• Savai'ian Esi Salad or Papaya Tropical Fruit Salad

    Savai'ian Esi Salad or Papaya Tropical Fruit Salad

    Elisabeth from Amoa Resort in Savai'i shows us her delicious recipe for Esi or Papaya fruit salad. If you wanted to put Savai'i on a plate it'd look a bit like this with fresh tropical fruits and organic flavours growing on the big island of Samoa. Keep it Fresh and Keep it Local! 

  • How to make Tongan Faikakai Topai

    How to make Tongan Faikakai Topai

    Nastassia Wolfgramm & Lavinia Uhila show us how to make smooth, velvety, naughty, coco caramel Faikakai Topai - A Tongan Delicacy - Coconut Dumplings smothered in Coconut Caramel Sauce.

  • How to Make Cook Islands Doughnuts

    How to Make Cook Islands Doughnuts

    Cook Islands Doughnuts At every Cook Islands function there are staple foods from the minus (Cook Islands potato salad) to the ika mata (raw fish) but there is one food item that you can't go past - the doughnut! Follow along with Mama Love with this healthier, wholemeal infused recipe.   RECIPE:  This recipe makes about 20 doughnuts  3x Cups Flour  1x Cup Wholemeal Flour  Pinch of Salt  4x Tablespoon Sugar  2 1/2x Cups of Warm Milk  4x Tablespooon Fresh Cream  1x Tablespoon Oil  2x Tablespoon Yeast  1x Tablespoon Vanilla Essence  4x Eggs  Frying oil for cooking  . Follow along with the instructions in the video 

  • How to make an Umu in the City 101

    How to make an Umu in the City 101

    Our Niuean real island guys Shim & Haanz show us the tips and trix to making an umu when you're living in the city. How NOT to get the fire brigade called out to your house, alternative ingredients when you can't find a pawpaw for your takihi and the best part of the puaka to buy when you can't afford the whole pig ;) 

  • How to make Cook Islands Raw Fish aka IKA MATA

    How to make Cook Islands Raw Fish aka IKA MATA

    Dreaming of some Island goodness in the midst of winter?  Get some fresh fish goodness in your life with this awesum Kuki Airani take on Ika Mata! Our girl Tatryana breaks down how to put the tang and taste into raw fish with these simple tips n trix! INGREDIENTS  * 500g filletted Kawawai  * 1/2 small onion  * 2 Fresh lemons or limes  * 400ml Fresh or canned coconut cream  * 1 tomato  * 1/2 Cucumber  * 1 1/2 Cup Water  * Salt  RECIPE  Dice up your fish, put in a bowl of water with salt to soak and place in the fridge. Dice up some cucumbers and tomato to make it more delicious. Drain the salted water from the fish and add lemon juice. Let the fish soak in the lemon juice for a few minutes and then drain. Add in diced cucumbers, tomato and spring onion and mix through with the fish. Add coconut milk - do not add any water, coconut cream only.



    Fijian chef Bertrand Jang shares why he's 'Fresh out da Box' with his cake making skills and the island flavours he uses in his recipes. You can catch him down at the La Cigale French markets on the weekend or order online here 

  • How to make Pani Popo (Samoan Coconut Buns)

    How to make Pani Popo (Samoan Coconut Buns)

    Pani Popo or Coconut buns are a popular treat with all Samoan families. Delicious, sweet, buns smothered in yummy coconut cream!   Destiny Momoisea shows us how to make her family's recipe with some guidance from her Mum Taulagi ;)  PANI INGREDIENTS:  1/4 Cup Warm water  2 teaspoons Edmonds active yeast  2 Cups High Grade Flour  1 1/2 Cups Self Raising Flour  1 teaspoon salt  1 tablespoon sugar  3/4 cup warm malk  3 tablespoons melted butter  . COCONUT CREAM INGREDIENTS: 1/2 can (200ml) canned or fresh coconut milk 1/2 can (200ml) water  1/2 cup (100g) sugar 

  • TAKURUA - The ultimate traditional feast in Rarotonga!

