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White Sunday or Children's Day in Samoa.

A special day in the children of Samoa's calendar (the 2nd Sunday in October) where they get dressed up in their best white clothes, perform for their parents and get treated with their favourite food for to'ona'i.

Many well known Samoan entertainers & performers today credit their White Sunday experiences as children/youth with giving them the confidence to speak & perform in public.

We followed the Laumua kids getting ready for their early morning service in Palisi, watched the kids at EFKS Vaivase-Tai gathering in their Sunday school for their big day and caught up with some of the children & their families at the Mulivai cathedral in Apia.

In Fogapoa, Savai'i we spent the morning with the Magele family where they were putting down an umu before the service.  We watched the childrens performance at the EFKS Fogapoa and enjoyed a BBQ with the family after church.

Manuia le aso Sa o Tamaiti! 

Photographer:  Penina Momoiseā

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  • Mulivai Cathedral, Apia

    Children and their families head into church in their white finery, ready for White Sunday.

  • Laumua Children

    The Laumua children get ready for their early morning service in Palisi.

  • Vaivase Tai EFKS

    Children in Vaivase-Tai gather at their hall to do final touch-ups to their outfits before their White Sunday performances.

  • Magele Family, Fogapoa, Savai'i

    The Magele family in Fogapoa, Savai'i put down an umu before the White Sunday service where their children are getting ready to perform. 

    Their children attend the EFKS Fogapoa and are joined by a few of their cousins from New Zealand who enjoy a BBQ with the family after church.