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Humans of the Islands - Vea Mafile'o

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"Vea Mafile’o is an artist of Tongan, Māori and Scottish descent who
works primarily in moving image and installation...Mafile’o continues to work as
a filmmaker and is co-founder of the…more

VEA MAFILE'O - Tongan Film maker on the rise

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Mālō e Lelei, My name is Vea Mafile'o and I am Scottish, English, Māori and Tongan from Tongoleleka, Ha'apai.

We need to have a voice on screen, so Pasifika women…more

Inked: Maila Urale

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Check out Samoan Artist Maila Urale and her contemporary take on traditional Samoan tattoo symbols!

Taking inspiration from everyday life, Maila incorporated traditional Samoan designs with modern day symbols that…more

Fresh 6 - Hosted by Common Kings

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Join us as the Common Kings take us through this years ONE LOVE FESTIVAL! Keeping it Fresh!

Keepin it Fresh at the Miss Pacific Islands pageant in Tonga!

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The Miss Pacific Islands pageant returned to the Kingdom of Tonga - catch highlights of the float parade & the pageant itself right here!

How to Catch an Octopus (Feke)

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Hiding in the shadows of the Tongan reef, the mysterious Feke or Octopus taunts the hunter, its tentacles enticing him ever closer, then like fluid lighting, it slips beyond reach…more

Know your Ta'ovala

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There is a secrete language wrapped up in a Tongan Ta’ovala or Mat.

Everything from how and where it's worn, to its size, the grade of the weave, it's decorations…more

How to make Tongan Topai

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Saia Mafile'o teaches his grandson Malosi how to make a Tongan delicacy - Tongan Topai.

Check out all the ingredients you'll need and try to cook it yourself by follow…more


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FIFO (Festival International Du Film Documentaire Océanien) is an international Pacific film festival that happens every year in Tahiti!

Meet some of the young filmmakers who were keeping it fresh…more


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Miss American Samoa (Magalita Philomena Johnson), Miss Papua New Guinea (Leoshina Mercy Kariha) and Miss Samoa (Sonia Piva) discuss what makes a beautiful woman in their own cultures.

Siliga Setoga

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Contemporary Artist Siliga Setoga shares an insight into his life, his art and his beautiful family. 


How to make Ngatu Tonga (Tapa)

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Sieni Mafile’o joins a Koka’anga group, to make a Ngatu.

The age old custom of making Ngatu is broken down and demonstrated in Tonga’s Ancient Capital City, the village of…more

But I Do - Will Crummer

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Check out this beautiful rendition of the classic song from the early 60's, sung by Annie Crummer's dad Will!

Featuring his family and some beautiful harmonies, it's easy to see…more

How to make Tongan Lu Sipi and Lu Pulu

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Saia Mafile'o shows his grandchildren Malosi and Talavou how to make a favourite dish with Tongans around the world - Lu Sipi and Lu Pulu.

Check out all the ingredients…more


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See this new re-telling of the legend of 'Aho'eitu - the first of the Tu'i Tonga dynasty to rule over Tonga.

Born to a mortal mother and the God Tangaloa,…more

The Legend of Kava Tonga

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The legend of Kava Tonga has come to life. In a harrowing story of love, loyalty and sacrifice, this short film gives you an insight into the importance of Kava…more

The Coronation of King Tupou VI

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See all the action in the week leading up to the King of Tonga's Coronation, including the Wesleyan Church offerings to the King and Queen, the block party, the Taumafa…more

I Kona - Common Kings

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Check out this beautiful rendition of the Hawaiian classic I Kona by the Common Kings!

Composed in 1920 by James Kelepolo, the stunning mele (song) expressed his love for Kona…more


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Nikau Hindin is a traditional maker of Aute - the Māori version of tapa cloth.

Meet this Creative Native, see her beautiful work and find out what she loves about…more

Fresh 6 - Giantkilla & Awhimai Fraser

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"It's important to keep these festivals alive, because on top of the twerk and the nae nae, we gotta keep our dances alive!"

Giantkilla and Awhimai take us through Polyfest…more

Lest We Forget the 500 Cook Islands Soldiers

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Aue! Ko te ngaropoina uake ia tatou rima anere vaeau toa Kuki Airani.