    TAKURUA - The ultimate traditional feast in Rarotonga!

    These are the trials and tribulations of making this age old feast of traditional food happen! Wild goat from Aitu, Oyster meat from Manihiki - check out this celebration of the best of Pacific ingrediants on a plate!!

  • Koko Esi

    Koko Esi

    Rosita at Va-I-Moana Resort in Beautiful Samoa shows us how to make 'Koko Esi' which is a breakfast dish made from Koko Samoa and Pawpaw, Savai'i style.

  • Pineapple Pagikeke

    Pineapple Pagikeke

    Hanalei & her Aunty Mele share their recipe for Pineapple Pagikeke Samoan style. Now you don't have to leave your house to buy them you can make them from the comfort of your own home.

  • Fa'ausi Gelato

    Fa'ausi Gelato

    Chloe Faaiuaso tells us about 'Whipped' Apia, Samoa's first gelato store! They're the only ice cream / gelato store that serves dairy free options for people in Samoa..

  • How to Cook Pisupo

    How to Cook Pisupo

    Pisupo (Corned Beef) the famous staple food of the Pacific that can be made so many different ways!   No matter what you put in your falai - make sure you drain the fat off first, and try adding some fresh veggies to add some goodness into your pisupo eating pleasure. Fun fact: Pisupo is a transliteration of 'pea soup' because these were the first types of canned food that were brought to Samoa by the early sailors and traders. When corned beef came along in a can and became the most popularly eaten canned food-the generic name for tins of food 'Pisupo' still stuck.

  • How to make Pai Fala (Half Moon Pineapple Pie)

    How to make Pai Fala (Half Moon Pineapple Pie)

    Hanalei & her Aunty Mele share their recipe for Pai Fala - Half Moon Pineapple Pie. This delicious pie is a favourite for dessert and even for morning/afternoon tea.

  • FRESH OUT DA BOX - Doe Donuts

    FRESH OUT DA BOX - Doe Donuts

    Check out Doe Donuts, and their fresh new twist on Poly influenced treats!  You can order Doe Donuts online here  or Crumb Cafe in Grey Lynn also stocks a supply of them .... but you better be quick!  They sell out fast! 

  • Make a Niuean Takihi

    Make a Niuean Takihi

    Armed with a massive knife, some Island 'know how' and his Grandmothers recipe, Proud Niuean Shimpal Lelisi attempts to recreate his favourite Island dish Takihi, from scratch. But there ain‘t no Pak ‘n’ Cave on the Rock - so using a dash of Bear Grylls' survival skills and a pinch of Jamie Oliver’s flare - Shimpal scours the Island, digs in the Taro Fields, ignites the Umu and cracks the Niu, all in a back breaking effort to recreate the taste of his childhood. So what is Takihi? Well it’s not quite a savoury dish or a desert either- it floats in the space reserved for food that can’t be defined- it just is.  Join Shim on his journey and then have your own- download the recipe PDF and sample this coconutty, fruity, starchy goodness for yourself. Sweat band optional!   SUGGESTED LINKS Brush up on your Niuean Language skills here Learn more about the Rock on the ‘Know your roots’ virtual timeline  

  • Sasalapa Smoothie

    Sasalapa Smoothie

    Kalais-Jade together with her husband Ivan run Nourish Cafe in Samoa. They have a focus on using local and organically certified produce, sold straight from their farmers who work together with Women in Business Development. She teaches us how to make a delicious and refreshing Sasalapa (Sour Sop) Smoothie. 

  • Taufolo (Mashed Breadfruit)

    Taufolo (Mashed Breadfruit)

    Chef Otila Ah Fook shows us how to make a delicious Samoan dish - Taufolo - made of mashed breadfruit & coconut cream.

  • TARO CHICKEN (Tahiti)

    TARO CHICKEN (Tahiti)

    Christian shows TK how to make a delicious Tahitian dish made with Taro, Chicken, ginger, carrots, onion & honey! 

