In a country ravaged by recent years of Covid-19 closure, flooding, depleted produce and RSE schemes taking all the newly trained staff - Samoa is doing food better than ever! You can get everything here from international cuisine to healthy vegan options and most importantly the hot local Samoan food that sings to your heart.  Hot fa'alifu ulu, the sharp tangy taste of sea, fragrant fresh oka, the custardy sweetness of a pai fala.....the list of Island food flavours are endless and Samoa is a giant organic food bowl of amazing taste sensations. For travellers back to the motherland, options range from hot umu at the makeki to flash new organic food choices from a range of cafes to rival the best overseas. All across both Upolu and Savaii there are faleaigas and cafes spilling over with amazing local produce and flavours, so having a good 'food map' for Samoa cuts out the trial and error coz nobody got time for paying your precious talas for bad food.  While you prepare to go back to the motherland, check our Coco listicle of 'Best of' food places :)  Local Produce Markets {{34132}} First up the makekis - the upgraded produce market in Fugalei is a clean airy oasis of fresh fruit and hot food. Umu options come out from about 11.30am so you can pick up some hot ulu and eat it with your sea or fai'ai fe'e and wash it all down with an ice cold niu and maybe some supo esi for dessert. {{34134}} The Savalalo Fish Market is a haven of awesomeness - most people know that if you come down at dawn you can buy all manner of fish, lobster, crabs or fe'e (octopus). If you're a hotel traveller you can buy this fresh from the sea cheap seafood and ask your hotel chef to make you the king of seafood platters :)  {{34136}} Sunday at the makeki is next level though, and this is when there are hot food options - think vaisalo, fa'ausi of all varieties, koko esi, pai fala, puligi enough to want to get your sweet tooth pulled out for good. Get in quick as the juiciest fish and best choices of to'ona'i food options may be gone by 9am. Nourish Cafe {{34138}} Next to the back of the epic Mulivai Catherdral in town lives Nourish Cafe, the renowned haven for all things local, organic and delicious.  The ever changing menu features the best of Samoa’s local produce - from the drinks menu that showcases Koko Samoa and local coffee - combined in the super powered Nourish Brew which is a Koko Samoa/ Expresso combo with fresh coconut cream.  There are all manner of fresh juices - from a clean green detox to lemon or pineapple frappes and the famous Nourish Knockout Smoothie that features Sasalapa (the super nutrient soursop) local greens and mint. Nourish Cafe owner Kalais-Jade shows us how it's made here! {{34140}} Nourish has a life giving soup with watercress ginger and choice of chicken or prawns, and a variety of fresh fish dishes including oka, as well as mexican inspired dishes and cabinet food. They also do pancakes with the holy grail of all sauces - siamu popo caramelized coconut sauce. Coffee Roaster - Atina'e St, Apia Next to the giant SSAB Megastore in town is local favorite Coffee Roaster which features freshly roasted beans in great coffee, with a cheap and cheerful and very popular breakfast and lunch menu. {{34173}} They have very yummy fresh baked pineapple custard pies with cream. Kure Juice Bar and Vegan Eatery Next door is the most excellent Kure Juice Bar and Vegan Eatery that has a range of local organic juices, smoothies and niu, as well as taro fries and vegan food bowls. A great one stop shop for great coffee and juice is to go to Coffee Roasters and Kure for a juice to go with.  {{34152}} Phat Burger The popular Phat Burger in Malifa with its comprehensive menu of burgers and fresh oka is making its mark on the young market for its good vibe by the riverside, (the old Home Cafe) good jams and eats. There is a wine list and alcohol available for the adults as well. {{34155}} Kofe Haus In the kingdom of Vaitele there are many new eateries amongst the tried and true - but special mention to Kofe Haus for its great breakfast selection and wide ranging fresh lunch menu from supo povi to kebabs and fish wraps and everything in between. If you are in the Vaitele region this is your go-to coffee and food stop in. {{34157}} Black Pepper Cafe Black Pepper Cafe in the Samoana Hotel in Moata’a has a great lunch/ dinner set up where they do a salad selection with freshly baked ta’amū bread, and you order from a variety of proteins to go with - the tuna in peppercorn sauce is a winner!  As is their pavlova. {{34160}} Pickled Lam (Scallinis) Formerly known as Scallinis, the Pickled Lam Deli and Restaurant is open for great breakfasts, lunch and epic dinners. Pretty much an institution in Samoa for fine dining dinners with local produce, the Deli is now the best pit stop for people heading over the Cross Island road who may want to pick up lunch / snacks for the beaches. With their own freshly baked bread - the deli has a selection of rolls, muffins, brioche, and cake as well as deli items and great coffee. Our pick is still the notorious pizette balls as dinner, the fish of the day whatever that may be - sometimes a big fat crab, and the desserts like the misiluki flambe with local lady fingers bananas. {{34145}} Giordarno’s Pizzeria - Moto'otua, Apia The legendary pizza that has won the hearts of diners across the globe continues to shine with its palusami pizza smash hit, and also the swordfish pizza - a great option is to combine both for the win. Notable mention is the salads here, unexpectedly for a pizza place these are some of the best salad dishes on the island - the Tropical salad comes with shavings of toasted coconut, the seafood salad is sumptuous as is the humble chicken salad - elevated with fresh local greens and fruit. Now also featuring a particularly good steak and mushroom sauce and a fresh fish option with the holy trifecta of coconut, ginger and chilli. {{34149}} Paddles Restaurant - Apia Paddles wins hands down for the best seaside location on the island - looking out over the harbour of Apia at sunset is a particular joy, especially if you are eating a bowl of fresh oka with fresh coconut cream and crisp taro chips. For a pasta place they do great fish - particularly the oka and the tuna niçoise. {{34164}} Seafood Gourmet An option you don't find many places is the tuna belly with garlic butter and salad, you should always have their chilli spiked oka, and strangely their desserts. Anyone who has had the fruit pie knows its short crust pastry goodness and now with the Koko Samoa ice cream even? Stobit. {{34280}} Pinati's Restaurant We cant ever forget to pay homage to Pinati's - the home of local Samoan/Chinese fast turnaround food. Where you can get a quick plate of sapasui / kale mamoe and a fa’i as the go-to cheapest lunch in town.  - Also big on the big portions are Connexions Cafe next to SSAB Megastore in town and 'Izzys' for American style food. Lunch options are too many to mention, so here are some of our special things to try at different places {{34277}} - Forest Cafe Up the Cross Island Rd across form the Bahai temple is the Forest Cafe, which does a great curry and roti and fresh niu while you can listen to the birdsong in the bush above the river ravine. {{34283}} Pacific Jewell Gift Shop & Garden Café There are great food options at here but what we liked most here was the sumptuous folds of meringue in their rolled pavlova slices with fresh mango and cream! {{34285}} Taumeasina Sunday Buffet Other special mentions have to go to best buffet on the Island which sees Taumeasina Island Resort's Sunday Seafood Buffet just nudge out The Orator Hotel's excellent to'ona'i for top place, for its variety of seafood and Samoan food selections for just $65 tala. {{34287}} Nightime eating has to include KokoBanana for their huge steak and lobster combo, and Tifaimoana for the great mutton curry. {{34290}} - Coco Cafe Awards Best Waiter / Service - Giordarnos for the woman who remembers everything in her head!  Paddles for attention to detail, Pickled Lam for charisma.   Best Coffee: Coffee Roasters, Nourish, Pickled Lam Best Smoothie: Nourish Sasalapa Smoothie Best Juice: Kure Juice Bar for the Green Juice & Lucky Foodtown for the cheapest fresh options! Best Pani Popo: is fighting words but the verdict is Maryion of Samoa in Lotopa Best Oka: Trees on the way to airport Best Ice Cream: Koko Samoa Ice Cream at Kool Shack Seafood Gourmet Best Pai Fala: Netzlers Shop Moto'otua  Best Eats for under $10: Pinatis! All dayyyyy. - Public Interest Journalism funded by NZ on Air

  • How to get breakfast at the Pape'ete Markets in Tahiti

    How to get breakfast at the Pape'ete Markets in Tahiti

    Getting breakfast on a Sunday morning at the Pape'ete markets is a ritual for Tahitian locals. Our tour guide Kahu Kaiha shows us some of his fave foods and recommendations so you can eat like a local too! Pua Roti (chinese BBQ pork), Fafaru (Fresh fish fermented in ocean water), Mitihue (special Tahitian coconut sauce) and much more. Check out more of Kahu's recommendations in the video and if you've been to the Pape'ete markets - let us know what your faves are.