This video highlights the Cook Islands’ contribution of recruiting five hundred men from 1914 to 1918, who…more

TAPA OF THE PACIFIC - Fiji Masi with Joana Monolagi

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"As an indigenous Fijian woman, masi is very, very important to me. It speaks of all these different hands that have created the masi and it belongs to ... the…more

TAPA OF THE PACIFIC - Tonga Ngatu with Tui Emma Gillies & Sulieti Fieme'a Burrows

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Tui Emma Gillies & her mother Sulieti Fieme'a Burrows, full time artists and ngatu makers have had the art of Tongan Tapa making passed down to them through the generations.



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Marquesan Actor & Costume Designer Christopher Prenat was raised in Tahiti & grew up around his grandparents who were artists.

He talks about the costumes he has mostly been creating for the…more

Broken Silence

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'Broken Silence' is the story of a man, haunted by the memories of an attack made on his wife, who plans revenge on the men responsible.

This film was made…more

SaVage Klub - High Tea

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Check out some of the Pacific movers and shakers within the arts world as they activate and create in the spaces around them.

The SaVage Klub are a collective of…more

Travel Tips - Shopping at Pape'ete Market Place, Tahiti with Actor West Leclay

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If you ever go to Tahiti, you have to visit the Pape'ete Market Place!!

Model, Actor and Dancer West Leclay shares some tips on how to do the markets right!…more

Isa Lei - Erakah

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Soul-singing diva Erakah jams her rendition of a Fijian classic 'Isa Lei'.

This song is a farewell song, usually sung when a loved one is leaving. Enjoy!

How To - Make a statement with your Kiekie

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With Kiekie Extraordinaire Mel from the amazing Kanumez where the best custom made Kiekie are created. 

Kanumez Kiekie designer & owner Mele Tonga Tamanilo shares the origin of the Kiekie in…more


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For My Father's Kingdom follows Tongan pensioner Saia Mafile’o and his family as they are stretched to breaking point by the commitment and passion to God that has driven Saia’s…more


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"I knew I wanted to be an entertainer from as far as I can remember. As a child I sang, rapped and danced for anyone, anytime, anywhere." 

Winning the Most…more

Just Give Me Love - THA FEELSTYLE

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Tha Feelstyle captures the beautiful island of Samoa in his latest video, check out behind the scenes in his "My World" this Saturday on Fresh Saturday 10am on TV2


The National Anthem of Niue: 'Ki Niue Nei' - Che Fu, Tigilau Ness & Malcolm Lakatani

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Take 3 Niuean Musical legends; add a sunset and a song to unite an Island Nation and you’ve got something special.  

Check out Che Fu, Tigilau Ness and Malcolm Lakatani…more

Legend of Tokamotu of Tuapa

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There is a lesson to be learnt about the power held in sacred objects, and the trust bestowed upon their protectors....

By the light of a fire in a cool…more

How to Hunt a Coconut Crab

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Take a journey into the darkest depths of the Niuean jungle with muso and rookie Uga Hunter, Malcolm Lakatani.

With Machete in hand and some local guides to lead the…more

MULTI-NESIANS: Sahara Regina Magura

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'MULTI-NESIANS’’ is a series of conversations around race, identity and mixed cultural upbringings in Aotearoa.

There are strong intersects of many Pasifika, Asian, Maori, Melanesian and Palagi cultures across these…more

'Sipaio' performed by Malcolm Lakatani

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Sipaio is a celebration song. It encourages the use of body movement during the singing about the sound of happiness. 

Written by The Tusini Family - famous song writers from…more


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New Zealand’s first Tongan swimming champion battles self-doubt and setbacks as she fights for a medal at the Commonwealth Games. 

A traumatic childhood accident left Tupou Neiufi with a permanent…more

Creative Native: Monty Collins

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Creative Native Monty Collins takes us into his world of graffiti, cartoons, and the love for his art. 

If you drive around  most of Auckland and notice the amazing female…more


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2019 is the year of the Brown Female Story in Aotearoa!  So many great stories from the sistas of the Moana Nui A Kiwa are exploding on the big screen…more

MARIA - Short Film

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The matriarch of a large Polynesian family lies bedridden and silent, unable or unwilling to speak after a long illness.

When a family crisis strikes, Nan Maria gets some unexpected…more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 4

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Catch 'Fresh Housewives of South Auckland' on Fresh Saturday mornings 10am on TV2

Episode 4 - The struggle is real when it comes to keeping healthy.


