A new snack sized spin off series from the makers of Baby Mama's Club! Sis follows your favourite cousins Gee Gee, Miki and Malia as they take on life one cackle at a time. In the first episode "Suga Baby", Caleb, a Niuean bachelor has come to take Miki on a date, but will he get past over protective cousins Gee Gee and Malia? It's the first installment of their pilot episode which they'll be dropping over the coming weeks. {{12141}}

  • 'AIGA' (Short Film)

    'AIGA' (Short Film)

    In the wake of their mother’s death, Leiloa must teach her younger brother to cope without Mum’s cooking. OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wairoa Maori Film Festival (2018) OFFICIAL SELECTION - Pasifika Film Fest (2018) SEMI-FINALIST - Sydney Indie Film Festival (2018) OFFICIAL SELECTION - Nuku'alofa Film Festival (2018)



    Celebration of cultural identity is key to well-being for the students of Alfriston College in South Auckland, most of whom identify as Māori or Pasifika. Keep The Faith is an uplifting documentary about staying connected and is told through the eyes of Mrs Meleua Ikiua - a teacher at Alfriston College - as the Niuean group prepares for Polyfest. The Someday Challenge calls for young people to make short sustainability-related films of any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes. It is open to individuals and teams ages 7 – 24. This year's winners are a collection of dramas, documentaries, Claymation and spoken word films by rangatahi ages 10 to 24.  A judging panel of 12 representatives from media, government and business agencies selected the winners from 133 entries, involving 410 young people.

  • UAPŌIFALEMALU - Short Film

    UAPŌIFALEMALU - Short Film

    Our aunties, mothers, grandmothers - our tinā. The women around us: they raise us, they nurture us, they teach us, they care for us and care for each other. Rating: G Genre: Documentary Producers/Directors: A, L and T Production Mentor: Paula Whetu Jones

  • HO'OMAU - Short Film

    HO'OMAU - Short Film

    A mass migration of Pacific Islanders in search of salvation leads to a war between the native population and the growing numbers of new arrivals, and a young girl stuck in the middle is forced to choose between fighting for what she loves or to save what is left of it.



    Three young poets navigate their identity through spoken word poetry. One of the Someday Stories series of six short takes on sustainability by emerging young film-makers from Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • CAROUSEL - The Goodfellas

    CAROUSEL - The Goodfellas

    The 2010 entry into the V48 Furious Film Making Challenge by The Goodfellas. Peter Jackson's favourite NZ team (he's chosen them 3 times in this competition) comes another Grand Finalist in the V48 Furious Film Making Challenge. CAROUSEL is a 7m thriller that delivers the goods from one of NZ's best filmmaking teams, Goodfellas.

  • FANATICS by The Goodfellas

    FANATICS by The Goodfellas

    Another film made by The Goodfellas for the V48 Furious Film Making Festival, 2009. And, yet another one chosen by Peter Jackson as a wildcard in the competition. 



    Another one from the team at The Goodfellas for the V48 Furious Film Making Competition. This time, a mysterious box is the central character. And, everyone just has to know what's in the box?



    The 'Baby Mama's Club' webseries launched this week and was preceded by a really clever social experiment  called "Finding Johnny" which went viral!  We loves us some out of the box marketing! Actor Luciane Buchanan and one of the Creators/Directors of the social experiment  - Hanelle Harris - explained all in a video posted to 'Sophia Folau's' Facebook page. "As controversial as it was, the reason we decided to launch off the back of a social experiment was because we wanted to explore the very real themes that we're looking at in our project which includes what it is to be a woman, to be brown, to be young, to be a mother in New Zealand today.  We really wanted to challenge and expose some of the judgement and the misconceptions we feel exist around these issues"  says Hanelle. "During the experiment there were examples of slut shaming, discrimination and bullying but also on the other hand there were messages of community and sisterhood and people actually reaching out with their own personal experiences and their stories"  added Luciane  "For us that was important as the creators of the Baby Mama's Club we hoped that the social experiment would validate the stories we wanted to tell were real and we wanted to send a clear message to the decision makers that we do have an audience and that it was time for our stories and voices to be heard because it hasn't been done yet.  Our shows actually inspired by real women, the real experiences they've had and they've helped us to create and storyline our show which has been incredible. There are actually 4 main characters and a lead cast of all Maori and Polynesian women.  Sophia's only one of them (Character that Luciane plays) so if you felt connected to her in any way the chances that you'll love the show are pretty good" continues Hanelle. Check out the 1st episode above and let us know what you think in the comments.   A catchup with the cast is coming soon.