  • Aussies Try Samoan Food

    Aussies Try Samoan Food

    It's Pacific Islander week at BuzzFeed Australia — which means they're celebrating Islander-Aussie culture. Today, actor Pat Tafa shares his favourite Samoan food and the Buzzfeed Australia staff try some of the delicious dishes by Taei's Kitchen and let us know what they think.

  • Guess the Fijian food with Wallaroos Iliseva Batibasaga, Adiana Talakai & Sera Naiqama

    Guess the Fijian food with Wallaroos Iliseva Batibasaga, Adiana Talakai & Sera Naiqama

    Iliseva Batibasaga & Sera Naiqama from the Buildcorp Wallaroos are in town for the Rugby World Cup and celebrated Fiji Language Week with some treats from Sweet and Me. They roped their Tongan team mate Adiana Talakai in for a game of 'Guess the Fijian Food' - check it out here.

  • Best Samoan & Hawaiian Food in Las Vegas

    Best Samoan & Hawaiian Food in Las Vegas

    The Ualesi fam take us to their fave spot in Las Vegas to get Samoan food - Le Umu!   Then check out their fave spot to get Hawaiian food in Vegas - 2 Scoops of Aloha   {{28915}}

  • RAROTONGA - Island Eats Pit Stops

    RAROTONGA - Island Eats Pit Stops

    No matter where you're visiting for the first time, it's always great to know the best places to eat & drink and where to get a good coffee!  The islands are no exception! We've put together the best quick eats in Rarotonga! For those enjoying the travel bubble to Rarotonga, check out these great pit stops around the island! Caravans, food trucks, containers & food huts are now popping up all over the island for when you're on the run or driving around paradise. Check out some of the Islands Go To's as recommended by Cook Islander Chere Arthur who shared some of her fave things to order as well as some local tips. - Palace Takeaways  Locally owned by the Nicholas family, the Palace Takeaways have been a mainstay on the island for at least 30 years now starting out of a small caravan. Famous for their Palace burgers, they still have their cheap nights which means you can still get hamburgers, cheese burgers and egg burgers for $3.50 on Mondays and Wednesdays. They also do a great milkshake. {{27830}} Location:  Avatiu Wharf.   - The Kai Guy  Locally owned, when they first started up they were testing the market and would do Caesar salads from their house and food orders/deliveries to the business sector. They now operate out of their food truck. They've introduced a lot of healthy alternatives which is good for the island and in terms of everyone else on the island doing pizzas and burgers - you can come here and get alternative breakfast burritos, tacos & loaded fries  Chere's Fave:  Tokyo Jane Burrito  {{27814}} Location:  Avatiu Wharf, opposite CITC Liquor.  You can also find them down at the Punanga Nui markets on Saturdays and every 2nd Wednesday evening. - Slipway Rarotonga  Locally owned by Lui & Petua Nicholas. They set this caravan up a couple of years ago and do fish & chips, burgers and also make a mean sashimi. Their signature dish is Charcoal chicken & a couple of days a week they'll have a guy out the back who does all their charcoal dishes - charcoal chicken, charcoal pork etc ...  They used to have roast pork nights on Thursday nights and would set up for familys, do a range of pork plates, have a live band but since Covid hit they stopped doing it.  Now that the borders are opened they may bring it back. Fun fact:  The Nicholas family also own and run The Palace Takeaways and Annies chicken. The coleslaw you can buy at Slipways is the coleslaw you'll find in the Palace Burgers and you can buy Lui's aunty Lorna's Kool Kebabs here too.  Great family networking. Chere's Tip:  Lately the craze on island is cinnamon buns and you can buy these at Slipway too. {{27823}} Location:  Avatiu Wharf.  200m along from the Palace Takeaways.   - Reefside Rarotonga  Reefside do really great coffee - very consistent. They also do keto coffees and protein shakes so you can do the bullet coffee which has coconut oil in it and they offer all of those things which most other cafes on island don't. {{27834}} Location:  Punanga Nui Markets  - Kai & Co  Locally owned and they try to do burgers with a difference. Their menu is small and set but great quality.  Sometimes they'll do different specials like a 'Surf & Turf' so for $15 you'll be able to get a plate of meat, salad, fries or wedges. They do really good coffee and also do really awesome desserts - locally made cheesecakes, creme brule, baclava (which is probably not something you can get anywhere else on the island) and then your staple cookies and muffins. {{27840}} Location:  Punanga Nui Markets  - Raro Fried Chicken  This place is the hub after the clubs! Everyone comes here from the clubs to have a feed and get their chicken before they head home. Locally owned and Filipino managed, Raro Fried Chicken is 24/7.  It opens every day and you can get chicken any hour of the day.  They've also expanded their menu to include doughnuts and iced doughnuts.  They now do muffins, icecream, milkshakes and coffee as well. Local Fave:  $30 family pack which includes 6 pieces of chicken, chips & gravy, coleslaw and a 1.5 litre drink. Chere's Tip:  Park up after the clubs & eat your Raro Fried Chicken while people watching - highly entertaining. NB:  These guys don't have eftpos so you'll need cash {{27848}} Location:  Avarua Wharf.  Opposite the courthouse and roundabout in town. - Api'is Hut   Hidden gem!  You can't see this spot from the road but if you go behind the Cook Islands Game Fishing Club (aka The Fishing Club) you'll find a little eatery operating out of a container. Locally owned they do seafood platters, fish & chips, burgers and offer a really good kids menu.   He also offers Kombucha in his drinks menu. {{27856}} Location:  Beachside behind the Fishing Club in Tupapa  - Love Cafe  Locally owned and run by Nathan Ivaiti.   Originally they started out just offering coffee and hot & cold drinks, smoothies etc,  but now he offers a full menu including toasties, home made burgers, baked goods, keto options and protein shakes. At the moment their cinnamon buns are really popular. They were the first to do 'Text a coffee' on the island where you text them your order, give them a time you're coming thru and then they'll prioritise your order so it's ready for pick-up when you arrive. Really convenient for those heading into town from that side of the island. Chere's Tip:  They'll give you a discount if you bring your own reusable cup. Local Tip:  Cafe's outside the resorts are closed on Sundays but Love Cafe open their small caravan up in Tikioki on Sundays for when you need a coffee fix before or after church. {{27864}} Location:  Mondays to Saturdays at their main location in Matavera and on Sundays, the small coffee caravan in Tikioki. - Vili's Burgers  The original Vili's was just burgers but now they do burgers, pizza, fish & chips and chicken. The burgers here are really good - their signature burger would be the Muri Burger and their pricing is reasonable. Everyone has been trying to create the Big Mac sauce for their burgers and Vili's has pretty much got it. Chere's Tip:  They offer milkshakes and the milkshakes here taste like a Mcdonalds milkshake.   {{27874}} Location:  Vili's Burgers - Kaps store in Matavera - Moorings Fish Cafe   Really great, chunky sandwiches, delicious sashimi plates and they also offer really great food options where sometimes they'll do curry nights, pasta nights etc if they're low on fish ... {{27887}} NEW Location:  Muri - opposite the Muri night markets (they're no longer in Avana) - Rima's Bakery  Originally Rima's was just known for baked goods - she bakes her own breads and makes her own pies, sandwiches, toasties, sausage rolls etc ... In recent years she's expanded out to cooked food and because her husband is Indian, they've introduced currys onto their menu. They offer a full and affordable menu - chicken, fish, pork meals as well as burgers & pizzas. Chere's Tip:  The best curry on the island!   Everyone goes here for the curry and they have an indian chef who makes the curry dishes.    {{27907}} Location:  Muri  - Dearloves Croissants  On Sunday mornings Ruben and Victoria Dearlove do coffee and pastries from outside their house in Matavera. The croissants are a big hit on the island and definitely a Sunday morning treat. Chere's Tip:  You'll need to get in early as the lines can be long and they'll sell out. {{27895}} Location:  Dearloves residence in Matavera.  Look out for the line of cars from about 7am in the morning. - Local tip - if you can't wait until Sunday for your croissant fix, there's a small bakery on the Arorangi side who sell delicious sweet croissants on the daily here -  {{27901}}

