• Miss Niue Aotearoa - Niue Language Week phrases

    Miss Niue Aotearoa - Niue Language Week phrases

    Miss Niue Aotearoa, Liana Sialefia Paea Vaipa-Rice shares with us how we can celebrate the Niuean language through conversations with our elders and gives us an example of a question she asks her grandmother. She shares how to say this basic conversation starter in the video above -  Hi nana, how was your day at work?  Fakalofa lahi atu ma nana fefe e gahua haau he aho nei?  Good  Mitaki 

  • How to make an umu in the City 101

    How to make an umu in the City 101

    Umu, hangi, lovo - the earth ovens of the Pacific are the best slow cookers of delicious food! But fear not you can still get this Island goodness in your urban backyard - this is How to do an umu in the city -101! 

  • Island Business Stories: Niue Vanilla Farming

    Island Business Stories: Niue Vanilla Farming

    Vanilla has become a unique product of Niue with its fragrant flavour and taste.  Find out how one man brought this vanilla to the world through his local farming dream on the rock of Polynesia.

  • The CoconetTV - How To (trailer)

    The CoconetTV - How To (trailer)

    Everything you wanted to know about operating the Pacific way in the modern day! This is www.thecoconet.tv your one stop shop for Island goodness. We've broken down ancient traditions and customs into easy to follow steps anyone can master...so get amongst it! Now that you know 'HOW TO!" Hit up more on thecoconet.tv

  • How to Weave a Basket - Niuean style

    How to Weave a Basket - Niuean style

    Woven Baskets have been part of many Polynesian Cultures since way back. Many of us can still be seen using them today. These versatile, easy to make, sustainable Baskets are still one of the best ways to carry or cook food and more. Shimpal enlists the help of Niuean local Inangaro to show him how to weave a basket Niuean style! 

  • How to Cook Taro

    How to Cook Taro

    Shimpal Lelisi shows us how to cook a staple in Pacific Diets, the humble Taro. So the next time it's your turn to do the saka, you'll know everything you need to, to impress!

  • Basic Niuean Phrases

    Basic Niuean Phrases

    From Kingsland, the old stomping grounds of many Niueans in Auckland Shimpall take the Niuean language to the streets! Great basic phrases for anyone thinking of travelling to beautiful Niue.

  • How to Takalo

    How to Takalo

    Get your Niuean Takalo on lock! Heres how to get it right with Haanz Fa'avae-Jackson Takalo is the performing of a traditional Niue war dance by an individual warrior or group of warriors prior to engaging the enemy in warfare between warriors using traditional war clubs. Nowadays, the takalo is often performed prior to a rugby game or winning a game of sport. The takalo is also performed to welcome dignitaries as soon as they land in Niue, persons of high status like prime ministers, presidents and governors general – it signifies that the dignitaries' arrival is for the purpose of peace and harmony.

  • How to Hunt a Coconut Crab

    How to Hunt a Coconut Crab

    Take a journey into the darkest depths of the Niuean jungle with muso and rookie Uga Hunter, Malcolm Lakatani. With Machete in hand and some local guides to lead the way Malcolm attempts to trap, kill and eat a Niuean delicacy, the deliciously ugly Uga or Coconut Crab. One of the wonders of the Pacific landscape, the mysterious Uga re-defines the boundaries of land and sea and is one of the most prized foods in the Pacific. Setting Uga traps is an age old art, so check out how it’s done on the Rock of Polynesia here at the coconet.tv