    An elderly lady lives a melancholy life living in the "New Hope Home", an old people's home. She hasn't talked to her son for years. She longs to do well by him. And, perhaps today is the day she gets to make it all up through a very special letter. But, whether or not her son will take her mail, is another thing...



    By Sima Urale  Director Sima Urale's follow-up to her Venice-winning short O Tamaiti swaps a Samoan child's eye view for that of an elderly Pākehā couple. In this moving confrontation with the taboos of aging, the husband struggles to care for his ailing wife and refuses their children's demands that they move into care. Exquisite attention to details and tender performances mark this tale of love accommodating the reality of death.  Still Life was the first Kiwi film to take the top short award at the Montreal Film Festival; it also got a Special Mention at the Locarno fest in Switzerland.  



    A WADALIFE FILM  This short film from Samoan film-makers Wadalife Films based in Hawai'i won best local short film at the Hawai'i International Film Festival in 2010. It also screened at Sunset on the Beach at Waikiki, Ohina Film Festival and Soul Savior Chronicles. In long forgotten Samoa, a group of young men are sent into the deepest part of the forest to fulfill their destinies and emerge as Warriors.

  • Broken Silence

    Broken Silence

    'Broken Silence' is the story of a man, haunted by the memories of an attack made on his wife, who plans revenge on the men responsible. This film was made during the 2013 V48 Furious Film Challenge and was the sixth time the Goodfellas team entered the comp and the fourth time chosen by Peter Jackson as a Wildcard to the finals. The Goodfellas are made up of a core 4 person team -- Damon Fepulea'i, Nate Nauer, Jeremiah Taumiti, Henry Tuipe'a and Vea Mafile'o. 

  • SHORT FILM: The Gift by Hagoth Aiono

    SHORT FILM: The Gift by Hagoth Aiono

    Samoan film-maker Hagoth Aiono brings you "The Gift" A story about an 11 year old boy who gets a computer for his birthday. He learns quickly that through the internet and youtube he can fix just about anything. Through tutorials he learns how to fix things around the house and fix things for other people.  After finding out that his mother is sick from disease, he sets out to help find a cure the only way he knows how to "fix" things. 

  • "COFFEE & ALLAH" by Sima Urale

    "COFFEE & ALLAH" by Sima Urale

    A film about a young womans appetite for coffee, Islam & a good game of Badminton. Sima Urale on making 'Coffee & Allah' “On reading Coffee & Allah, I was immediately attracted to the main character Abeba, a Muslim Ethiopian woman, and her journey in a strange new land. Being an immigrant myself, I could easily relate to the story. It was truly exciting to receive this script by Shuchi, because here was a story that was fresh, original, and focused on a new and growing ethnic minority in New Zealand. The beauty of this script is that it begins with isolation and alienation, but as it progresses, subtle connections are slowly but surely made with Abeba and her new surroundings. For me, this is a gentle film with a strong message about acceptance. The challenge for me was how to visually convey a sense of disconnection without overstating the obvious. This inspired me to isolate the main character Abeba in many of her shots, and distance her with the use of wide lenses. In contrast, when we see her in her home environment with her daily ritual of making coffee and prayer, the shots are close and intimate. It’s that contrast and change of perspective that I really want audiences to experience— to remind us of just how judgemental we can all be, and then suddenly be surprised by a personal view of a very human, sometimes funny, and very likeable character." Director:  Sima Urale  Key Cast - Abeba:  Zahara Abbawaaaji                    Nonu:   Joe Folau

  • WEA NAO MI? (Where Am I?)