  • How to make oka

    How to make oka

    To celebrate Samoa Language Week RNZ Pacific journalist Mariner Fagaiava-Muller and his Papa, Faasootauloa Fepuleai Galo Fagaiava, sat down together to make oka. "I'm my Papa's namesake and we're similar in many ways. But I'm nowhere near the Michelin star chef that he is. Whether it's Christmas, or Easter - he's throwin' it down in the kitchen as I'm sure every Pacific family is for their to'ona'i. There's something about my Papa's cooking especially though, or maybe it's his charm that comes as the side dish, that draws in grumbling Samoan appetites all the time. "Faasootauloa Fepuleai Galo Fagaiava is his name. He's the most patriotic Samoan that I know and that says a lot, because we're a hearty bunch. 685 to the oki, Samoa Mo Samoa etc. {{23794}} "He's not only my reference point for cooking like as you'll see in the video, but everything to do with fa'a Samoa. His number one tip for anyone trying to become closer with their culture: take baby steps. It's this nature of understanding that makes me proud to be his grandson. I admire the stories behind every step of the cooking process, even the witty criticisms of when my "valu le popo" game isn't to scratch. When we've finished in the kitchen, it's his guiding wisdom that keeps me grounded in this crazy world. "Ia manuia lava le vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa! Happy Samoan Language Week. Take note as my Papa takes me and you at home, through the process of making oka."

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsons Infamous Coconut Banana Pancakes recipe

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsons Infamous Coconut Banana Pancakes recipe

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has shared his favourite, custom made Coconut Banana Pancakes recipe created by Chef Puttie. His Chef has been working on different ingredients to get it just to the rocks liking - she talks about this in the video below  {{21387}} Ingredients & Recipe below:  Ingredients —————— ⁃ 2 c All Purpose Flour ⁃ 3 tsp Baking Powder ⁃ 3 tbsp Cane Sugar ⁃ 1/2 tsp Sea Salt ⁃ 10 tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut ⁃ 2 Bananas, medium-sized, small dice ⁃ 2 Eggs ⁃ 1 c Coconut Water ⁃ 1 c Coconut Milk ⁃ 3/4 c Whole Milk ⁃ 1 tsp Vanilla Extract ⁃ 2 tbsp Coconut Oil, melted ⁃ 2 tbsp Unsalted Butter, melted (+ more to butter griddle) ⁃ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, for griddle {{21388}} Directions —————— STEP 1: Mise en place & mix ⁃ Sift flour and baking powder into a large bowl. ⁃ Add sugar, salt and shredded coconut. Mix lightly with a wooden spoon. ⁃ In a separate bowl, lightly whisk eggs, coconut water, coconut milk, whole milk, vanilla extract, coconut oil and butter. ⁃ Make a well in the center of flour mixture and pour in milk mixture. ⁃ Mix lightly to combine, leaving batter clumpy. ⁃ Add bananas to batter, briefly stir to distribute evenly. • DO NOT overmix, a few lumps are ok. {{21389}} STEP 2: Get to cooking ⁃ Heat lightly oiled griddle to 275 degrees or frying pan on medium, using a combination of spray and butter. ⁃ Ladle or pour batter onto griddle, using 1 cup sized ladle or measuring cup for large cakes, 1/4 cup for small. ⁃ Cook until top of pancakes have bubbles and a few bursts, 2 - 3 minutes. Flip carefully with a thin spatula. ⁃ Cook until brown and crisp, about 2 - 3 minutes, adding more spray and butter if needed. {{21390}} STEP 3: Let’s eat! ⁃ Transfer to plate or platter and serve. Yield: 6 large Coconut Banana Pancakes • Best w/100% maple syrup. • Use organic ingredients, if accessible. * and if you’re like DJ, smother the cakes in peanut butter 😊💪🏾 Eat wisely, Live fabulously ❤️ ~ Chef Puttie 👩🏾‍🍳

  • Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Oka (Samoan Raw Fish)

    Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Oka (Samoan Raw Fish)

    Asuelu & his lil helper Oliver shows us how to make his favourite Samoan food - Oka!  

  • Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Koko Alaisa & Panikeke Mafolafola (cocoa rice & flat pancakes)

    Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Koko Alaisa & Panikeke Mafolafola (cocoa rice & flat pancakes)

    Asuelu cooks Samoan breakfast favorites, koko alaisa and panikeke mafolafola, with his best bud Oliver. NB:  If you are using the Dutch cocoa substitute, take a cup of boiling rice water out of the pot after 5 minutes of boiling and whisk in the 2 TBSPs of cocoa. Pour it back into the pot. Follow the rest of the recipe as shown.

  • Manioka & the forgotten wild foods of Samoa

    Manioka & the forgotten wild foods of Samoa

    Floris Niu is starting a grass roots food revolution in Samoa but she recognises that there are two things that threaten the extinction of our wild foods 1. loss of traditional knowledge of these foods. The new generation can no longer identify the old foods of Samoa and the sustenance of our ancestors 2. The use of pesticides since the 70s is poisoning our food source.

  • Nuku Kai - Emma Kainuku

    Nuku Kai - Emma Kainuku

    Emma Kainuku lives the dream in Rarotonga, spearfishing and hanging at the beach. She even started her own business: Nuku Kai - a sustainable food delivering service that sources almost all of it's products locally, and provides healthy yum feeds to her community!

  • Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Palusami & Taro

    Cooking Samoan Food with Asuelu: Palusami & Taro

    90 Day Fiance reality TV star Asuelu and his lil helper Oliver shows us the Samoan way to to make palusami and taro when you're living in America.



