• Island Business Stories - Seki Eats

    Island Business Stories - Seki Eats

    Uber Eats makes life easier & a lot more convenient for so many around the world with their online food ordering and delivery platform. A couple of entrepreneurs in Samoa have now taken that concept to a new level with their 'Seki Eats' app where you can order meals, deals, & cashpower from anywhere in the world! 



    Samoan Matai titles (suafa, literally "formal name") are bestowed upon family members during a cultural ceremony called a saofa'i . The saofa'i marks the formal acceptance of a new matai by their family and village into the circle of chiefs and orators. It involves the gathering of chiefs and orators in a fale tele meeting house, the exchanging of oratory speeches, the reciting of genealogies and an ava ceremony followed by a feast provided by the new matai's family. For many Samoans living in the diaspora this age old highly significant ceremony can be hard to follow and understand - luckily for kiwi Samoan actor Fasitua Amosa, his father Rev Asora Amosa who is bestowed a title with him, breaks down all the elements of their saofa'i for all the new generations who want to know.  Here is their story of their special day, and some of the meanings behind the ritual of a Samoan saofa'i.    

  • How to play SUIPI

    How to play SUIPI

    The Tutu on the Beach boys & Nua Finau join with our resident Samoan, Will Voigt to go over the Samoan and Tongan rules of engagement for a much loved Pacific Island card game - SUIPI ... It's Suipi 101!

  • How To Aiuli

    How To Aiuli

    Leota Lene Leota shows you how to Aiuli (supporting dance when a taupou or manaia dances) and also how NOT to aiuli! So you can go into your next Samoan family function with confidence.

  • How to shop at the Samoan Markets

    How to shop at the Samoan Markets

    Find the best local Samoan hot food, umu, fresh palusami and oka! Which are the best Samoan ili (fans), kilikiti bats or local salu (Samoan brooms) to buy? Find out more about local fruit and veges - what is sasalapa? who makes the best puletasi? Former Miss South Pacific, Maryjane Mckibben-Schwenke shows us whats good at the Samoan markets ...

  • 10 Tips on How to Marry an Island Woman

    10 Tips on How to Marry an Island Woman

    It's one thing to marry the love of your life but if she's of Polynesian descent, not only will you marry her but you will also marry her entire family. It ain't a bad thing, it is what it is! Let the good times begin!  Here are 10 tips to marry an Island Princess - The hamo edition! 

  • How to Fire Dance (Ailao Afi)

    How to Fire Dance (Ailao Afi)

    Ever wanted to Ailao afi like the pros? Well look no further! The Ailao was originally used by warriors to show off their skill with the war-club, twirling, throwing and catching it in ceremonial displays. Check out this step-by-step guide by Pati Levasa, one of the best Ailao afi dancers in the Pacific! But be careful; kids ask your parents first! And parents - stay away from the fire!

  • Island Tips: Sounds of Samoa

    Island Tips: Sounds of Samoa

    Have you ever wondered how your Samoan mates communicate with just simple noises? like A'e, Awoi or plain old Shhht. Check out the different sounds every Samoan needs to know - from the growl to the gossip, and everything in between! So get your lips practising for the next time someone is being cheeky to you!

  • Know Your Mats (ie Toga / ie Samoa)

    Know Your Mats (ie Toga / ie Samoa)

    Check out the original Pacific currency - the Fine Mat! Like the Tongan ngatu and the Fijian kava, the Samoan Fine Mat (or Ie Toga) is mainly used for special occasions - the finer the mat the better the skill! See more on this traditional Samoan art!

  • How to Igi - Samoan Guitar Picking

    How to Igi - Samoan Guitar Picking

    Ever wanted to play the gat like your uncle's-brother's-cousin's-best-friend? Well look no more! Get the igi skills to pick like the greatest at your next social, church meeting or jam session from some of the masters!

  • How To Siva Samoa

    How To Siva Samoa

    How to Siva Samoa with Maryjane McKibbin-Schwenke It is important for a Samoan teine to learn her Siva Samoa skills, because once in your life time you will have to perform it, whether it is at a birthday, a fundraiser or a wedding, Maryjane is here to school you on steps to a fabulous Siva Samoa. 

  • Village Tips: Samoa

    Village Tips: Samoa

    Semisi & John presents Village tips 101 in Samoa You must always make sure you know the protocols when visiting a village in Samoa, from where to sleep to what you must take when visiting your family and friends. Here's a little guide to make your stay in a village extra special. Stay tuned for more 'Village Tips' coming soon

  • How to Perform A Samoan Si'i (Alofa)

    How to Perform A Samoan Si'i (Alofa)

    The Si'i Alofa, or Si'i for short, is an age-old Samoan custom of showing support from one family to another at important events and gatherings. So for those of you in the know, this is just a tester to see whether you know your way around with a ie toga (fine mat). And for those of you who aren't, take out your pen and paper and have a listen! You'll be up on the know in know time!

  • How to Crack a Coconut

    How to Crack a Coconut

    Imagine you’ve crashed landed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…no rescue in sight so no hope of survival right? Wrong!   Watch as intrepid coconet.tv guide Mario Gaoa (and his hunky stunt double) teach you how to survive the toughest conditions with a little help from the humble Coconut tree.

  • How to Siva Tau like the Manu Samoa

    How to Siva Tau like the Manu Samoa

    Every Pacifican will have seen the boys in blue leading the way for Samoa with the legendary ‘Siva Tau’. Now you can learn the hot Manu Samoa action for yourself here at the cococnet.tv. Follow along and find out about the moves that have rocked crowds around the world, and invoked the mana of our Samoan fighting spirit! In tribute to the late great Papali’itele Pita Fatialofa R.I.P SUGGESTED LINKS Checkout Adeaze doing their take on a clasic Samoan song Feeling homesick? Check out our Samoa Travel tips right here Want more dance tutorials? Click here

  • How to shop for the perfect Puletasi

    How to shop for the perfect Puletasi

    A key part of a Samoan woman’s wardrobe is the Puletasi. A classic two piece dress worn at many occasions around the Island and the Pacific. Miss Samoa/South Pacific 2012/13 beauty queen Janine Tuivaiti shows us everything about the Puletasi from where to purchase, how to wear it and what to look for in a Puletasi. 

  • How to - Make an Umu

    How to - Make an Umu

    The staple of every Samoan diet is the humble UMU (earth oven)! Check out how you too can experience tender taro, perfect palusami, and freshly-caught fish, OLD SCHOOL STYLE. It's the perfect way to eat the island way!