  • Niuean Pitako Pia

    Niuean Pitako Pia

    Aunty Rupina helps Shimpal make a special, Niuean traditional dish - Pitako Pia (Coconut Bread made from Coconut & Pia aka arrowroot)

  • UM-HANG (Umu & Hangi fusion)

    UM-HANG (Umu & Hangi fusion)

    Thaddeus Kaiou originally from the Hokianga  is half Mangaian & now living in Rarotonga. He shows us how he fuses the maori hangi with the island umu to create what he calls an 'um-hang' with delicious results! 

  • OTA IKA (Tongan Raw Fish)

    OTA IKA (Tongan Raw Fish)

    Richard shows netball star Cat Tuivaiti how to make Ota Ika (Raw Fish) Tongan style! 

  • PUAKA TUNU (Pig on a spit)

    PUAKA TUNU (Pig on a spit)

    Our friends at Oholei Beach Resort in the Kingdom of Tonga show us how they cook 'Puaka Tunu' or Pork/Pig on a spit.

  • PAPAYA PO'E (Tahitian)

    PAPAYA PO'E (Tahitian)

    Tahitian local Maheata shows TK how to make a yummy Tahitian dessert made out of papaya (pawpaw) and coconut meat - Papaya Po'e



    Chef John from Chef John Tours in Samoa shows us how to make Ulu (Breadfruit) Hash Browns! 



    Peta and the boys give us a quick rundown on how to make Fish & Chips the Savai'ian Way! 

  • Char Grilled Lobster

    Char Grilled Lobster

    Learn how to cook delicious char grilled lobster with fresh coconut cream sauce & our chef Otila gives you tips on how to know you've picked a nice fresh one!  . INGREDIENTS  Lobster 1 cup of coconut oil I bowl of Coconut grated teaspoon sugar teaspoon salt Local organic tomatoes Dip fried grapefruits . INSTRUCTIONS Cut the lobster in half. Strain the coconut cream from the grated coconut into a bowl. Pour cup of coconut oil into the BBQ then place the lobster onto it,  Leave it for 2minutes on each sides. Now for the sauce pour coconut cream into frying pan add a pinch of sugar and stir until it’s ready to serve. Chop up organic tomatoes into a bowl add a pinch of salt and ¼ cup of coconut oil, now put it onto the BBQ and stir for a while. Then serve On wooden board/plate, place lobster on dip fried Grapefruits then pour cooked coconut sauce on top of it.

  • Nanē Pia (Niuean Porridge)

    Nanē Pia (Niuean Porridge)

    A delicious local delicacy.  . Recipe: Ingredients Water Coconut flesh Pia powder (starch) Steps -In a pot of water, add coconut flesh and let it boil. -Measure one cup of Pia powder in one coconut, mix Pia powder in coconut that’s been scraped until the texture of the powder is solid enough to make dumplings. -Once coconut flesh is boiled, add dumplings to make it thick and wait for it to cook. (Tip: You know its cooked when dumplings starts to rise up). SERVE AND ENJOY! ☺



    Our Poly Dolly Lanita shows us how to make a Cook Islands inspired platter featuring Ika Mata (Raw Fish), Mainese (Potato Salad) & Mussels. . IKA MATA Ingredients Raw fish 2 Lemons 1 Tomato 1 onion 1 cucumber 1 spring onion Can of coconut cream . Steps Chop up boneless raw fish into small pieces. Chop lemons in half. Chop onion, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions into very small pieces. Put chopped fish into bowl, pour coconut cream into it,  add the chopped ingredients to it squeeze lemons and stir. . MAINESE Ingredients Cooked potatoes 2 or 3 table spoon of Mayonnaise Can of beetroot 1 table spoon of chow chow 1 cup of mixed vegetables . Steps Chop up cooked potatoes into small pieces. Pour into bowl, Add 2 or more tablespoons of mayonnaise. Open can of beetroot pour it in. Add table spoon of chow chow. Pour in cooked mixed vegetables and stir all together. . CRUMBED MUSSELS Ingredients 1 teaspoon garlic 1 teaspoon onions chopped 1 cup bread crumbs Mussels 1/2 cup Cooking oil Chopped parsley . Steps Put teaspoon of trusty garlic into bowl Add chopped onions , chopped parsley, cup of bread crumbs and ½ cup of cooking oil and mix together Then serve them on top of mussels.