    So lets start with the basics! Ulu = breadfruit & Lilikoi = passionfruit  Ulu is often used in savoury dishes: you can slice and fry it like French fries or boil and cook it like taro or cassava in coconut cream. (Check out some of our other breadfruit recipes above right) However, during the ripening process, the starch in breadfruit transforms into sugar, yielding a super creamy, smooth, custardy texture which makes it a perfect ingredient for desserts!  Like what? you might ask.  Breadfruit makes a killer coconut-breadfruit pudding, custard, popsicles, vegan pancakes or in this case an out-of-this-world delicious lilikoi-breadfruit pie! It's incredibly creamy, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and RAW! Plus, breadfruit is not only delicious, but also good for you, as it contains a good amount of potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, and fiber. :) Ingredients Filling: 1 medium size, very ripe breadfruit 1/2 cup coconut flakes 1/4 cup coconut or almond flour 1/4 cup honey 1/2 cup lilikoi juice 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1/4 cup coconut oil Crust: 1 cup almonds or macadamia nuts (or mixed) 1 cup coconut flakes 2 tablespoons of dried dates or raisins 1/4 cup honey 1/2 teaspoon sea salt coconut oil for greasing Directions To make the crust, place all the crust ingredients in a food processor and blend until you have a nice, crunchy consistency. Use coconut oil to grease a spring form pan or a round pie pan. Press the crust on the bottom and on the sides. Tip: grease your hands to make this process easier and less sticky. :) To make the filling, cut the breadfruit in half and remove the core. Scoop the creamy flesh into the food processor with a spoon. Blend it with the other filling ingredients until it's smooth. Spread the filling over the crust with a spatula, and freeze for about 1 hour to set. Enjoy this totally guilt-free, 100% raw beauty! If you're living in NZ and Australia where breadfruit is not readily available, click here for where you can find/buy it.

  • Fijian Palusami Recipe

    Fijian Palusami Recipe

    Check out the steps that go into prepping the Fijian Palusami for a Fijian lovo feast. There are so many delicious things to eat in Fiji and although this palusami is cooked in a traditional underground oven, you can easily recreate the recipe at home in your oven! Full recipe here via the Nomlist: https://www.nomlist.com/how-to-make-palusami-fijian-palusami-recipe/



    Try these Fijian Coconut Lolo buns - Fijian style Pagi popo!  What makes Lolo buns different from other types of buns is the addition of the coconut milk.  Also, these special and delicious buns are boiled, not baked. They taste quite similar to Chinese steamed bao. Lolo means coconut milk or coconut cream. Yum yum!

  • Sweet & Me - Pasifika inspired Cakery

    Sweet & Me - Pasifika inspired Cakery

    Nestled in a bustling area of Onehunga is the newly opened, Pasifika inspired cakery “Sweet & Me” Owned & run by Bertrand Jang, Daniel Osborne and Elizabeth Koroivulaono, the business was birthed out of a dream by Fijian born chef, turned baker Bertrand. {{13930}} With lots of late nights and long weekends after an old vege shop became available in April; mixed in with a whole lot of youtube tutorials and visits to Bunnings - the cakery was brought to life and recently opened to the public. {{13928}} "I felt there was a need to showcase Pacific island sweets, the way we prepare it and most importantly the way we serve. Having a storefront has given me the ability to produce these treats and have a space to market them” says Bertrand  {{13935}} Sweet & Me specialises in decadent cakes and delicious desserts for any occasion - birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, office events or just good ol’ cravings. {{13894}} Bertrand weaves flavours from different Pacific cuisines into his artistically designed creations. Some of his signature treats include: Fiji Pineapple Pie (fresh pineapple and coconut with a crisp coconut base), Cassava Cake ( a classic Fijian dessert fro the cold nights) and Masi (Fijian Motifs) painted macarons along side Kiwi Classics like Apple crumble and Lamingtons. {{13901}} Step into the shop and you can instantly pick up hints of the Pacific in the decor; from the Fijian motifs on the logo, to the tropical flower cushions that look so inviting in the lounge area. When asked why this theme was chosen - Bertrand quickly and proudly says “Subsistence living”. {{13917}} He is a strong believer in preserving his values and the ethos of traditional cooking, promoting local use of ingredients as well as encouraging other young chefs to acknowledge their heritage and infuse their culture into their menus and lifestyle. {{13920}} Your cakes and flavours are styled with an island theme?  Tell us more  Aesthetically, our pacific motifs and flora are visually inviting. This invokes special memories with Pacific and non-Pacific folks and this is our draw card. They relive that experience with one bite and get taken back when being given an island dessert.  {{13943}} I noticed you used coconut shells to serve your desserts and banana leaves to display some of them? Why is this? For the main reason that I want our customers to know that every coconut is grated fresh and brought from the islands. Also back home, coconut shells are used to serve food in and we use banana leaves to bake in - so why not give Auckland the whole nine yards experience. ( Also once one shell is served up and seen in the markets, other customers flock to the stall to get the true island experience). And most importantly using the coconut shells is my way of saving our planet and sends the message out that we need to use more compostable packaging. {{13906}} The shop is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm and you can catch the team on the weekends at the French Markets. {{13940}} In the meantime check out more of their mouth watering sweets below ... {{13891}} {{13896}}

  • Hidden Gems - Samoa

    Hidden Gems - Samoa

    Tailani Salanoa goes on the hunt to find the 'hidden gems' of Samoa eats, right in the heart of Apia and has a chat with locally owned food eateries who are making a move in Samoa to make it a more healthier country. Goodbye Keke Pua'a ;) 

  • Samoa Food Tips Pt 1

    Samoa Food Tips Pt 1

    Just caught Tuna, Hunks of steaming Taro, fresh coconut straight off the tree and beef so rare it melts off the bone! This is Island eating, dig in people!   Lisa Taouma takes us on a moving feast around Samoa. Join her as she samples the local favourites, discovers a few hidden gems and speaks to the people generating a food renaissance on the Islands. THANKS TO... Luna Paul Sharon Greene Joe Lam Women in Business Samoa All the amazing food and faleaigas in Samoa!

  • Samoa food tips PT2

    Samoa food tips PT2

    Just caught Tuna, Hunks of steaming Taro, fresh coconut straight off the tree and beef so rare it melts off the bone…This is Island eating -dig in people!   Lisa Taouma takes us on a moving feast around Samoa. Join her as she samples the local favourites, discovers a few hidden gems and answers the age old question...who makes the best kekepua'a in Apia? Camera: Jake Farani-Faga

  • FRESH KAIKOSO (Shellfish)

    FRESH KAIKOSO (Shellfish)

    Straight from the sea to the plate, you can’t go wrong with trying this refreshing seafood dish when in Fiji - and it's so easy to make!  Crack open the shell, tip the kaikoso flesh into a bowl, add salt, lemon juice, tomatoes, chilli, spring onions and coriander. You now have a summer seafood dish ready to be devoured!



    Roko’s restaurant in Samoa once again took out the coveted Oka Fest top honours in Apia today, making it a 3 year trifecta for the popular local restaurant! {{7766}} The uniquely Samoan festival sees the best local restaurants and hotels put up their best team who must husk and valu a ton of popo in record time, and then be first to squeeze a carefully measured jug full of the precious cream. {{7773}} “It’s an awesum festival for Samoa because it’s everyone’s favorite dish, and it highlights all the best of our local organic ingredients as well as outstanding local creativity.”  Says organizer Joe Lam of Scallinis fame.{{7778}} Locals and tourists flocked to Home Cafe in Malifa to see the Oka making action and eat a variety of local organic produce and food stalls - Marquerita sorbet, hot roast pork, curries and baked delights offset the star dish of the day. {{7781}} The outstanding flavors and presentations included the winning coconut crusted dish, Taumeasina Resort’s concoction topped with palolo, and the Sheraton’s classic presentation that came second. {{7784}} The techniques of how to valu the popo to get the most coconut grated, the skills of filleting fish efficiently and the innovation in presentation were all on hand to witness at record speed in the cut throat completion. {{7788}} Turning Samoa’s classic soul food into works of art, wasn’t to detract from the classic taste as judges looked for a best pure oka flavors to come up with the winning dish. {{7797}} Oka Fest - elevating the humble oka to a place of honour in Samoan cuisine!