Fresh Housewives…more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 3

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Catch 'Fresh Housewives of South Auckland' on Fresh Saturday mornings 10am on TV2

Episode 3 - 'Thou Shall Tell The Truth' - when mum's have a comp to see who's…more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 7

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Catch Fresh Saturday 10am TV2

Epiosde 7 - Madonna hits up Lei to help her out with some financial issues.


Fresh Housewives Ep 1

Fresh Housewives Ep 2more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 6

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Catch 'Fresh Housewives of South Auckland' on Fresh Saturday mornings 10am on TV2

Episode 6- The Minister's wife has a secret to share with Lei & Lei has to dig deep…more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 5

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Catch 'Fresh Housewives of South Auckland' on Fresh Saturday mornings 10am on TV2

Episode 5 - It's one the most popular sport in the Pacific Islands 'Bingo' or as the…more

Fresh Housewives of South Auckland S1 Ep 8

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Catch Fresh Saturday 10am TV2

Episode 8 - Has Madonna finally found the love of her life? Is she officially a 'housewife' catch the season finale of Fresh Housewives of…more

How To: Be a Tongan Tou'a

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Stop in at any village in Tonga and you’re bound to come across a Kava hall or Club, a place to socialise, relax and partake in the age-old custom of…more

Make Takihi with Shimpal Lelisi

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Armed with a massive knife, some Island know how- and his Grandmothers recipe, Proud Niuean Shimpal Lelisi attempts to recreate his favourite Island dish- Takihi, from scratch.

But there an…more

The Events with Beulah Koale

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The talented Beulah Koale, know for his major role in the film "The Last Saint" was born in Otara, South Auckland and is of Samoan descent, Koale hits the stage…more

Make a Niuean Takihi

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Armed with a massive knife, some Island 'know how' and his Grandmothers recipe, Proud Niuean Shimpal Lelisi attempts to recreate his favourite Island dish Takihi, from scratch.

But there ain‘t…more

Tales of Taonga - Tapa of the Pacific

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Historically when we were first born it cradled our bodies.  

It provided cover, warmth and protection and was one of our most highly valued posessions showing wealth, status and celebration…more

Pasifika Garage Stories

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From our most famous artists to sports people and thriving businesses, the humble South Auckland garage has been the heartland for creating some of our biggest success stories.  Here are…more


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Hey Coco-community! After a long, enjoyable and (being honest here) sometimes difficulty journey is finally here!

We’ve almost been ‘live’ a week now and the whole family are…more

Pacific filmmaker has two films at the Berlinale NATIVE film festival

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Tongan female director Vea Mafile'o has the amazing feat of having two of her films premiere at the Berlinale Native festival this year.

Alongside a host of other largely female…more


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The Coconet TV is proud to continue its 'Daughters of the Migration' series celebrating the impact Pacific women have had in Aotearoa over the generations.

Suluape said to me “I'm…more

Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones Ep3 Ahi

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Iz, a troubled non-binary teenager, has issues with their fathers ruthless commercial interests in building a hotel on a tapu mauga. On the way to the building site they encounter…more

Pacific media can be leading the digital content revolution.

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Auckland came alive today with some active talanoa from all our Pacific media sectors, with the first cross sector Pacific media fono in 10 years.

Recognising the stalwarts of the…more


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Sima Urale has worked in the creative industry from theatre to film and television for more than 30 years, initially as a professional actor in theatre, and then in the…more

Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones: Ep1 Teine Sā

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An ambitious young artist will stop at nothing to make her new exhibition a success, and tramples on a sacred family heirloom in the process.  She unwittingly invites herself into…more

Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones: Ep4 Hiama

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A young Solomon Islands teenager encounters bullying and micro-aggressions at school, and takes fate into her own hands when she is visited by a guardian spirit of her family.


Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones Ep5 Sina & Tuna

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* Triggering content warning and graphic scenes of violence *

After she swipes right on a Tinder date with a hot Samoan rugby star, Sina is forced to fight for…more

Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones: Ep2 Tapuitea

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* Triggering content warning and graphic scenes of violence *

A young woman is distraught when she realises her boyfriend has been filming her having sex for online profit. In…more

Celebrating our Pasifika Female Directors

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Celebrating our Pasifika Female Directors on #FemaleFilmMakerFriday!



Sima Urale has worked in the creative industry from theatre to film and television for more than 30 years, initially…more