  • How to make Sapasui or Samoan Chop Suey

    How to make Sapasui or Samoan Chop Suey

    An island fave!   Easy to make with this simple recipe. . INGREDIENTS: Meat:  Beef (chuck or rump steak) or chicken (portions or boneless) or Pork. Vermicelli Noodles (buy in packets) Garlic Ginger Mushroom Soy Sauce. . INSTRUCTIONS: Peel & slice onion & garlic  Add oil to the electric fry pan or pot Cut meat into bite size cubes, add & stir fry with onion & garlic Peel & crush ginger Add ginger and enough Mushroom soy sauce to cover the meat then stir & leave to cook for a few minutes. Soak vermicelli in COLD water to soften & then trim with scissors. Add Vermicelli and 1 or 2 cups of water Cover and leave to cook for 5-6 mins Stir and serve! ENJOY!

  • Sua I'a

    Sua I'a

    Our friend Fainu'u at Va-I-Moana Resort in Beautiful Samoa shows us how to make 'Sua I'a' or 'Fish Soup' the Samoan way ... The Samoan Style: Sua I'a (Fish Soup)   Ingredients   Small/medium fish (Cleaned and sliced) Salt to taste 1 medium onion chopped Chopped chillies (as much as desired) 1/2 cup coconut cream Water Steps Fill 1/2 pot with water and bring to boil.  Add onions to the the boiling water.  Add salt to taste.  Add chillies. Add fish and boil it for 5-10 minutes. Add coconut cream. Simmer and enjoy!  Manaia!

  • Fijian Curry

    Fijian Curry

    Fijian Chef Bertrand Jang shows us how to make his favourite Fijian Curry dish. . RECIPE: * 1 whole chicken  * 2 Red/White Onion  * 50g Ginger, thinly sliced  * 30g Garlic, thinly sliced  * 2 Tsp Coriander Seeds  * 2 Tsp Cummin Seeds  * 3 Tsp Curry Powder  * 2 Tsp Garam Masala * 2 Tsp Turmeric Powder  * 1 Tsp Chilli Powder  * 2 Tsp Salt  * 1 Bunch of coriander  * 150ml Vegetable oil  Chop chicken into rough cuts  Roast & blitz dry seeds  Heat oil, brown ginger, add onions & garlic and cook for 3 minutes  Add spices and salt, roast for 10 mins on low heat  Turn heat on high & sear chicken  Cook for 10 mins, add potato and cook until potatoes are cooked Add coriander, seasoning and serve.

  • Vaisalo


    Fesui shows us how to make a yummy coconut porridge for breakfast. . Vaisalo (Coconut porridge)   Ingredients 2 cups coconut water 1 1/2 cup coconut flesh Tapioca starch   Steps Blend coconut flesh and coconut water together. Pour the mixture in a pot and boil it on a medium heat for 10 mins and stir occasionally. Add starch and stir and simmer or 5 minutes. Your Vaisalo is ready to eat. Serve and enjoy! Manaia!