    Handmade gelato with local flavours and fresh ingredients. Whats not to like? and what took so long for someone to come along and develop delicious cold products from the bountiful fruit bowl of Samoa? Chloe Fa'aiuaso is the creator of these creamy treats and says the key is all in using fresh local ingredients. {{7491}} “We're having fun getting creative with our flavours and, to date, have whipped up over 30 flavours in 2 months. Our cabinet is never the same, on any given day we've changed the flavours out at least 2 to 3 times. Our cabinet also includes local produce for sorbets (mango, pineapple, sasalapa, apiu, passio, esi, tipolo and guava) and gelato (local organic vanilla (Vaoala Vanilla), siamu popo, koko samoa, kofe samoa, misiluki bananas, avoka and of course, our faausi sosi gelato). We have such an abundance of tropical fruit, it would be silly not to make the most of it. {{7497}} Most of our fruit comes from my grandmother's (Gina Moore) garden. She was one of the first certified organic farmers in Samoa with her 10 acre block in vaivase-tai where she has a variety of fruit, coffee beans, peppers, chilli and herbs." The secret though is in the combination of Samoa's fresh fruit flavours with the creaminess of Italian gelato ingredients that Chloe has shipped in - making for a win/ win pairing of cultures and taste. {{7499}} There are up to 8 flavours a day that you can sink your face into at Whipped, from creamy coconut to the tangy taste of fresh pineapple, mango and esi.  But the standout flavours are the ones you won't find in any other ice cream shop around the globe. Fa'ausi ice cream. Seriously. And its painstakingly made the completely legit way with the te'epe'e roasted over a hot stone into the burnt sugar that creates that classic Samoan fa'ausi taste. Smoky, creamy, sweet deliciousness. {{7507}} Whipped is a family enterprise for Chloe and is the result of a gap she saw in the market in Samoa after a year of living in cosmopolitan London. What is both a labour of love and a business brainchild see's Chloe hand making the ice cream everyday for the little shop in Vailima thats becoming increasingly popular.  The shop often stays open after the standard 9-5pm working ours as they are on the premises making new batches of ice cream late into the night. {{7511}} Filling the gap for a hang out space after the cafes close at 3pm, Whipped stays open until around 7pm and is open 7 days a week and offers up a small indoor and garden setting to enjoy the creamy delights on offer. As well as the aisakulimi flavours they have smoothies made from the same fresh local ingredients on offer as well, and you can mix and match the flavours for the best creative combos! {{7513}}



    SUPO ESI 3 c. water 1 papaya ¼ c. tapioca 1 c. coconut milk Papaya may not be sweet, add sugar Boil 3 cups water in a pan. Clean and cut papaya into ½ inch cubes. Add papaya into boiling water and cook until mushy. Beat with an egg beater to smoothen it. Add ¼ cup tapioca stirring constantly. Put lid on pot and let cook for 5 or 10 minutes over medium heat. Add one cup of coconut milk and boil gently for 5 minutes. Do not over boil or the coconut milk will curdle. Leave lid on the pan and stir the mixture twice in 10 minutes. Soup may not be sweet to papaya, if so, add sugar to sweeten it.

  • POI (Banana Pudding)

    POI (Banana Pudding)

    With the weather getting warmer, it's the perfect time for poi.  While Hawaiian poi is made from taro, Samoan poi is made from beautifully ripe bananas.  Poi is a chilled dessert that also makes a refreshing snack on a warm day. In olden times, poi was mashed with the hands and mixed with cool drinking water. Ourversion, updated for the 21st century, uses a blender and ice.  Some people use lautipolo/laumoli to flavour this, but I find that the lemon zest adds a nice texture to the poi. Also, the sugar is optional, but if you have really sweet bananas, it's not necessary. Bon appetit! . Poi (serves 2) 1 lb ripe (500g) peeled ripe bananas zest of 1 lemon or 2 lautipolo/laumoli ½ can (200ml) coconut milk 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar to taste ice for serving Mash or blend the bananas until smooth. Add the lemon zest or lautipolo/laumoli. Add the coconut milk and vanilla. Mix until well-combined. Taste for sweetness. Add sugar if desired. Chill for at least 30 minutes. Immediately before serving, stir the discoloured top layer into the rest of the poi. Serve over ice in small bowls or wide-mouth glasses. * If you find your poi is too thick, add ½ cup of cold water to dilute it. * Keep refrigerated for up to a day, but best eaten with a few hours.

  • Coconut Oil Banana Choc Muffins

    Coconut Oil Banana Choc Muffins

    Ingredients:  2 cups of self raising flour 1/4 cup of coconut oil (melted) 1 cup mashed over ripe bananas (about 2) 1/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup milk 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract 3/4 cup chocolate (chopped/ crushed) {{5627}} Recipe:  Lightly grease and line a 12 hole muffin tray. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (fanbake). Sift flour and sugar into a mixing bowl and make a well and set aside, Whisk eggs, milk & oil together in a small jug. Pour egg mixture into the flour. Add mashed bananas and stir until just combined. Fold in chocolate. Spoon mixture into prepared muffin tray and bake for 20 minutes or until golden and a skewer inserted into the middle returns clean. {{5630}}  Source: I LOVE COCONUT CREAM

  • Coconut Poached Chicken Salad (Salati Moa Tonga)

    Coconut Poached Chicken Salad (Salati Moa Tonga)

    Check out this fresh, healthy and DELICIOUS chicken salad recipe with a coconut twist; courtesy of I LOVE COCONUT CREAM  Ingredients:  2 cans of coconut milk (400ml) 1 tablespoon grated ginger 2 cloves garlic, grated 1 kg boneless, skinless chicken thigh cutlets 3 tablespoons of fish sauce ½ cup of water ½ red onion, thinly sliced ⅓ cup of apple cider vinegar 3-4 cups of red cabbage, finely shredded 1-2 carrots, coursely grated (fine jullienne) Handlful each of mint leaves & thai basil and coriander (leaves picked) Dressing: 2 limes, juice of 1 teaspoon of grated ginger 1 clove garlic, grated 1 red chilli finely chopped or grated ¼ cup of water 2 tablespoon of fish sauce {{5620}} Recipe:  Combine the onion and the apple cider vinegar in a small container or cup and allow to pickle, about 30 minutes. Rinse the chicken pieces in water and place it in a small saucepan with the coconut cream, 3 tablespoons of fish sauce, ginger and garlic. Cook on medium high heat until chicken is cooked through (around 25 minutes). Once cooked, remove the chicken from the pan and allow to cool enough to shred. Shred chicken and drizzle with a couple of tablespoons of the broth to add more moisture and flavour. Combine Dressing ingredients. Taste and adjust the dressing adding more limes, water or chilli as required. Combine cabbage, carrots, mint, thai basil and coriander in a medium salad bowl. Add shredded chicken, dressing and pickled onions. Gently fold through. Serve immedidately. {{5623}}  Source: I LOVE COCONUT CREAM

  • Takihi Taro & Pawpaw Bake

    Takihi Taro & Pawpaw Bake

    Ingredients: 1-2 medium taro (fresh or frozen) 1 medium pawpaw or papaya 800 ml coconut cream 1 tablespoon sugar (optional) ½ onion thinly sliced (optional) ¼ teaspoon of Salt {{5612}}  Recipe:  Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius. Peel and remove seeds of pawpaw and slice into thin slices. If using fresh taro, peel and slice taro into thin slices. If using frozen taro, firstly cook taro in a pot of hot water until the taro is cooked and is soft but firm. Then allow to cool enough to slice into thin slices. Take a large casserole dish and place a layer of taro slices into the dish. Then sprinkle a few onion slices, then add a layer of pawpaw and a sprinkle of sugar. Continue this process, layering until all the taro and pawpaw is used. Season with salt. Pour coconut cream until just covering the taro mixture. Top up with a little water to fill the dish if required. Sprinkle extra sugar on top, then cover with foil and bake for around 1-1&1/2 hours* or until the taro and pawpaw is soft and cooked through. *If you were using frozen taro and had already cooked it before slicing, then reduce cooking time to around 50 minutes. {{5615}}  Source: I LOVE COCONUT CREAM

