If you've been to Mangaia and stayed at Babes Place, chances are at some point Moetu will make her delicious pancakes for breakfast, add a bit of strawberry jam and you're good to go. Mama Patricia also dropped off some of her yummy pumpkin scones, these went down a treat! {{21751}} Off to church we went, visiting the Oneroa Ekalesia CICC Church which services the 3 Puna's of Oneroa; Keia, Tavaenga and Veitatei. The original church was built in 1830, a wooden chapel at Ari-ari-o-te-rangi makatea (doorway to heaven), which is now the site of the hospital. Years later the church was damaged by cyclone. The present-day church opened 12 August 1891 stands at Taukea marae, and named 'Salema e Punanga'. {{21755}} After church we were treated to a picnic lunch at my favourite beach in Mangaia, Araoa! A gorgeous and secluded beach tucked away within surrounding makatea (raised fossilized coral) is a great spot for swimming and adventuring through the rocks. We got it on a wave pool day, so this just added to the fun. {{21761}} Lunch was a spread of puakanio tarenga (goat curry), fried fish, mamio, salad, sausages, sponge cake, and nu. Couldn't bring myself to eat the curry after seeing so many wild goats the past few days, despite having eaten this dish multiple times before, so it was fried fish for me! {{21763}} Meitaki Aunty Ura and Poroa for the yummy spread! We headed back to the villas for a little siesta before carrying on the adventures in the evening. We planned to head back to Tua'ati Rock Pool to do some manu's and then a visit to the 1904 shipwreck on the south coast, Saragossa. Needless to say the siesta took longer than expected so we did not make it. Instead, we got a special visit from Mama Gillian and Metuar who brought over a yummy whiskey cake to celebrate Kura and Rima 30th birthday. {{21771}} Mama Gill also gifted them with a lovely thick mixed colour pupu necklace. Such a lovely surprise! Sadly, I was still engaged in my siesta so I missed the whole visit (I blame it on the sun stroke) Our last dinner on the island was a treat! Moetu had put together a buffet of ungakoa, ariri and paua that was complimented with pumpkin poke, chicken, rukau, salad, rice and nu. So yummy! {{21773}} A quick walk across the road to the beach to watch our last Mangaian sunset for a while, then it was into packing for our flight tomorrow. If we're up early enough we'll head to Karanga Nui Beach for sunrise! #PineaparasOnTour We booked the 'Mangaia Staycation Package' Flights + Accommodation + Meals + Tours Enquiries to Island Hopper Vacations  .

  • SAMOA - The Sacred Centre of the Pacific

    SAMOA - The Sacred Centre of the Pacific

    Visual artist Ben Mikha shares this stunning tribute video to Samoa.  We first met Ben when he had made it through to the final round of a competition to take up an internship with the Discovery Channel, which he later went on to win. {{16159}} He explains why he wanted to make this video below:  A dedication to the people of Samoa, my motherland and my ancestors for guiding this journey. This has been a long time coming, around 2 months of on-and-off editing, learning an entirely new Editing software to handle the files, learning a new camera and multiple drafts to finally reach the end film - I'm so happy to share this with you all! As you may or may not know, Samoa suffered a measles outbreak at the end of 2019, over 80 people lost their lives and thousands have been affected. I wanted to create a film that would show the beauty of the culture, a timeless piece which people can watch in any era and get a feel of what makes Samoa truly unique - it's people. This was an entirely self funded trip, no brand sponsorships, just a passion project I have had on my mind since I first picked up a camera. Fast forward three years and I've reached that goal. One thing i'm proud of is that there is no additional footage from a second or third shooter, no stock footage, all the shots you see are my own and were mostly filmed within 6 days with the exception of the Saofa'i (chief ceremony). {{16161}} The title says Samoa but it also includes American Samoa which are two separate nations, however upon visiting Tutuila I felt like I was still in Samoa and I didn't want to exclude the people and the beautiful island from this film, I wanted to take it back to the pre-colonisation days before other countries came in and changed things. Hopefully you can appreciate a travel film entirely narrated in a different language, it's definitely experimental and something I had to step outside my comfort zone to accomplish, however I'm proud to share part of my culture with you guys and take you on an authentic trip through my lens. Filmed, Directed, Edited and Narrated by yours truly! If you haven't been to Samoa yet, you really are missing out on a special place ;)

  • Coco Collectors - Tuki Laumea

    Coco Collectors - Tuki Laumea

    Travelling Journalist, Director & Coco Collector Tuki Laumea shares the stories behind his collection of fridge magnets and takes us for a look back at some of the adventures he's had in the countries he bought them in.