    WEA NAO MI? (Where Am I?)

    A golden object mystifies a young man living in a traditional Solomon Islands village. He dreams of going to the city and wakes up in a nightmare that changes his life forever. This film was produced through the Wantok Stori project. Wantok Stori is a collaboration and exchange project between Victoria and the Solomon Islands. It aims to explore and celebrate the diversity of Pacific culture and support emerging artists and young people.  Check out the journey on Facebook

  • Songs in the Key of Rugby - Fiji

    Songs in the Key of Rugby - Fiji

    Rugby is a way of life in Fiji, with deep meaning and spiritual significance. It is an expression of the passion and vitality of Fijian males and although their country has one of the worlds smallest populations, they have become a dominating force in the sport. (Perhaps because their warrior heritage is quite recent!) This short film made on the island of Vanua Levu explores how the player's fundamental connection to their village brings a level of heart to the game that is unmatched in western society. As Dramea says at the end, "it's all about family." As it is in all of Fiji. Video Credit: Gary Yost in association with Fiji Charity

  • River of Eden - Short Film

    River of Eden - Short Film

    Join filmmaker Pete McBride, a National Geographic Freshwater Hero, on a journey into the Fijian Highlands to discover why the locals said “no” to easy money from resource extraction, and how they turned to tourism to fund a conservation area that protects one of the most beautiful rivers on Earth. Slicing through the island’s tropical highlands, the Upper Navua Gorge is unparalleled.  Sheer walls rocket 150-feet skyward as green, roiling waters sleuth through 20-foot-wide natural canals.  Waterfalls and a misty spray dance from the jungle above, keeping this oasis glistening with life. When native Fijian guides aren’t singing or laughing, they share legends of warfare and love that are intertwined with each bend in the river. The Upper Navua represents one of the most unique conservation cooperatives in the world, which prevents logging, mining or roads within 200 meters of the river’s lapping waters. Created in 2000, with the help of a small rafting company and nine local land-owning families, two villages, a logging company and a government entity, it is one of the only protected rivers in the South Pacific. But, as the people of the Fijian Highlands now know, conservation is a fight that’s never over.

  • Goodfellas: In Search of Bigfoot

    Goodfellas: In Search of Bigfoot

    What do you get when you have 3 Samoans looking for Bigfoot? A freshy take on the age-old myth, check out this crack up retelling of the popular tale of Bigfoot.  In Search of Bigfoot was made by filmmaking group Goodfellas for the Rialto 48Hour Film Festival, and was nominated for the Peter Jackson Wildcard Award in 2008.

  • Tom's Dairy by Oscar Kightley

    Tom's Dairy by Oscar Kightley

    'A love song to a childhood in a changing suburb.' Oscar Kightley has written his first short film, set in the early 80's the Tagaloa brothers take us back to our yesterdays. Depicting the lives of Poly's as they settle into life in NZ This film was made as part of the Commonwealth Shorts project, a capacity building scheme to give emerging writers/directors the opportunity to make a film which highlights issues affecting them and their communities. The initiative is a partnership between Commonwealth Writers, B3 Media and CBA Worldview.