  • Coconut Seafood Pasta

    Coconut Seafood Pasta

    Our friends at I Love Coconut Cream have shared their Pasta recipe with Coconut Seafood Sauce...Mouthwatering!! Ingredients:  1 kg seafood marinara mix (salmon, prawns, squid, fish, mussels) 200 ml coconut milk (Kara or similar brand) 50g butter 2 limes 1 small onion (finely chopped) 2 cloves of garlic 1 tomato (diced) 1 tablespoon of parsley (finely chopped) Coriander leaves for garnishing (optional) Garnish with extra lime wedges Chilli flakes Salt ¼ teaspoon of chicken stock powder About 300grams of pasta (enough for 6 servings) Recipe:  Fill a large saucepan ¾ full with hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the water and bring to the boil. Add pasta and cook until al-dente, then drain. In a large frypan on medium high heat, melt butter and saute the onions and garlic until soft. Add chopped tomatoes and stir fry for 1 minute. Add seafood and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the seafood is 80% cooked. Add coconut cream, chicken stock and fresh lime juice and cook to reduce the sauce for another 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat, season with salt, add chopped parsley and serve with cooked pasta. Garnish with chilli flakes and lime wedges Easy to make, and delicious! Try this recipe ASAP for a guaranteed seafood fix.  SOURCE: I LOVE COCONUT CREAM



    Learn how to cook Tahitian Firi Firi. A delicious Tahitian coconut donut traditionally served for breakfast & dessert. Check out the very easy-to-make recipe below!   . INGREDIENTS S350 gms – 0.75 lb. – 2⅘ cups all purpose flour 100 gms – ½ cup sugar, plus more to coat 1 pinch salt 7 gms – 2.5 tsp dry yeast 80 ml – ⅓ cup water, lukewarm 200 ml – 6.75 oz. Ccoconut milk Vegetable oil for deep frying (I use sunflower oil) INSTRUCTIONS Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water. Add 1 tbsp of the sugar, mix well and leave the yeast aside to activate until frothy. Put all the ingredients (including the frothy yeast) in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk well. You need to obtain a thick and smooth batter. (You can also do this by hand) Cover the bowl and leave it in a warm place to rise for 3 hours. Put the batter into a piping bag and cut a 5 cm – 2 inch hole (or use a 5 cm – 2 inch round tip). Heat the vegetable oil until it reaches 170°C – 340°F. Pipe the batter into the hot oil cutting out pieces of approximately 13 cm – 5 inches in length. Fry them on both sides until golden brown (they need to be more brown than golden!). Put them on a plate covered with kitchen paper to drain the excess oil, then roll them in granulated sugar and serve!NOTESMake sure the oil is at 170°C – 340°F. If the temperature is lower your Firi Firi will become soggy and if it is higher, they will burn and will not cook inside! . PREP TIME    3 hours 20 mins COOK TIME   30 mins TOTAL TIME  3 hours 50 mins Author:  Manuela Zangara Recipe type:  Breakfast, Dessert Cuisine:  Tahitian



    No matter where you're visiting for the first time, it's always great to know the best places to eat & drink and where to get a good coffee!  The islands are no exception! Here are our tips for the Kingdom of Tonga as well as some recommendations on where local Tongans like to get their favourite Tongan dishes if they're eating out. . SABRINA's CHICKEN VILOVILO  Sabrinas is located on Railway Road which runs parallel to Taufa'ahau street (the main street which runs through Nuku'alofa) to the right.   According to our local Tongan mates it's a popular spot for all the locals to get their fave Tongan dishes like Pele Sipi, their BBQ mix AND they're also great value.  All the dishes are about $6 - $8 Pa'anga which is the equivalent of $4-$5 NZD! {{5466}} SABRINA's BBQ SPIT  If you head down to the wharf almost opposite the Waterfront Lodge you'll find where Sabrinas BBQ a lot of their meat if you want to get it hot off the spit as well. {{5499}} MUM'S CAFE  Mum's Cafe is another popular spot with locals for local Tongan dishes.  Again, it's not on the main road going through Nuku'alofa so it may pay to ask someone to point you in the right direction. They have a great selection of local dishes like Lu Sipi, Kale Moa & Sapasui Pulu as well as yummy chow meins & pasta. The cafe also sells clothing, Basketball singlets, caps, kicks and Havaiana jandals!  {{5514}} ISLAND STYLE TAKEAWAYS There are also a number of street vendors selling island dishes where you can easily stop by and get the likes of 'Ota ika (raw fish), curry chicken & even BBQ sausage & chicken to go. {{5529}} PANGAIMOTU ISLAND RESORT  On Sundays Nuku'alofa shuts down so you won't find restaurants, bars or cafes open (except for at the resorts & hotels) but we recommend going over to Pangaimotu for the day! Ferrys generally go over at 11am, 12pm & 1pm and then return at 4pm, 5pm & 6pm. Big Mama serves up a choice of Fish & Chips, Chicken teriyaki & Chips, Cheese Burger & Chips, Grilled fish burger & chips plus a lamb curry. Lunch is included in your ferry ticket over to the island which is $50 Pa'anga per adult ($32 NZD) & $25 Pa'anga per child ($16 NZD) Don't forget to sign your name before you leave - there's still a few empty spots there. {{5444}} STREET VENDORS  Plenty of fresh produce in the Kingdom mostly sold along the side of the road not only in Nuku'alofa but also throughout the villages. Huge watermelons, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, cabbage, drinking coconuts, cassava and more. {{5454}} TALAMAHU MARKET  We couldn't find hot meals or ready made food like 'ota ika or BBQ like they have in other Pacific Island markets but there was lots of fresh produce sold. {{5459}} VUNA BAR  One of the newer if not the newest eatery in Nuku'alofa (has been open less than 6 months) and was a definite crew favourite!  We ALMOST ate here every 2nd night.  Great atmosphere, great pub food and really reasonably priced. It's open from 11am - 11pm Monday to Saturday and is located on Vuna Road (On the left hand side of the palace when you're looking out to sea) They also show a lot of the overseas sports fixtures so if you're looking for somewhere thats playing the All Blacks - Vuna Bar would be a safe bet. {{5476}} LITTLE ITALYS  Still everyones favourite place to get pizza & pasta in the Kingdom.  The owner is married to an Italian so they boast the best authentic Italian food on the island. They're located on the Sopo side of Vuna Road (Same side as Vuna Bar). It doubles as both a hotel and restaurant so although they're closed to the public on Sundays, they're still open to inhouse guests. {{5486}} BILLFISH BAR & RESTAURANT  A much loved family owned and run bar & restaurant, it opened over 20 years ago and is still one of the most popular night spots on the island. They're located on the Hala side of Vuna Road - right hand side of the Palace. They're open from 9am daily and serve up a delicious lunch & dinner pub style menu.  We recommend the fish burger and chips!  {{5492}} COWLEY BAKERY  In need of some good hot bread? Cowley's Bakery provides 80 - 90% of Tonga with bread and also have a range of cakes & bakery goodness. You can find them on the corner of Salote Road. {{5503}} We're going to give a few of our own 'Best of' awards out now .... BEST KEKE This place has amazing Keke and is located opposite the police station and diagonally opposite the markets.   {{5507}} BEST ICECREAM  Super Scooper I-Scream! {{5519}} BEST CHEESECAKE  Cafe Escape.   They also offer a small internet cafe area with a range of Western/palangi style food including cooked breakfasts. {{5525}} BEST COFFEE  Utu'ongo Cafe next to Christ Embassy church opposite Tungi Colonade. The owner Moana came back to Tonga to pastor a church and decided to run the doffee place as a not for profit.   They also sell delicious chocolate croissants, pretzels, banana, coconut bread AND plates of island food - Lu Sipi with cassava and coconut cream. Utu'ongo has been open for 4 years and are run by all volunteer workers. They're open 7am - 3pm Mon to Fri & 7am - 12pm on Saturdays. {{5540}} BEST WAFFLES  Leihuni Waffle Bar  {{5469}} BEST HEALTH FOOD OPTIONS  Coffee Post. We featured the owner Rose Fangupo in our Humans of the Islands section as she also runs Health bootcamps out of Teufaiva Gym. You won't find Fries or burgers here but you will find healthy wraps and yummy smoothies. Check out some of the other food options in the pics below and get to know Rose here. {{5549}} And lastly we didn't get to eat at these places but we've been recommended them for next time! BEST LOBSTER - Waterfront Lodge (not far from Billfish) BEST INDIAN - Little India (not far from Little Italys & Vuna Bar).  The chef is Indian so good authentic Indian cuisine.  .  Thank you to Vila Day



