdown!

Check out how they were able to pull it off with the help of Tone6 here!



Director - Shimpal Lelisi 

Editor - Tuki Laumea 

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