  • Exquisite Aerials of Samoa

    Exquisite Aerials of Samoa

    Check out these beautiful shots of Samoa from a birds eye view! Highlighting some of the stunning villages of Samoa- Sala'ilua, Moamoa & Manase Shot with a DJI Phantom 3. Video credit: Xtian Laifai Music: "O Le Atua Lava" by Kelemete & Kiligi Ta'ale (iTunes)

  • MA Short Film goes to Hawaii and L.A

    MA Short Film goes to Hawaii and L.A

    Check out Ma's adventures as she visitis Hawaii and LA for the first time! Leiataua Afega 'Ma' Si'ulepa is 81 years old. She comes from a small village called Solaua, in the independent Polynesian island of Samoa. Ma has lived in New Zealand for most of her life. In 2013 Ma starred in a short film about her life as a widowed matriarch grandmother who returns home one day to find her precious toy monkey is missing. In 2014 Ma travelled with the film to the Hawaii International Film Festival and the LA Skins Fest in the USA. It was the first time Ma had ever experienced anything like it.  This is a short documentary about her travels...

  • Le Afi Ua Mu: The Fire is Burning Part 1

    Le Afi Ua Mu: The Fire is Burning Part 1

    'Le Afi Ua Mu: The Fire Is Burning' explores the difficulties that confront Samoan youth separated from their cultural heritage. Afakasi (half-Samoan) filmmaker Shane Seggar interweaves his own experiences with those of young Samoan men in Samoa and Los Angeles as he explores the social and cultural dynamics that lead Samoan youth to join gangs in the United States.  Check out the rest of the film here.

  • Creative Natives: Malié Film

    Creative Natives: Malié Film

    Malié Film is a production company made up of five members. All female. All Pacific Islanders. Check out their entry into the annual 48HOURS Furious Filmmaking competition this year as ‘The Foreign Interns’ - where The Office meets The Hunger Games!  The team received third place for Heat #18 Auckland Audience Award - pretty good for a team who have only just entered this year! Keep an eye out for these talented young women; no doubt they'll be taking over the silver screens very soon! #PolyGirlPower

  • 'Manulua' by Cecelia Faumuina-Khakh

    'Manulua' by Cecelia Faumuina-Khakh

    Pacific people living in New Zealand carry a higher burden of mental disorder than the general population of New Zealand. This project explored through creative practice, the lived experience of depression from a Pacific woman’s perspective. Manulua seeks to communicate the nature of depression through spatio-temporal, narrative illustration. It explores the use of culturally significant symbols within ngatu making and tatau as metaphors for experiences of depression.  The short film speaks without words but uses sound, image and animation to communicate meaning. It is positioned in relation to Siliga David Setoga’s (2010) concept of the Pacific Island home in New Zealand as a decolonized zone and considers how this mind-set impacts on ideas of success for Pacific people in society.  It explores the sense of confusion that young Pacific Islanders face “feeling neither here nor there and always wondering, questioning and searching for a place of belonging.” “The sharp increase in mental illness and suicide may be attributed to an asymmetrically, faster pace of social change. Such a highly accelerated change involves an abrupt shift  in the arrangement of time and space.” (Mahina, 2002, p. 306).  

  •  'Rites Of Courage' by Miki Magasiva

    'Rites Of Courage' by Miki Magasiva

    This short film written and directed by Miki Magasiva explores the rite of tatau and the coming of age of the Samoan young man in the modern age (Traditional vs Modern Day). Tatau is the original word and practice that tattoo has been derived from. Young men of Samoa undergo the rite, being tattooed from hips to chest in a painful, traditional Samoan ceremony. More on Miki Magasiva   

  •  'Sea of Hope'

    'Sea of Hope'

    Creative Native Hagoth Aiono brings you "Sea of Hope". We take small peeks into the lives of Polynesian people from all over the world in their quest to succeed, live free, survive, and be happy. Interviews mixed with short musical films come together to create a unique and seamless blend of non-fiction & fictional stories to illustrate the faith, humility, spirituality, determination, and success each of us possess. "The hopes and dreams of our people, rest in the eyes of our children" - SEA OF HOPE.

  • ‘Talula Talula’

    ‘Talula Talula’

    ‘Talula Talula’  When love goes wrong and stalking goes bad! There’s Charlie Chaplin and then there’s the Poly version – ‘Talula Talula’ .  Check out the first Polynesian silent film to survive on celluloid.