  • When a Samoan travels Europe

    When a Samoan travels Europe

    Here’s a little speel of what I gained from travelling EUROPE. My only expectation before going on this trip was to learn about other people and their culture. As time went on I began to realise that I was also there to share mine. Thanks to Cris for encouraging me to put this together and also give me the support to dance in random spots all over Europe. Travelling is a type of fulfilment that feeds your mind and soul.

  • Sevens in Heaven 2015 - Rarotonga!

    Sevens in Heaven 2015 - Rarotonga!

    Check out some of the highlights from the Sevens in Heaven comp! Sharing from the gorgeous Rarotonga we snapped some cool Coconettes having a blast! November 2015 Directed & Edited by Lanita Ririnui-Ryan

  • Backpacking Samoa

    Backpacking Samoa

    It's my first time to touch these beautiful lands. Spent 5 days and had such an amazing experience. The great affair is to move. This will definitely be one of my favourite places!

  • Samoa by Andy Babbage

    Samoa by Andy Babbage

    I headed to Samoa on a mission to capture the wildness, the landscape, the wildlife, the culture and the people. Video: Andy Babbage

  • Christmas in Rotuma!

    Christmas in Rotuma!

    Words cant describe my love for Rotuma so heres a short clip of my trip on the island after 12years I finally went back - if you havent been you must! Never have I seen such beauty Rotuma otou hanue! Watch in 1080p for better quality. #‎loptarep Credit: Tristan Petueli

  • Backpacking in Samoa

    Backpacking in Samoa

    Check out this awesome video by a globetrotting backpacker as she checks out the sights and sounds of Samoa!  Video courtesy of Travel with Blondie

  • Faafoi brothers go to Tokelau

    Faafoi brothers go to Tokelau

    NZ born Poly brothers Jason and Kris Faafoi take the opportunity to vist their homeland of Tokelau, for the first time. Watch this beautiful story of their parents as they tell us about their journey of moving to NZ and starting their family. Follow the Faafoi family on their trip together, traveling for the first time on a plane as a family.

  • Vietnam, Queenstown & a touch of the Pacific by Tala Suailua

    Vietnam, Queenstown & a touch of the Pacific by Tala Suailua

    A travel montage I created for my wife capturing moments from our intrepid adventures throughout the enchanting and hectic scenery of Vietnam to the tranquil natural beauty of Queenstown New Zealand with a touch of Paradise from the Pacific.   Tala Suailua

  • 3 Minutes in Samoa

    3 Minutes in Samoa

    See the real winners of the ABs vs Manu Samoa game - the people of Samoa. A game over 90 years in the making, the historic test in Samoa between the World Champion All Blacks and the mighty Manu Samoa was an event that stopped the nation. National pride was out in full swing with villages supporting both teams, and you knew that no matter what the outcome, we as a nation will hold our heads up high and raise those flags on high. Video courtesy of Danny Aumua.

  • Welcome to the good ol south

    Welcome to the good ol south

    Sweet home Alabama as many will say in their southern accents. I am one of the few Samoans here in Alabama but I share our Polynesian culture in any way I can. From the music, and food to just going out with a flower In my hair.

  • Kolovai Beach Resort in Tonga

    Kolovai Beach Resort in Tonga

    I spent a few days visiting a good friend of mine at Kolovai beach resort in Tonga. This place is a gem! The moonlit nights, immaculate sunsets, whales breaching out in the deep blue, sleeping to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean waves, absolutely sublime. Thankfully I captured some timelapses of the sunsets and at night of the beautiful shores of Kolovai. Tonga's finest! I hope you enjoy the video.

  • New York, Concrete Jungle!

    New York, Concrete Jungle!