  • Wild Turmeric Latte

    Wild Turmeric Latte

    Etu shows us how you can use his Wild Turmeric Juice and turn it into a healthy latte! . Wild Turmeric Latte 1 tsp black pepper 1 1/2 cup almond milk 2-3 tblsp honey Wild Tumeric

  • Timena's Pineapple Pie

    Timena's Pineapple Pie

    Our girl Timena Apa shares her recipe for Pineapple Pie - a dessert favourite with all Pacific Islanders!   This yummy pie is great as a dessert for to'ona'i and family gatherings. . Pineapple Pie Recipe    Ingredients   Base 2 blocks of butter 4 cups of self raising flour 4 eggs 1 cup sugar Custard Filling 3 crushed pineapples You can use anything for toppings: whipped cream with peanuts is very common. Steps In a large bowl mix butter with sugar.  Add eggs one by one and mix. Add flour and mix. Knead with hands. In a large aluminium tray, spread the pastry and make gentle holes with a fork.  In a pot, boil pineapple and add your pre-made custard to it. Stir until thickens.  Cook the pastry in the oven until golden brown. Let it cool and then add the custard.  Top with whipped cream and any other toppings you'd like - some people add crushed nuts or sliced fruit. 

  • Fesui's Suafa'i

    Fesui's Suafa'i

    Our real island guy Fesui shows us how to cook Suafa'i ..... the real island way The Samoan Style: Suafa'i (Banana pudding)   Ingredients 5-6 peeled and chopped bananas 1 cup coconut cream Lemon leaves 1/4 cup tapioca starch Water Steps Add bananas in a pot and add water to its level.  Bring it to boil. Stir occasionally. Add tapioca starch and stir occasionally. Add lemon leaves and cook for 5-8 minutes. Turn of the stove and stir while adding coconut milk. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy! Manaia!

  • Finding Kina

    Finding Kina

    Our favourite Maori - Olly Coddington - shows us where to find Kina! 

  • Koko Samoa Granola

    Koko Samoa Granola

    Tailani from Le Petit Café in Apia shares a lil specialty with the Koko Samoa Koko Samoa Granola   Ingredients 1 cup oats 1 cup coconut grated 3/4 cup honey  1/4 cup organic coconut oil Grated cocoa/ grated unsweetened dark chocolate Steps In a bowl, add oats, coconut, and grated cocoa/chocolate and mix. In a pot, pour honey and oil and bring to boil on a medium heat and stir. Add to granola mix. Mix till the honey coats the oats. Distribute the mixture in a square pan and put it in the oven SERVE AND ENJOY!

  • How to Make Vakalolo

    How to Make Vakalolo

    Maika shows us how to make a traditional Fijian dessert - 'Vakalolo' - which is made from Cassava & Coconut. Vakalolo (Coconut and cassava desert)    Ingredients 1-2 medium cassava- grated  Aluminium foil 3 cups coconut milk 1-2 cups sugar Steps Place one handful of cassava and wrap it in a foil. Boil water and add the foils with cassava in the pot. Boil for 45 minutes In a seperate pan heat it and add sugar. Let it melt. Add coconut milk occasionally and stir. Remove the cooked cassava from the foil and knead it gently in a bowl. Add the coconut and sugar syrup to it. Let it sit for a while. Serve and enjoy! Ni mai Kana!

  • Make Vakasakera

    Make Vakasakera

    Learn how to make Vakasakera a traditional Lauan dish . Vakasakera   Ingredients 1 bundle cabbage finely chopped 1 finely chopped onions Seafood (any of your choice) Grated and roasted coconut Steps Boil cabbage for 5-10 minutes. Remove cabbage and squeeze excess water. Add seafood in the pan and boil it for 10-15 minutes. Turn off heat. Finely chop the seafood and keep separately. In a seperate bowl, squeeze the roasted coconut to remove coconut milk. . In a small bowl, start to layer with coconut milk, cabbage, onions and chopped seafood. There you go! all ready to eat! . Enjoy!

  • How to Make 'Otai

    How to Make 'Otai

    Lavinia Uhila & Nastassia Wolfgramm together with Chef Sio show us how to make a fave island drink perfect for summer - Otai (Juice) The Tongan Taste: 'Otai (Watermelon fruit juice)    Ingredients 1/2 sliced and grated watermelon 1/2 cup chopped pineapple 1/4 cup grated coconut sugar to taste 1/2 cup coconut milk Steps Mix all the ingredients together and stir. Add ice if desired and enjoy! Ifo!