    Big as a wheel, flaky, tender & sweet as! Our friends at I Love Coconut Cream have shared their Cook Islands Doughnut recipe with us Ingredients 1 kg bag plus 2-3 cups extra of plain flour 3 cups warm water 2 1/2 tablespoons of active dry yeast (or 3 sachets) 1 cup warm milk 2 cups of sugar 1/3 cup of oil (or melted butter) 3 eggs Solidified vegetable oil (1500 g) or Canola oil (6 litres approx.) for deep frying Instructions Whisk yeast and warm water together in a medium bowl and set aside for 5 minutes. In an large mixing bowl, combine 1kg flour and sugar together and make a well. Whisk milk, oil and eggs into yeast mixture then pour into flour bowl. Using your hand, mix the ingredients together, scooping and squishing the mixture between your fingers until the dough is smooth. Mixture will be quite sticky. Cover and leave to rise until doubled in size (60-90 mins). Using your hand, scoop dough away from the side of the bowl, reducing it down. Cover a large clean work bench with 2-3 cups of flour (aim at 1cm thick of flour) around a large pizza sized shape on your bench. Transfer dough onto floured bench. Working on outside of dough, gently lift the sides up, covered in the extra flour and using your fingers, fold it over towards the middle of the dough. Continue lifting and folding the edges in until dough begins to have had sufficient flour added so that it is less sticky, more manageable. Using a 5 cm cookie cutter or a similarly shaped lid, measure and break off a chunk of dough for each doughnut. Using your fingertips again, lift and fold the edge of the dough in towards the centre working right round the piece. Pick it up and press between your palms then form a firm round and leave on a floured tray. Continue until dough is used up. If the rounds are still too soft, just work it in with more flour until it firms up a bit more. Heat oil in a large heavy pot or dutch oven on medium heat 15-20 minutes. Test oil with a small piece of dough (should rise and brown lightly within seconds). To make donuts, pierce a hole in the middle of the dough with your finger, then slightly stretch it out or spin it around your finger to enlarge the hole to about 3cm, then lower the donut into the hot oil, turning the donuts as you go. Batch fry the donuts for about 3 minutes each batch or until golden brown and cooked through. Transfer onto a rack to drain and cool.

  • FA'APAPA - Baked Coconut Bread

    FA'APAPA - Baked Coconut Bread

    Ingredients for Old school Fa'apapa  - Makes 2 . 2 cups (250g) flour ⅓ cup (65g) sugar 1⅓ cup (120g) unsweetened coconut flakes ½ can (200ml) coconut milk Recipe Put everything together in a bowl and mix well with your hands. Divide into two equal portions. Generously grease some baking paper with butter. Flatten each portion of dough into a slab no bigger than 1 inch/2.5 thick. Wrap each portion tightly in the baking paper. Bake at 390°F/200ºC for 35-40 minutes or until crust is well-browned. {{5148}}

  • Mango flower cheesecake

    Mango flower cheesecake

    Check out this beautiful mango cheesecake that's sure to impress at the next Sunday lunch - just make sure you make more then one coz these are sure to go quick!  Mango Flower Cheesecake  200 g butternut snap or digestive biscuits (1&1/2 packets), crushed 100 g butter, melted 1 can (400ml) sweetened condensed milk) 300 ml cream 250 g cream cheese softened 1 tablespoon gelatine powder ¼ cup hot water 2-3 medium sweet mangoes thinly sliced (as above). INSTRUCTIONS Combine crushed biscuits with the melted butter and mix well. Press the biscuit mixture into the base of a 25cm spring-form pan. Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to set. Whip the cream using an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Add softened cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk and mix until smooth. Sprinkle gelatine over hot water, whisking it with a fork to fully dissolve. Allow to cool slightly then add to the cream mixture and mix well. Pour cream mixture into the biscuit base and return to fridge to chill for 1 hour. Remove from fridge and decorate with mango slices as shown above. Return to fridge to chill for an additional 3 hours to set. NOTE: To slice, warm a sharp knife under running hot water, dry and carefully slice cheesecake ensuring the biscuit base is cut through before removing each slice. Source: I Love Coconut Cream

  • Island Granita

    Island Granita

    A delicious frozen desert made with coconut cream, watermelon and a hint of basil - perfect for those hot summer days coming up from I Love Coconut Cream! Granita, originally from Sicily is a delicious semi-frozen dessert made with sugar, water and flavouring (usually pureed fruit). Check out this yummy island version you can whip up instead of otai! INGREDIENTS ½ medium watermelon (seedless) diced into large chunks (about 8 cups worth) 400mls of good quality coconut milk (fresh is best but Kara brand is also good) ½ cup of caster sugar ½ cup of water Basil leaves (about 1 tablespoon) INSTRUCTIONS Place the sugar and water in a small saucepan on medium high heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Bring syrup to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Turn heat off and set aside. Blend watermelon chunks and basil leaves in an electric blender until smooth. Add coconut milk and sugar syrup and blend for 3 seconds more. Place in a plastic container and freeze overnight (or at least 4 hours). Using a fork, scrape the frozen mixture to form ice crystal s. Serve decorated with watermelon balls and extra basis leaves.

  • Yeast raised Coconut Waffles

    Yeast raised Coconut Waffles

    Check out this yummy recipe for Yeast raised Waffles with Coconut Milk! Light and fluffy with a hint of coconut goodness, these yummy waffles are the best for morning, noon and night!Check out the recipe below or go to ilovecoconutcream.com (and facebook) for more AMAZING poly-inspired goodness!Yeast Raised Waffles with CoconutServes 4Ingredients 7g active yeast (1 sachet) 1/2 cup of warm water 1 cup of coconut milk 1 cup of milk 2 tablespoons of sugar 100 grams of butter melted 2 cups of standard flour 1 egg 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda Instructions Place yeast and warm water in a large mixing bowl and stir to dissolve. Leave for around 5 minutes. Place coconut milk and milk in a heatproof container and warm slightly in the microwave (round 50 seconds). Add milk, butter, sugar, salt and flour into the yeast mixture and whisk until batter is smooth. Cover with cling wrap and leave to proof (around 1-2hours). Place in the fridge if this is for breakfast the next morning. Once you are ready to cook the waffles, add the egg and baking soda, whisking it into the batter until well combined. Heat waffle maker and spray or brush with oil or butter. Pour about a cup of mixture into the waffle maker (or whatever portion to fill the waffle plates), close waffle and cook according to manufacture's instructions for your waffle machine. Once waffles are cooked and golden, remove and serve immediately. Add some coconut cream caramelised bananas (here) and ENJOYYY! Just make sure it's a once a week thing, or else you'll have to run it off all day everyday! 