    From Roskill to NYC! It doesn't do justice to real life but here's a lil' some'in some'in I filmed on the iPhone! Watch in HD  featuring: Sunrise (Rooftop at Tiffany's apartment) Spanishville (Washington Heights) Broadway  Subway / Train Performers 9/11 Central Park Vogue Knights at Escuelitas  Brooklyn Bridge Red Stairs/Time Square  Chinatown Amateur Night @ The Apollo Theatre  Statue of Liberty  Yankees Stadium  Madison Square Garden

  • Miss Lindsey in Samoa

    Miss Lindsey in Samoa

    "Went to the beautiful To Sua Ocean Trench !!! Probably the BEST attraction I've ever seen!"

  • Mana in San Diego

    Mana in San Diego

    If your in CA, please come down and visit Sunny San Diego. Its much more relaxed then LA, and not as busy as Orange county. So stop on by sometime...

  • On Top of the World - Hawaii

    On Top of the World - Hawaii

    The Stairway to Heaven aka Haiku Stairs has 3,922 stairs which leads to the top of the 756m (2,480 ft) height summit of Pu'ukeahiakahoe. Originally built in 1940s to install the Naval radio antenna, today the stairs attract the adventurers. The Haiku Stairs are popular as closed for public to repair them. However, most visitors are so compelled to climb the track that even a guard wouldn’t stop them, thus adding an extra thrill to the trip. A wonderful panorama opens from the top, however, the adventure itself is the most attractive.  

  • In Samoa for the 50th Methodist Jubilee

    In Samoa for the 50th Methodist Jubilee

    I am a faifeau's Daughter, and so I recently flew to samoa with my husband and daughter and we went to attend the Iupeli Auro o le Ekalesia Metotisi Samoa! Awesome faces and Awesome time spent with the family. Here is my daughter in the middle, with my dad & 2 little cousins.

  • #Happy in Savaii Samoa!

    #Happy in Savaii Samoa!

    The Levy/Rasmussen family in Savaii having the happiest time at Grandma Dawn's 70th. These pics are of the best places to swim on the island! Vaimoana resort in Asau, Ole Moe falls in Palauli and other awesum spots around the island. Savaii is the best kept secret in the Pacific :) #KeepItCoco #SamoaParadise SHARE YOUR STORY ON OUR WORLD MAP

  • Vatikano, Roma

    Vatikano, Roma

    Talofa Lava my name is Luai from Asaga Savaii in the distirct of Fa'asaleleaga iam here now in Vatican,Rome studying for the priesthood(Catholic Priest)Which is my Dream to become a Reality...I in the photo at The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is an elliptical amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy a few minutes away from where i stay i would like to leave you with Quote "Tutte le strade portano a Roma""All roads lead to rome"

  • ¡hola from Cuba!

    ¡hola from Cuba!

    The backdrop for Fast & Furious 6, Cuba is just one of those places where you have to see to believe - with it's mix of Spanish and Carribean heritage, it's a place awash with culture and life! We know it was a film but we kept thinking we'd find Vin Diesel there.... we didn't.

  • Getting Lost in Prague

    Getting Lost in Prague

    There is probably no better place to get lost in - with it's magical cathedral spires along the skyline, beautiful domed buildings and stunning bridges, we felt like we were in a fairytale movie! Sooooo romantic! 

  • The Happiest Place on Earth.... Paris style!

    The Happiest Place on Earth.... Paris style!

    Here we are in the happiest place on Earth - Disneyland Paris! #DreamComeTrue #ChildhoodDream

  • Melbourne funky town!

    Melbourne funky town!

    Samoan artists in downtown Melbourne spreading the coco-luvin!

  • Bali Magic!

    Bali Magic!

    Mali Gaoa in Bali with his local Balinese twins -#Islanderstogether

  • Rotuma


    Just Hanging in Paradise #Rotuma

  • Maiava


    Samoan at the top of the Alps, Switzerland

  • Namaste!!!


    hi there guys! just recently came back from a memorable trip to India, just had to share the stunning and beautiful great Taj Mahal in Agra (from Dehli to Agra is like travelling distance from Auckland to Hamilton.....it truly took my breath away :) :)