  • Coconut Cross Buns!

    Coconut Cross Buns!

    If you thought hot cross buns were the best thing ever, wait till you've tried coconut cross buns! Yes panipopo are set to upstage it's cinnamon raisin cousin this Easter, with it's sweet slathering of coconut cream, and make a yummy alternative to the tradional recipe! Coconut Cross BunsYields 9Prep Time: 2 hrCook Time: 30 minBuns 3-3 & 1/2 cups of bread flour (poured into measuring cup) sifted (about 400g) 1 cup of warm water 1 sachet instant yeast (7g) 1/4 cup of sugar 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil + extra 1 egg lightly beaten Coconut Sauce 400mls of Kara coconut milk 1/2 cup of water 1/4 cup of sugar Crosses 1/4 cup of plain flour 1/4 cup of water 1 tablespoon of sugar Instructions Combine warm water and yeast in a medium bowl and allow to stand for 10 minutes until frothy. Add egg and oil to mixture. Add 3 cups of flour & 1/4 cup of sugar to yeast mixture and carefully combine with a metal spoon until a dough forms. If mixture is fairly wet, add additional flour if required. The dough should be fairly dry and you can knead it together in the bowl to help it form into a dough ball. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes until soft and elastic. (Try to avoid adding too much flour at the kneading stage as this can give the buns more of a scone texture rather than a 'bread' one.) Then place dough in a lightly oiled bowl, roll dough to coat in oil, cover and leave in a warm place until doubled in size (about 1 hour). Once doubled, punch dough down and transfer to a board and knead for about 1-2 minutes. Divide the dough into 9 equal pieces, form into balls and place in a pan spaced evenly apart. Cover and leave to double in size (about 40minutes). Meanwhile make coconut sauce by mixing coconut milk, water and sugar well until sugar is dissolved. Once buns have doubled, pour 2/3 of the cream mixture evenly over the buns. Use a pastry brush to brush some of the sauce over the tops of the buns. To make the paste,for the crosses, mix flour, sugar and water well and place into a ziplock bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and pipe crosses over the buns. Bake in a preheated oven on 200 degrees Celcius for 25 minutes or until buns are golden and a skewer inserted into the middle bun returns clean. Pour over rest of the coconut cream and return to oven for 5 mins. Remove from oven and allow to cool a bit (15 minutes). Best served warm. Notes Plain flour can be substituted for bread flour however I find that bread flour gives the best texture for these buns. Check out the ilovecoconutcream.com and their facebook page for more yummy treats!

  • Coconut Corn

    Coconut Corn

    Check out this gorgeous recipe for some crazy cool coconut corn! Fresh juicy corn is grilled and dressed with the most wonderfully delicious smoky coconut sauce. The sweetness of the corn, the smokiness of the grilling process and the paprika marries so well with the lovely coconut cream that you may be tricked into thinking your corn was cooked in a hangi (underground oven). And for you butter and salt lovers, it is hard to believe corn can taste this good without any butter involved!  Fresh juicy corn grilled and dressed with a delicious smoky coconut sauce. This is easy and makes what can sometimes be an ordinary side dish, a complete prom queen of a dish. Wow, where did that come from? Haha must still be thinking of my days of youth. Give this a go. Just cook the corn, lash the coconut dressing on and wow them.  Coconut CornDelicious grilled corn on the cob with a wonderful smoky coconut dressing.Ingredients 6 ears of corn 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika 1 cup thick coconut cream (fresh or tinned) 2-3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice 1/3 teaspoon of salt Salt to season Freshly grated coconut to garnish* Instructions Remove 1 layer of the outer husk from the corn and soak corn in water for 30 mins. Drain water and shake off any excess then barbecue corn with husks intact on a grill plate with lid closed turning every so often until cooked (around 30-40 minutes). In a heatproof bowl, combine paprika, 1/3 tsp salt, lemon juice and coconut cream. Whisk until well combined. Heat for 50 seconds on high in the microwave or in a small saucepan over the stove until the sauce is hot. Taste and adjust lemon/ salt to suit. Once corn is cooked peel husk back and remove silks. Arrange corn on a platter, season with salt then brush dressing on generously and garnish with grated coconut. Notes If barbecuing is not an option, simply cook corn in the oven for 45 minutes on 200C until tender. Then pull husk back, remove silks and finish off on a grill pan for added colour and flavour. Tastes as good as outdoor grilling :) *No special equipment is required to make freshly grated coconut if you're not in the islands. Coconuts can be found in your local supermarket. Crack one open, slice pieces off and grate using a small handgrater. This recipe makes plenty of dressing for around 10-12 ears of corn. Source: ILoveCoconutCream

  • Tongan 'Otai

    Tongan 'Otai

    Check out how to make one of the most refreshing drinks in the Pacific - 'otai! Source: I Love Coconut CreamPerfect for those long summer days at the family BBQ on the beach!Ingredients 1 Watermelon 1 Mango 1 sml tin crushed pineapple 1 tin (400ml) coconut milk 3 cups approx. cold water 1/4 cup approx. sugar Instructions Using a spoon or fork, scrape the watermelon pulp into a large punch bowl or similar. Peel mango & if the mango is soft you can scrape the flesh out into the watermelon mix, otherwise use a grater. Add the remaining ingredients and stir in enough sugar to sweeten to taste. Serve with ice cubes and cream crackers in tall glasses. Enjoy

  • Faikakai Topai - Dumplings in Sweet Coconut Sauce

    Faikakai Topai - Dumplings in Sweet Coconut Sauce

    Check out this amazing recipe for the best faikakai topai you've ever had! Faikakai is a sweet Tongan delicacy usually reserved for special occasions and days of feasting so make sure you get your feast on when you prepare this for your next family gathering! Via ilovecoconutcream.com Faikakai Topai Serves 4Delicious dumplings with sweet coconut sauce Coconut Sauce 2 cups raw sugar 2 cups of coconut cream (thick consistency eg. Kara) Dumplings 4 cups of plain flour 4 teaspoons of baking powder 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 cup of coconut cream 2 - 2 1/2 cups of water Pot of water to cook Instructions Heat a large pot half filled with water and bring to the boil then reduce to gentle simmer. In the meantime make coconut sauce. Using a medium saucepan, gently heat the sugar on medium high heat, stirring, until it begins to melt. Take care not to burn the sugar by stirring the sides to avoid heat spots. Once the sugar starts to melt, reduce the heat slightly, then begin to drizzle about a tablespoon of coconut cream into the sugar mixture at a time, stirring it in well taking care not to burn yourself from the steam as the cream hits the sugar. Continue stirring in all of the cream until a thick golden coloured caramel develops. Remove from the heat and strain any hard bits of sugar and allow the sauce to cool slightly. To make the dough, sift the flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl. Add coconut cream and water and mix until just combined. The dough should be fairly dry although wet enough to come away from the side of the bowl easily. Wet a tablespoon and scoop spoonfuls of dough and careful place spoon into the simmering water until the dough comes away easily into the water. Continue to spoon the dough into the water until the pot is full (remembering that the dough balls will puff up slightly once cooked.) Place lid over the pot and allow the dough balls to steam and cook gently for about 12-15 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to remove dough from the pot onto a platter. Cut open to test if cooked through. Whilst warm, dice dough balls into small pieces. Pour over coconut sauce and serve. Notes To keep the dough light and airy, try not to over mix the dough and cook it on a gentle simmer with the lid on so it steams. Parcel up extras with a little foil to gift :)